Breakfast and the Working Mom

breakfast and the working momHere’s a question for you: who does breakfast in your house? You? Your partner? Your caregiver? How much variety do your kids have for breakfast, and — with the huge abundance of high sugar / high calorie breakfasts for kids — how strict are you in what they’re allowed to have?

Calories and sugar are always on my mind as a mom, but it particularly reenters my mind once school starts up because I don’t want my eldest (7) to have a sugar crash before lunch time! For us breakfasts tend to be one of the following:

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Back-to-School Fall Favorite Recipes (Open Thread)

back to school recipes for working momsWith many families already in back-to-school mode — which means a return to a regular routine, more time spent prepping for school and after-school activities, and cravings for fall flavors and comfort foods — we’ve rounded up several back-to-school recipes for working moms. Most of them take less than 60 minutes, and the leftovers will make good lunches you can take to work throughout the week. What are your tried-and-true back-to-school recipes? What have you recently discovered that you’ve been wanting to try as the season changes from summer to fall?

Psst: We’ve also talked about favorite fall recipes, super-slow and super-fast recipes for long work days, slow cooker recipes for working women, and the best cookware and kitchen appliances — and Kat’s shared some of her easy weeknight dinners.

back to school recipes for working moms - fall favoritesPictured at top, clockwise: Harvest Chipotle Chili: Midwest Living / Rosemary-Garlic Pork Chops with Chickpeas: Food Network / Pumpkin Marinara Pasta: Cookie and Kate / Healthy Chicken Casserole: Delish.

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Easy Dishes to Bring to Summer Parties

easy dishes to bring to summer partiesLast time we talked about summer recipes for working moms, we highlighted simple things like quinoa salads, pizza w/store-bought crusts, egg salad sandwiches, hummus pita sandwiches, and more (like Kat’s suggestion of tequila lime chicken). Today we thought we’d shift the focus a bit and discuss the best dishes for working moms to bring to summer parties. Fortunately, if your kids refuse to eat what you make for the party (we’ve all been there … some of us more often than others), then other people there surely will! And if your kids end up only eating tortilla chips and brownies at the party (OK, now I’m hungry), then so be it.

In the past, we’ve also discussed fall recipes for working moms, and if you don’t like to use your oven much in the summer, check out our Corporette posts about how you use your Instant Pot as well as all-day crockpot recipes.

We’re eager to hear about what you’ve found to be the best dishes for working moms to bring to summer parties — and in the meantime, here are just a few of mine:

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Which Are Your Favorite Fall Recipes? (Open Thread)

OK, ladies, let’s discuss: Which are your favorite fall recipes? Is it time to bust out your Crockpot or Instant Pot? Do you love oatmeal, soups, and stews? What meals do you make that the whole family eats, and what fall-centric things do you find easy to put in school lunches, either from a leftovers perspective or otherwise?

For our $.02, I don’t know what possessed me to buy pumpkin yogurt for my eldest to try (because I am definitely NOT a fan of pumpkin spice the way some people are), but he LOVES it, and it’s one of the few things he’ll eat right now. We just got an Instant Pot on sale at Amazon a few weeks ago, and coincidentally my beloved Crockpot lid just cracked — and after only 20 years, harumph (she said sarcastically) — so we’re probably going to be doing a lot of experimenting with the Instant Pot this season. A lot of the recipes that I listed in my easy weeknight dinners post (years ago, now!) are still favorites, and I also got a hot tip from someone recently that you can roast frozen veggies (freezer to hot oven!) so we’re going to be trying that. In terms of school lunches, my kiddo is still excited about oatmeal (I just make plain old-fashioned oats and add 1–2 Tbsp of a hot chocolate like Ghiradelli‘s*) so I’m curious to try that in a preheated Thermos jar* for him for lunch. (Hmmn, maybe with some peanut butter powder* for extra protein.)

How about you guys? Which are your favorite fall recipes to make for your families?

*This post contains affiliate links and CorporetteMoms may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

Picture via Stencil.

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Recipe Open Thread: Give Us Your Best Summer Recipes for Working Moms!

summer recipes for working momsWhen readers took the survey a while back, many of you noted that you wanted to see more recipes for working moms. Recipes aren’t really my forte (I cook a lot of the same, easy weeknight dinners on repeat) but we’ve started including recipes in our weekly news roundups. Today, let’s have a proper recipe open thread: Which are your best recipes right now, ladies? Which summer recipes work with your work schedule?

I always forget that I hate the oven in summertime, and every time the weather gets hot I’m left wracking my brain for new recipe ideas. We just made slow cooker Korean Tacos from this recipe on Hellobee (DELICIOUS! So happy we tried it!), and it’s definitely going into our summer rotation. The recipe calls for 8 hours on low, but you can easily add more time. (You can also start with frozen flank steak and/or try it with cauliflower rice — the dish pictured above has a mix of white rice and cauliflower rice, flank steak, cucumber slaw we made at the very last minute, and sriracha. YUM. Other summer recipes in heavy rotation now:

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Dinnertime Fun: Making Separate Meals for Kids

Making Separate Meals for Kids: Working Moms Talk Dinner Strategy (and Giving In) | CorporetteMomsI will not make separate meals for kids. I, like every other new mother, told myself that frequently while my first kiddo was starting solid foods.  I am not going to be that mom! They can eat what WE eat, or else they don’t eat. I don’t have time to do dinosaur nuggets! I absolutely refuse to raise a child who only eats macaroni and cheese! 

Cut to five years later, and almost every night the boys get a separate meal from what we eat. Dinosaur nuggets, no, but they do get the Dr. Praeger fishies pretty often. On our very best nights, the boys eat disaggregated versions of what we eat. If we’re having Mediterranean Stew with stew meat, tomatoes, and zucchini, the boys may get a bowl of broth (strained so there are no “green pieces”), shredded stew meat, and — if I’m feeling really crazy — a zucchini or two on their plate, perhaps coated in cheese. (It’s a crutch, I know! I’ve started splurging on real Parmesan cheese after reading about how many wood chips are in the shelf-stable versions, though.) Another version of a “win” for me is when I can use the same oven temperature (and, dare to dream, time) for the boys’ food as for ours.

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