Finally Friday: Embossed Prisma Flat Clutch

Alexander Wang Embossed Prisma Flat Clutch | CorporetteMomsOoh: I love this slim clutch from Alexander Wang — and it has credit card slots, score. I love the crazy colors, texture, and sleek, “I am not carrying several pairs of pants, undies, and diapers, and enough snacks to feed a library story group” look to it. It’s $295 at ShopBop. Alexander Wang Embossed Prisma Flat Clutch

A Quiet and Well-Lit Space for Pumping (Or: Where to Pump When You’re Away From Work)

pumping away from work and home

2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on where to pump when you’re away from work— links have also been updated below.

Where can you pump if you’re away from work and home (and not just in a different office)? I’ve heard more than enough “fun” stories about pumping in public restrooms (at the sinks, where the outlets are — AWESOME), so when I saw this question posed recently on my local parents’ listserv, I thought it would be a great topic for us. So: What are your strategies for finding acceptable spots to pump in public places?

Note that if you’re in a pinch you can always use an app like Charmin’s Sit or Squat (which tells you which bathrooms are diaper-changing friendly, with filters for cleanliness, free, and more) or visit Moms Pump Here, which looks promising… but here’s the list that the folks on the listserv came up with:

  • Baby stores, which often have dedicated feeding rooms, such as Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, and Giggle
  • Hotel lobby bathrooms
  • Dressing rooms in both department stores (or other large retailers) and maternity stores
  • Nursing specialty stores like Upper Breast Side
  • Hospital or ob/gyn waiting rooms

(Pictured: Day 5: You’re a hard habit to break, originally uploaded to Flickr by jamie h.)

Ladies, have you pumped anywhere creative? If you’ve had to, do you like to find a regular spot, or do you prefer to take a “scorched earth” policy?

where to pump in public


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Picture below via Flickr.

Don't be that working mom who gets stuck pumping breastmilk by the sinks in the ladies room at the fast-food restaurant because that's the only "private" place with a wall outlet -- if you HAVE to pump when you're away from your home or your office, we rounded up the best places to pump breastmilk when you're out and about. Great for consultants or other traveling working mothers!

Everyone Thursday: Three Quarter Sleeve Knit Blazer

Olivia Moon Three Quarter Sleeve Knit Blazer | CorporetteMomsI love the color on this knit blazer. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but after becoming a mom I hated the idea that moms wear gray. Mom characters, mom brands, moms in yogurt commercials… it’s not cool. Briefly: a) we’re surrounded by joy, so gray doesn’t fit! b) we’re so so exhausted all the time, so gray is totally not flattering, and c) gray tends to frumpify any outfit — show stains, wrinkles, etc. ANYHOO: So let’s all wear a teal blazer instead of a gray one. This one happens to be marked down to $47 at Nordstrom, comes in sizes XS-L, and the care instructions authorize “hand washing.” Olivia Moon Three Quarter Sleeve Knit Blazer

Washable Wednesday: Cap Sleeve Velvet Sheath Dress

Lands End Cap Sleeve Velvet Sheath DressI’m intrigued by this: a washable velvet sheath dress, with a lovely vintage vibe and pattern.  It’s part of the great sale at Lands’ End today — regular priced items are 30% off, and clearance is up to 65% off — and free shipping on any order.  With code BEST, this dress comes down to $97.30.  It’s available in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes.  Lands’ End Cap Sleeve Velvet Sheath Dress

Psst: Don’t forget to check their On the Counter page for this-week-only deals that get steeper by the day.

Feeding Tuesday: Baby-Led Weaning Book

Baby Led WeaningWhen my first son, Jack, started solids, I got this book and cookbook on baby-led weaning — I really liked the idea that he could control how much or how little he ate without passively having someone shovel food into his mouth.  It’s a great idea in theory, but I sometimes wonder if it contributed to Jack’s love of throwing food on the floor.  As we’re starting solids for my second now, this is on my mind — I still really like the idea, but would prefer to skip the food going everywhere… sigh.  Ladies, any thoughts that you’d care to share on solids?  The book is $8.44 at Amazon. Happy Tuesday! Baby Led Weaning

Maternity Monday: Flutter Sleeve Ruched Lace Trim Top

Motherhood Maternity Flutter Sleeve Ruched Lace Trim TopHappy Green Monday! It’s another big day to save, as the Macy’s website so cheerfully puts it, and they’re having a pretty good web deal for them: take an extra 25% off, plus free shipping at $50 with code FRIEND.  For today’s maternity pick, I’m liking this navy top with lace details — it seems like the perfect thing to wear to holiday or New Year parties whether they’re casual or a bit fancy — and you can probably get a few wears to the office  as well, with a blazer or sweater.  It was $30, but it’s marked down to $20 today — and available in sizes S-XL (also in pink, oat stripe and navy stripe). Motherhood Maternity Flutter Sleeve Ruched Lace Trim Top

(Also cute: this and this.)