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Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Good Morning America profiled moms who received donated paid time off from their coworkers for maternity leave.
  • Meanwhile, Scary Mommy weighed in that, while it’s generous of the coworkers to offer it, this practice shouldn’t be needed in the first place.
  • Ladders gave advice on how to dress for severe weather, including extreme heat and rainy days.
  • The Cut discussed the benefits of refrigerating moisturizers — but keep in mind that it might affect the chemical properties of some products.
  • Working Mother shared results of a study that found when women earn more than their husbands, both spouses tend to lie about it.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that more employers are offering paternity leave and are encouraging dads to take it.
  • Jezebel suggested that having a swimsuit model breastfeed her child on the runway to normalize breastfeeding goes a bit too far. (Not surprisingly, the commenters agree … and disagree.)
  • The Cut also shared a doula’s suggestion for expressing milk without a breast pump.
  • NPR explained why having less “free play” could be causing more anxiety in kids compared to past generations.
  • The Atlantic examined the portrayal of “monstrous” creative moms in film, including the recently released Hereditary.
  • For your Laugh of the Week: Huffington Post shared a family’s parody of Fixer Upper — Fix Her Supper, where parents offer three relatable dinner options to their daughter.

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Family Friday: Boat and Tote Open-Top

It’s become a tradition in my family that when someone has a baby, another person buys them this bag and has it monogrammed with the new baby’s name. It’s such a great gift that has come in handy so many times. I like that it’s durable canvas, comes in two different strap lengths, and has a lot of colors and fonts to choose from. For weekend trips, I pack everything my son could possibly need in it. I recommend getting the large size without the zip top. While logically you’d think the zip top would be best because you can close it, it just limits the amount of stuff you can cram inside. I like that this is my go-to bag and that it will likely last until my son is an adult. It’s $29.95 at L.L. Bean (plus $8 for monogramming). Boat and Tote Open-Top

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Organizing Thursday: Clear App

With the move away from using pen and paper to everything digital and on our phones, I miss the satisfaction of crossing something off a paper list. I’ve found that this app is the best approximation of that feeling. This is a pretty bare bones and user-friendly app. It literally is just typing up lists, nothing more and nothing less — and as you type, the colors go from dark red, signaling most important, to light yellow. You can drag and drop items to move their order around, and you can swipe right to cross them off the list. You can make multiple categories, too. For example, I have a Trader Joe’s category, Questions for the Pediatrician, and To Discuss with Husband. You can completely delete a list when you’re done with it, or you can restore the list after you’ve crossed the items off. For my Trader Joe’s list, there are products I buy every time I go there, so I just restore the list after I’m done with my shopping. You also can share the list by emailing it through the app. I recommend Clear if you’re someone who, like me, loves a paper list but is being forced into the 21st century. It’s $9.99 in the iTunes Store. Clear App

Washable Workwear Wednesday: Ruched Tank Top

I really like this tank currently on sale at Nordstrom for $35.40. I like that it’s a basic tank but with a bit of interest with the ruching. The three reviews it has are very positive — one says this top “is like a magic eraser that hides the bulges.” Sold. I also like that it’s sleeveless but that it’s full coverage with a high neck and wide straps. This went into my cart in red, which is bold for my taste, but I think the conservative cut balances it out. The top is machine washable, dry flat. Ruched Tank Top

Update: Unfortunately, the top is now sold out.

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I Tried to Use Virtual Assistants to Delegate Family Tasks — Here’s What Happened

I Tried to Use Virtual Assistants to Delegate Family Tasks -- Here's What HappenedWe often recommend that working moms delegate family tasks to other people (and we’ve talked about it in the context of the “do, delegate, or NOPE” game), so earlier this year I decided to buy 20 hours at TaskBullet (the minimum amount you’re required to buy) to see if it would be possible to delegate family tasks to a virtual assistant. (Note: I did not work with TaskBullet at all on this as a blogger, so this is not a sponsored post — just an honest review.)

Notes on the competition: TaskBullet is not the only kind of service you can use for this; Fancy Hands, Zirtual, Fiverr (which I once wrote about over at Corporette), and other assistant services exist. I had just always wondered about using virtual assistant services for personal tasks (probably ever since I read the now classic Esquire piece, “My Outsourced Life“) and decided to try it out.

Notes on cost/timing: I bought the minimum “starter” pack, which was around $200, which meant we were paying around $10 an hour. I don’t think I realized quite the 20 hours expired in ninety days — near the end I was asking the VAs to do a lot of things I had not originally intended to ask them to do, like help me with a new online hobby. I WILL note that they seemed to be pretty efficient — tasks that would have taken me an hour only seemed to take them 20 minutes.

Notes on TaskBullet’s setup: As soon as I bought the hours, I was invited to Basecamp, a project management software I’ve had some experience with through the blog. Every time I had a new task I had to type it into a certain place in Basecamp and be sure to assign it to the project manager, who would assign it to 1 assistant (out of 6–7 possible ones). They always asked me for a due date and for how long I thought the project should take, which I liked. None of the assistants I worked with were American, as near as I could tell, but I didn’t have any tasks involving calling companies or businesses. (It’s entirely possible one of those 7 assistants would have been able to take on such calls, though.) Basecamp kind of unfolds like a conversation — I would write a few paragraphs and attach a few documents and then they would respond with more written questions, attaching PDFs or Word documents. I’ve used Trello and Basecamp and prefer Trello personally, but Basecamp itself is very easy to use, and I liked the app — it made it very easy to ask questions on my phone or upload images.delegating family tasks to a virtual assistant - image of professional working mom assigning mom-related research projects

How I Used Virtual Assistants to Delegate Family Tasks 

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