Product Reviews

If you’d like to send us products for review, please write to productreview at corporettemoms dot com for our mailing information. Please note that we cannot guarantee a post or review, however, as we only write about products that we actually like. Many thanks!

Unfortunately Kat does not have time to help you pick which products you should choose to send, or to give you feedback on when she will review the item, or why she did or did not review the item. Thank you for your understanding. If you’d like to hire Kat as a consultant or inquire about advertising on CorporetteMoms, please contact ads at corporettemoms dot com.

Please note that we almost never review: books, toys, plays, events, food products, skincare, beauty treatments, men’s fashion, kids’ fashion, swimwear, workout gear, sexy lingerie, weddings (or anything related to wedding planning), or celebrity style.