Holiday Weekend Open Thread

jeans for sale in the Nordstrom Half Yearly SaleSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

How is it Memorial Day already — and which sales are you most excited about as a working mom? (Are you traveling with your family at all? Picnicking? Grilling? Doing anything in particular to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military?) On the sale front, as you may have noticed, we did our big roundup of the clothes for work in the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale that just started — but there are a TON of their best-selling denim styles on sale as well, including jeans from AG, Paige, Articles of Society, Wit & Wisdom, and more. AG jeans (particularly the Stilt and Farrah) are consistently bestsellers, and these medium blue ones look great for a variety of situations. This particular pair of jeans was $188, but the pair is now marked to $154, with a good range of sizes left. Pictured: The Stilt Cigarette Leg Jeans

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News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Moneyish reported that former Vogue employees have launched Maisonette, a luxury retailer for kids.
  • W Magazine shared how these stylish kids are driving fashion trends for children.
  • Bustle reported that Sephora has launched a “clean beauty” category to help figure out what’s in your products.
  • SELF announced its winners of the 2018 Healthy Beauty Awards.
  • Working Mother provided 10 questions moms should ask in job interviews.
  • Motherly explained why millennial working moms don’t believe in the concept of work-life balance, according to this study, and why they’re right.
  • The New York Times published an opinion piece about the open secret of employers’ biases toward working moms.
  • Slate provided a history of C-sections in America and included a reference to Meaghan O’Connell’s excellent essay in The Cut about why she chose to schedule a C-section. (Content warning: graphic descriptions of early surgeries and infant mortality in Slate article and, in The Cut, a traumatic childbirth experience.)
  • Deadline reported that the movie Show Dogs will be recut following complaints from mom bloggers and groups like the National Center on Sexual Exploitation about how a character is told to deal with unwanted touching.
  • For your Laugh of the Week: McSweeney’s offered word problems for figuring out your family’s summer plans.

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On Corporette Recently…

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Family Friday: Nalda Sandal

I saw these shoes in person and made a beeline for them. They check all the boxes for what I’m looking for in a summer sandal — open toe but without the toe thong (yes, I had to google sandal terminology), a slight block heel, and a strap around the ankle to keep it from slipping off — and they’re made by a comfort brand. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because when I first saw them it was the dead of winter and I couldn’t even imagine sandal weather, and I’m now happy to see that they have rave reviews at Nordstrom, where they’re $99. I can imagine wearing them during the day chasing my kid at the playground but also out to dinner with a summer dress. This may be the type of shoe I have to order either in every color or in multiple pairs! Söfft Nalda Sandal

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The Best Maternity Dresses for Work

the best maternity dresses for workIf you’re far enough along in your pregnancy that you’ve outgrown your regular-sized, old-standby work dresses and have realized you need to expand your maternity work wardrobe to actual maternity wear, fear not — today we’re rounding up the best maternity sheath dresses for work, many of which we’ve included over the years in our regular maternity workwear recommendations. We’re featuring options from the more affordable end of the spectrum (a possible strategy if you’re planning to be one-and-done) to higher-quality maternity dresses that will last you through two or three (or more) pregnancies.

What are your favorite maternity dresses for work? Do you ever choose double-duty styles that are meant for pregnancy and nursing? When you buy maternity dresses, do you tend to buy a few that are higher-quality or buy a bunch of less expensive ones? (Does it depend on how many kids you plan to have?) Which of your “regular” dresses have been particularly pregnancy-friendly? What do you think are the best maternity dresses for work?

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Make My Life Easier Thursday: Return Address Stamp

From the time I graduated college to the time my husband and I bought our current place, I moved eight times, no exaggeration. I don’t think I spent more than two years in one location, no matter how much I loved the apartment. After we bought our place, one of the first things I did was order a return address stamp. It may sound silly, but to me it was such a “grown-up” thing to own — a sign that I had put down roots somewhere. Every time I use it, I feel like such an adult. Since having a child, I am sending out a lot more snail mail — thank you cards, birthday cards, invitations, etc. — and yes, it’s an extra step to break out the stamp and ink pad, but it adds extra polish to the envelope. Hi, I’m April, I send snail mail, own an address stamp, and care about how the outside of my envelopes look to the recipients. College me wouldn’t recognize adult me. (Probably a good thing.) The stamp is $27–$33 at Etsy. Return Address Stamp

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Washable Workwear Wednesday: Shimmer Thread Peplum Blazer

I love everything about this blazer. I love how it’s so summery yet can still work for a more conservative environment. I love how there are several different elements — the colored threads, the peplum in the back, the three-quarter sleeves with the cut detail, the round neck — but it all somehow works together without looking crazy. I can’t tell from the photos, but since it’s called “shimmer thread,” I’m assuming that that there’s a muted sparkle to it as well, and I welcome it. I’m not usually a fan of fabric that has that element to it, but I think the way this is constructed and the fact that the other threads are a more sophisticated jewel tone will keep it from looking cheesy. It’s $49.90 at Zara in sizes XS–XL. Shimmer Thread Peplum Blazer

Nordstrom has a couple of options in plus sizes.

Looking for other washable workwear? See all of our recent recommendations for washable clothes for work, or check out our roundup of the best brands for washable workwear.

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