Organizing Thursday: Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage

hanging organizer wrapping bagYou know, I finally realized the other day that I haven’t seen my cache of wrapping paper, bows, or ribbons since… I got married, it seems. (Kidding. Not really.) I keep buying them, and then they disappear. My husband keeps moving them to different places, including with our Christmas storage stuff. Sigh. I’ve just bought this hanging organizer from Amazon in hopes of keeping non-holiday stuff in one place that I know about — it’s $23. (I also have a hanging gift bag organizer.) Pictured: Double Sided Hanging Gift Wrap & Bag Organizer Storage

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Organizing Thursday: Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

OK, guys, let’s hear it: how do you organize your makeup? I feel like I am forever hunting for that ONE pencil or that one lipstick. My current system involves an organizer like this one and, honestly, one of those long plastic boxes meant to help you organize your silverware drawer — I pull everything out that I’m going to need all at once (while I’ve got my glasses on), then put things away as I use them. My minimal beauty routine takes less than two minutes — but I always feel like a better product or organizer would help it go even faster. What do you use to organize your makeup — and have you found any other uses for lipstick organizers such as this one, such as for crayons or other kid-related items? This one is $7 and eligible for Prime shipping. Transparent Cosmetic Makeup Organizer

Psst: Do check out the killer clearance sale that Boden has going on — here’s our recent(ish) post on how to build a work wardrobe at Boden.

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Organizing Thursday: Bronze Star Art Cable

A number of readers noted on Tuesday’s post with tips for preserving kids’ artwork that they use the Ikea wires, which are super affordable if there happens to be an Ikea near you. (Amazon also has them, with a long shipping speed.) We actually bought the Ikea version years ago but never put it up  — I think at the time I was worried about safety issues with the baby. Now just to find it… In any event, I now see that Pottery Barn has their own version with cute little bronze stars — they’re twice as much right now ($29 to the Ikea $14) but they do have a bit less of a “shower curtain wire” look to them. They’re $29 (on sale) at Pottery Barn. Bronze Star Art Cable

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Tips for Preserving Kids’ Artwork (Without Keeping Everything)

Tips for Preserving Kids' Artwork (Without Keeping Everything)It’s never too early to start weighing tips for preserving kids’ artwork—or you may find yourself still dealing with it when your kids have their own kids. When my parents were cleaning out their attic recently, they found some old artwork of mine from when I was young … which means it had been up there for decades. I ended up getting rid of most (or maybe all) of it, partly because I already have enough tangible reminders of my childhood, and partly because our house is already becoming overrun by my own son’s school papers and art. When at least one thing comes home in his backpack every day, and there are 180 days in the school year … well, it adds up. (Luckily, there isn’t enough stuff to have expanded into our attic yet — or basement.) So, moms, do tell: How do you organize and preserve your kids’ artwork and schoolwork? Do you save everything? Save only a few special or otherwise noteworthy things? Throw everything in a big box for now, or sort it neatly by grade or age? 

We’ve rounded up a few tips for preserving kids’ artwork (without keeping everything):

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How to Store the Clothes Your Kid Has Outgrown

Reader M wrote in with a request for a story about how to store the clothes your kid has outgrown… Here’s her question:

Your “Organizing Thursday” post inspired me. Would you consider doing a post about storing baby/ kid items that your kid has outgrown?

Interesting question, M! I think I’ve written about this before, but can’t find the post on point — for my $.02, we like a clear plastic “sweater bag” system (affiliate link). (Update: shoot, just found it — but my older post was more on how I keep track of which kids clothes I’ve bought for which sizes, which is a system I still use and am thankful for when I have, say, a slight inkling that maaaaybe I have more 3T lighter weight pants somewhere but can’t find them physically, then check my files and realize NO, I don’t, and off to the stores I go.) When J, my eldest, was first starting to outgrow stuff, I would dutifully wash and pack away all of his too-small baby clothes, not entirely knowing if I was saving them for sentimentality, baby #2, or, say, some massive future donation.  The baby stuff mostly fit in one sweater bag for the first 6 months, I think; we didn’t start having to expand to multiple sweater bags per size range until we hit the 3T sizes, if memory serves.  I wasn’t terribly fancy with labeling the bags — I’d usually just scribble “2T” on a PostIt on the top or side of the bag. We kept them stacked in the space between J’s dresser and the wall for the longest time; now we also keep them stacked on a corner shelf.

These days there are two more steps to my storage process: for J’s too-small stuff it tends to go in a basket in my closet before I start sorting it. He may have 2 or 3 sizes out at once — or I may find stuff from last season that I forgot to put away. When I’m ready (i.e., when the basket is spilling out and threatening to overwhelm my closet) I sort the kids clothes by size into sweater bags. (If the sweater bags are overflowing, I try to break them up into 5T winter and 5T summer, but I’ve found I end up rifling through any bag labeled 5T when the time comes.)

As for the second step, that’s dealing with H’s too-small stuff, and that goes in a second area. (By which I mean I throw it in the same corner every time. Yep, Martha Stewart and Marie Kondo would be very proud. (Kidding.)) By separating it out, that at least gets it out of the laundry rotation and, again, when it’s threatening to overwhelm the area, I tend to sit down and look at the stuff.  We think we’re done having kids (we joke that I’m 98% sure and my husband is 125% sure), and, to be honest, most of the stuff we’ve bought is looking pretty nasty by the time two boys have worn them — so in the past the unwearable stuff has just been thrown away, although in the future I’m going to look for  a textile recycling program in our area. Most of our kids’ clothes come from Carters/Old Navy/Gap/Lands’ End — but I can definitely see the argument for buying really nice children’s clothes if you expect to have many kids because, the theory is, more expensive children’s clothes last longer.) Of what’s left, some stuff will be sent to my cousin’s baby; some will be donated. A very small portion of it I’ve sent to ThredUp for resale. And a very, very small portion of the stuff my husband and I choose to keep for sentimental reasons.  Thus far, our “sentimental clothes” collection fits entirely in one sweater bag, and I’m going to try really hard to keep it to that… but we’ll see when the time comes.

Three more random notes:

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Organizing Thursday: Deluxe Puzzle Storage Rack

This is one of those things that I didn’t know existed until I saw it at a friend’s house. My kids have never been too into puzzles, but if yours are, you know how it can be a pain in the butt to store them. This looks like a great solution if the collapsing pile of puzzles in the corner isn’t your speed. It holds 12 small and large puzzles and is available at Amazon (with Prime), where it has a ton of good reviews. (No puzzles included.) Melissa & Doug Deluxe Puzzle Storage Rack

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