Plus Size Maternity Clothes for Work

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It can be tough to find professional and stylish plus-size maternity clothes for work , so we’ve rounded up a bunch of tips that CorporetteMoms readers shared about plus-size maternity workwear.  Ladies who are (or have been) plus size during a pregnancy, where did you shop for work-appropriate maternity plus sizes?  Which were your favorite work outfits?

Brand Recommendations / Stores That Carry Plus Size Maternity Clothes for Work

  • Old Navy/GapReader quote: “Old Navy maternity is BIG. I did just fine in Old Navy XXL Maternity sizes for almost everything — especially yoga pants, tops, etc.” (Pictured above: reddish sweater knit maternity dress, available up to size XXL.)
  • Motherhood Maternity/Destination MaternityReader quote: “I had a few pairs of pants from Motherhood Maternity. They were not fabric I enjoyed, but they looked OK.” (Update: Destination Maternity now has an entire plus-size line!)
  • JCPenneyReader quote: “JCPenney carries good work clothes for plus size maternity. I was really happy with their stuff. (God bless JCPenney!) Their pants are way better than Destination Maternity pants.” (Pictured above: black maternity dress in sizes 1X-3X.)
  • Target: Reader quote: “I’m surprised by how generous a lot of the XL and XXL maternity clothes are from Target & Old Navy/Gap.”
  • PinkBlush Maternity: Many of the plus-size offerings from PinkBlush are too casual for work, but there are some styles that are office-friendly — and budget-friendly, too — like a $67 wrap dress. Sizes go up to 3X, and shipping within the U.S. is free.
  • Nordstrom: It doesn’t carry a lot, but it does carry a few plus-size jeans.
  • Mommylicious Maternity: It looks like this little shop also carries a lot of plus-size maternity clothes for work.

General Reader Advice on Plus Size Maternity Clothes for Work

  • Rely on dresses: “Honestly, I think you’ll get more mileage out of dresses simply because they can be worn when you’re a couple different sizes. With tights, could you wear dresses now? I was an 18 or so on the bottom before getting pregnant this last time, and I had some luck with Liz Lange and Merona dresses from Target. The good news is that you’ll get a lot more leeway on how business-formal your wardrobe needs to be the more pregnant you get.”
  • Hack your tights (literally): “I’ve had really good luck cutting up the waistband on a few pairs of tights to get me through, so you can probably get away with that since you’re still early. (Just cut a vertical slit down the front seam, and cut away extra from the sides in a V if it bothers you. I thought that they would just unravel, but they seem to hold up pretty well with that.)”
  • Or maybe skip those, too: “THIGH HIGHS will change your life. You can get some pretty warm ones. SO much better than dealing with tights + a pregnant belly.”
  • Buy larger pants in regular sizes: “I’m plus sized as well, but always carried the most weight in my hips and thighs, not waist, so I was able to just go up 1-3 regular sizes in regular pants from the stores that I liked, sometimes using the elastic hairband trick on my pants at the end of a bloated day until 6 months. And I wound up using those pants postpartum for way longer than I care to admit to anyone in my real life (like 2+ years) as I have never really lost all the baby weight, and when I did lose my shape didn’t go back to my pre-pregnancy size.”
  • That goes for dresses, too: “I was solidly plus size before, during and after being pregnant, and the best things I had were Lands’ End dresses a size or two bigger than I usually wore.” (Pictured above: purple plus-size ponte sheath, available in sizes 16W-26W). 
  • Try a tailor: “Don’t be afraid of tailoring maternity clothes. I took those maternity suits (which looked terrible off the rack) to a good tailor, who made them workable. You could also take a regular skirt that you like to the tailor and have them add in an elastic panel to turn it into a maternity skirt.”

Pictured at top: dress, dress, dress

Pictured below: red top / green top / pants / dress / blouse

Wondering where to find plus-size maternity clothes? They do exist, we swear. We rounded up brand recommendations and general style advice for plus-size pregnant women, FROM plus-size pregnant women. Learn how to look professional and stylish through your pregnancy even with limited brands making plus-size maternity clothes.



  1. Sylvia says:

    Regarding dresses and blouses, the friendliest silhouettes are empire and shift/boxy. I also wore a lot of knit and jersey stretchy fabric.

  2. Masha says:

    i love GAP and H&M – cotton is the best friend fo the pregnant

  3. Philanthropy Girl says:

    I had a terrible time with Target maternity clothes. I found one nice maxi dress I could put a shrug over for business casual – but other than that all I could find were tiny little skinny pants – not what I want to be prancing around in when I’m a plus-sized 8-months pregnant! (I have the same gripe with their plus-sized clothes in general – they run small – I’m a solid 2X at Macy’s and a 3X-4X at Target).

    I found a few things at our small Motherhood Maternity store, but ended up picking up a lot of my things at consignment shops. I did find a lot of things from JC Penny’s that fit well. I found a few things online at Kohl’s, as well.

    For plus sized pregnancy/nursing bras – skip the department stores and go straight form the specialty bra shops. Neither Motherhood Maternity nor Pea in the Pod carried my bra size, nor did Macy’s. My Elomis came from a privately owned shop specializing in fitting.

    • 2 Cents says:

      You don’t know how happy to hear that you need to drastically size up for Target plus too! I just thought it was me :/ I’m a solid 2x (sometimes 1x) literally everywhere else, but always, always must size up to a 3x or 4x for Target.

  4. Kohl’s line of maternity clothes (“Oh Baby by Motherhood”) is good. L and XL maternity clothes are cut generously. They also carry some plus-size maternity clothes that would be good work basics to dress up with accessories (black pants, solid color tops)

  5. Eloise says:

    I had a black ponte skirt and pants from JCPenney that I wore with a long (non-maternity) black knit jacket and a handful of maternity Tshirts in various colors that were total workhorses toward the end of my pregnancy. And in colder weather, knit dresses with maternity tights. Ebay was another good source for plus-size maternity clothes, particularly for brands that weren’t available in local stores.