All Our Best Nursing & Pumping Advice

nursing and pumping advice for working momsAs you know, after the recent survey we decided to mix up the morning post schedule a bit. Now it’s basically a two-week schedule, with Maternity Monday alternating with Nursing/Pumping Tuesday. We already have a little sentence with links that we run on Maternity Mondays to direct pregnant readers to older “dressing professional while pregnant” advice — and since nursing/pumping posts will be only once every two weeks, I decided to direct readers to all our best nursing and pumping advice for working moms. So: I spent yesterday morning consolidating all the links and making two pages, one focused on Nursing Clothes for Working Moms, and one focused on Tips for Pumping at the Office. Please check them out! (Both pages are also linked on our “Start Here – Best of CorporetteMoms” page.)

For discussion today: Is there any aspect of these topics (nursing or pumping, or breastfeeding vs. formula feeding in general) that you’d like addressed in more detail, or updated? (Readers who formula-fed their babies exclusively or combined breastfeeding and formula-feeding: anyone care to write a guest post with tips?) I know readers have shared tips on pumping in your car — should we turn that into a post so it’s easier to find? (I think one reader in particular broke it down, and we don’t have an email address for her — if you’re reading, MAY we turn your advice on pumping in the car into a post?)

If you’re curious for the whole new CorporetteMoms morning post schedule, this is what we’re going to try for a while:

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Pumping Tuesday: Faux Wrap Blouse

We’ve featured this before, but recently I was getting worried that Nordstrom was phasing it out because it was disappearing and down to only lucky sizes — now it’s back with all sizes available, XS-XL (with most colors 33% off). Readers have always said that this is one of their favorites for nursing and pumping and for going back to the office. I kind of like this purple and pink floral pattern, even though I’m not usually a floral girl. It also comes in a few other patterns and a couple of solid colors. This top is hand wash cold and line dry, and it’s on sale for $48 at Nordstrom. Pleione Faux Wrap Blouse


Pumping Tuesday: Diagonal Wrap Dress

ann-taylor-wrap-dress-nursingMothers are all over the board about what they like to wear while pumping and nursing, but many readers have noted their love of wrap dresses — and Ann Taylor has a ton of cute ones right now. This navy wrap dress with diagonal stripes from Ann Taylor would also be great for hiding stains. On sale now for $84.99, and available in sizes 00 through 14 (regular and petite). Diagonal Stripe Wrap Dress


Pumping Tuesday: Soft Touch Scoop Neck Tee

Top for Pumping at WorkI may be the only person on the planet who considers simple t-shirts the perfect pumping/nursing attire, but — especially when paired with a nursing camisole to cover your belly — an easy care, affordable, polished tee is exactly what you need. A friend was just singing the praises of this shirt as being the perfect “nice” t-shirt you can layer beneath suits, and I like that it’s down to only $25. It’s available in several different colors over at White House | Black Market. WHBM Soft Touch Scoop Neck Tee

Here’s a cotton/modal plus-size option.


Nursing-Friendly Tuesday: Sleeveless Faux Wrap Blouse

Sleeveless Top: Pleione Sleeveless Faux Wrap Blouse Hooray, it’s nice to see everyone’s favorite nursing/pumping/general-blouse-love shirt back in stock, and in a ton of new prints and colors. I like this black-and-white scattered dot pattern (all the better for hiding random kid-related stains), and the price: it’s $58, available in sizes XS-XL. Pleione Sleeveless Faux Wrap Blouse

Here’s a plus-size option.


Nursing Tuesday: Two-Pocket Drape Front Cardigan

nursing cardigan with pocketsWhen I was nursing, it seemed like a never ending search to find cardigans that were soft, machine washable, didn’t have zippers (I didn’t want them rubbing against the baby’s face), but were also functional and warm and brought a wee bit of color and style to my life. Some women swear by this cardigan (try this link to see all the colors it comes in right now and the many many positive reviews), but it felt a bit too close to the cardigan equivalent of sweatpants to me, so I gravitated more towards waterfall cardigans like the one pictured here. Bonus: this particular cardigan even has pockets and is on sale. Of course I like the navy or the red, but it’s also available in black, white, or gray. It’s $39.90, but was originally $58. Bobeau Two-Pocket Drape Front Cardigan (Regular & Petite)