Registry – Big Toys and Gear

registry-toys-working momsWelcome to installment six of our registry for working moms: big toys and gear, all of which can be helpful to put on your baby registry so you don’t have to spend several hundred dollars on toys your kids only play with for a few months. (These also tend to make great gifts for family members who may want to get you one or two “memorable” gifts versus a slew of smaller items — I still remember who got us most of the toys I mention here.) Thus far in the registry series, we’ve talked about carseats and strollers, cribs and sleeping gear, baby clothes, and baby carriers. Today we discuss swings, crib toys, play mats, bouncers, and play centers. Our baby registry series will include these categories (stay tuned!):
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Diaper Bags: What’s In Yours?

What's In Your Diaper Bag | CorporetteMomsWhat’s in your diaper bag? Who stocks it, and who usually carries it? I know a lot of people keep their cars and/or big strollers well-stocked — and some have the nanny in charge of the diaper bag — but I’ve always kept the bag stocked and ready for us to go out to eat, to a museum, or to the airport. (While our big City Select Baby Jogger has a nice big basket, we find it way too large for the subway, so that nice big basket is never of help to us while we’re on the road!)

I actually planned to write this post a while ago, which is when these pictures were taken (last fall maybe?!). Because we had two kiddos in diapers at the time (thank GOD that isn’t the case anymore), I thought I’d use these pictures to show you what I’ve always carried. (Our bag is much more pared down with just one in diapers now — although we still try to have a spare set of undies and pants in case of an accident or tempting mud puddle.) So let’s hear it, ladies: what’s in your diaper bag? Perhaps more importantly: who uses your diaper bag (you, your partner, your nanny, grandparents-as-nannies)? Who restocks it when supplies run out? (Oh — and which diaper bag is your favorite?)

For my $.02: I’m a big fan of the “giant ziploc” system of organization, so at any given time we had one big ziploc filled with diapering stuff, one filled with snack stuff, and then some loose items like clothes and toys. All of this fit in our trusty Georgi diaper bag from Baby Cargo, which sadly looks like it’s been discontinued; Amazon has a few left for $60ish.

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Registry – Baby Carriers and Baby Wearing Resources

babywearing picturesWelcome to installment five of our registry for working moms: babywearing gear! Babywearing is a must for urban moms and other moms who do a lot of walking — but which are the best? What accessories? And where should you find them? We’ve already talked about carseats and strollers, cribs and sleeping gear, and now: carriers for babywearing. As I’ve mentioned before, I envision the entire series going through these categories (stay tuned!):

  1. Carseat — necessary from coming home from the hospital!
  2. Stroller — how many have you tried? How many do you keep? (e.g., big stroller, umbrella stroller, jogging stroller)
  3. Cribs and sleeping gear — crib and bassinet rocker, if necessary
  4. Baby clothes — daytime clothes, baby socks
  5. Babywearing carriers — infant and 15-lb.+ options
  6. Baby toys — swings, seats, and other Big Things to register for (Exersaucers, etc)
  7. Essential books
  8. Diaper bag
  9. Nursing clothes
  10. Breastfeeding pillow
  11. And one final category: The Biggest Flops (stuff you hated).

As for babywearing… I nearly included this with my roundup on baby clothes, because what your baby is wearing will definitely affect which carrier you want to use. For my $.02: We received a Boba 3G as a gift and really liked it for both boys once they were over 15 lbs. The newer version has an infant insert, I believe, but I have no experience with that. When the boys weighed less than that, we used a Bjørn Air, which was also a gift; I also used a Maya sling for a bit when Jack was younger. (There’s a picture of me and Harry in the sling, below, but I’m not quite sure I had it on right that time — we just never got the hang of it this time.)  Almost all of my friends loved the Ergo carrier the best.

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Working Moms and Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapers and Working Moms | CorporetteMomsUsing cloth diapers might seem too time-consuming or too much of a hassle for busy working moms, but CorporetteMoms reader Miranda Hlady has found a way to make it work for her family. Today she shares her cloth diapering tips and suggests a couple of products she likes. Thank you, Miranda!

Cloth diapering is definitely popular with many moms these days, including working moms. We currently cloth diaper our almost six-month-old baby boy using made-in-China pocket diapers. We use GroVia O.N.E. diapers for daycare, and when travelling we use disposable diapers. (Pictured: GroVia All in One Cloth Diaper, available at Amazon for $23.95.) Before considering starting, supplementing, or switching to cloth diapering I would suggest considering your priorities:
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Feeding Tuesday: Itzy Ritzy Snack Bag

reusable snack bagLadies, what are your favorite products for summertime snack bags and containers? I love the look of these reusable snack bags, from Amazon — they come in a variety of fun colors, have a PVC-free lining, and are machine washable. (We have some like this; we also use these guys.) The pictured reusable bag is $9.42 at Amazon. Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Snack and Everything Bag, Sunshine Chevron, Regular


Working Moms and Kids’ Lunches


2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on working moms and kids lunches — but you may also want to check out our more recent discussion on easy school lunch ideas.

Whether you’re packing a daycare lunch, a school lunch, or your own lunch in the post-baby-budget world, having kids introduces many of us to a new competitive sport: lunches. I kid — but only a bit. It seems like there’s suddenly pressure to pack the healthiest, non-chokiest, variety-filled, visually appealing lunch box — with as little waste as possible, of COURSE. How much do you feel the pressure (am I alone here, ladies?), how do you save time, and what are your favorite products for lunch boxes (either in terms of foods or packing supplies), and your favorite sources for finding out about new products and foods?

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