Accessory Tuesday: 14K Yellow Gold Beaded Ear Climbers

Even though I loathe the name of this trend, I do really like the look of these “ear climber” earrings by Moon & Meadow. They have the interest level of a drop earring with the ease of a stud. Usually they’re ostentatious, or at least somewhat youthful-looking, but I think this version lets you experiment with the trend while still being conservative enough for an office setting. Today I wore a long necklace, and my son grabbed it when he was in my arms, and then when I went to put him down he didn’t let go. It made me feel like I was wearing a 30-pound necklace. I don’t want to replicate that experience on my earlobes, so I am sticking to earrings that don’t dangle! These were $275 full price at Bloomingdale’s but have been reduced twice and are now $173.25 (until 9/3). Beaded Ear Climbers in 14K Yellow Gold

A lower-priced option is at Amazon, eligible for Prime and free returns.

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Maternity Monday: ‘Everyday’ Bella Band

For me, the hardest time to dress while pregnant was during the first trimester. I still mostly fit into my clothes, but some of my pre-pregnancy wear gave the impression that I just might be bloated and/or wearing something unflattering. I also found that maternity clothes were made for the late second to third trimesters (obviously depending on how you carry, or whether or not it’s your first pregnancy). To stretch my wardrobe, I bought a Bella Band from Ingrid and Isabel, and I found it very useful. Not only did it help me wear my pre-pregnancy jeans and work pants for longer, it let me wear some pre-pregnancy tops longer, as well — it just looks like a layering tank when peeking out from the bottom of the shirt. If I were to do it again, I probably would order a smaller size, as the material was very stretchy and I found myself having to adjust it on occasion. (Here’s the size guide.) It’s machine washable, tumble dry low, and available at Nordstrom and Amazon in both black and white for $28. ‘Everyday’ Bella Band

Building a maternity wardrobe for work? Check out our page with more suggestions along both classic and trendy/seasonal lines.

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News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Quartz at Work provided words of wisdom about balancing work and motherhood from PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, which she shared at the Forbes Women’s Summit, including, “… if you struggle with these choices, you’re not crazy. You’re human.”
  • Fashionista had an oral history of how Maybelline’s Great Lash — in the iconic little pink-and-green-tube — became the world’s most recognized mascara.
  • Working Mother shared seven tips for dealing with your child’s separation anxiety when you’re rushing off to work.
  • Working Mother also offered results of a Canadian study that found workplace relationships may have an impact on how moms discipline their children at home.
  • NPR explained how Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was ahead of its time in the child-appropriate way it handled trauma and other topics.
  • Parents reported that getting pregnant at 35 or over is “on trend” and pointed out the potential benefits for women who choose to have children in their late 30s or 40s.
  • Parents also shared the best and worst places in the country to have a baby.
  • The Cut profiled Samantha Bee as part of their “How I Get It Done” series — last week’s subject was Cynthia Nixon.
  • The New York Times shared how to make the most of family meals.
  • Huffington Post suggested where to take your back-to-school recycling, including clothing, electronics, art supplies, gently used eyewear, and cosmetics containers.
  • Wonderneed explained how parents’ use of smartphones may be affecting their children.
  • For your Laugh of the Week: Romper shared 14 back-to-school memes.

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Family Friday: Baller Hat Run

As I get older, I have less and less tolerance for being out in direct sunlight. (I think back to my teen years when I would go to the beach with friends and not one of us would bring an umbrella.) Now that I am out and about with my son this summer, everywhere I go I’m constantly wishing there were more shade. I’ve been wearing either my trusty Yankees hat or the law firm swag hat I got when I played on the firm’s softball team the year I was a paralegal, but I’ve been thinking it’s time for something more stylish. I like how this hat is stretchy and is made with sweat-wicking fabric (it’s hand washable), and this pictured color combo would match most of my summer clothes. The hat is $38 at Lululemon and comes in seven other colors and patterns. Baller Hat Run

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Back-to-School Fall Favorite Recipes (Open Thread)

back to school recipes for working momsWith many families already in back-to-school mode — which means a return to a regular routine, more time spent prepping for school and after-school activities, and cravings for fall flavors and comfort foods — we’ve rounded up several back-to-school recipes for working moms. Most of them take less than 60 minutes, and the leftovers will make good lunches you can take to work throughout the week. What are your tried-and-true back-to-school recipes? What have you recently discovered that you’ve been wanting to try as the season changes from summer to fall?

Psst: We’ve also talked about favorite fall recipes, super-slow and super-fast recipes for long work days, slow cooker recipes for working women, and the best cookware and kitchen appliances — and Kat’s shared some of her easy weeknight dinners.

back to school recipes for working moms - fall favoritesPictured at top, clockwise: Harvest Chipotle Chili: Midwest Living / Rosemary-Garlic Pork Chops with Chickpeas: Food Network / Pumpkin Marinara Pasta: Cookie and Kate / Healthy Chicken Casserole: Delish.

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Organizing Thursday: Mosslanda Picture Ledge

I used these picture ledges for decorating my son’s room, and it’s one of my favorite parts of the space. We bought three and hung them staggered on the wall above his changing table, and I’ve seen photos on Pinterest of people using them to create multiple shelves up and down a space that normally could not be used for anything else. The covers of children’s books are so fun and beautiful that it really is such a great addition to his room — I love that the books are not hidden away on a shelf and are displayed like art. There are more expensive versions of these shelves from other places, but when IKEA makes them, why buy anything else? The 21.75″ shelf is $9.99, and the 45.25″ shelf is $12.99. Mosslanda Picture Ledge