The Hunt: Washable Winter Coats

Quilted CoatIs your winter coat washable? Have you otherwise changed your coat preferences after kids? We’ve talked about how to buy a great winter coat on Corporette, but we haven’t talked about how that changes once you’ve had kids. Reader L wrote in, noting:

I love the Washable Wednesday feature! These days, machine washable is the number one feature I look for in clothing. Could you do a round up of professional, machine washable winter coats (i.e., warm enough to wear in the Northeast)?

Innnnteresting. Here’s a fun story about me:  after my first was born, as mentioned, I was way bigger than I’d been at any point in my life before — joy. I tried to muster up some groove and figured, I can have an AMAZING winter coat, no matter what size I am — I want to love it every time I walk out the door. It’ll make sense even though I work from home, and I’ll still be able to be fashionable and feel beautiful. So I spent some money on a nice Cinzia Rocca wool/cashmere coat, in a lovely dark green color. It looked nice with jeans — it looked nice with dresses. I could have fun with colors and wear my purple Loro Piana scarf with it, or I could go darker and wear black with it. It was perfect.

Fast forward to a few weeks after getting the coat, and it was my turn to pick my son up from daycare. I arrived, happily wearing my coat, and went about the usual routine of collecting his stuff. As per usual, I gave him a healthy snack to help his mood before dinner. The healthy snack was one of those yogurt mashes… and it did not help his mood. At some point on the 15-minute walk home, it turned into a Major Toddler Meltdown, and the yogurt, somehow, was everywhere — covering him, his little face, his coat, his stroller. It was pretty cold outside so I focused on getting him home, gritting my teeth the whole way. When we got to the vestibule of our building, he leapt out of the stroller and turned to me, arms outstretched, still shuddering/sighing/sobbing. Without thinking about it, I scooped him up into one of those mama hugs — the ones where you’re part sorry for him that he was in such a miserable Meltdown place, and part so so relieved that it seems to have finally run its course. And THEN I remembered: I was still wearing my new beloved wool coat — and he was still totally covered in yogurt.

Sigh. SO: I can see why washable coats might be a thing mamas would want. So let’s round ’em up. Before we get to them, though, I do have a few other ideas: [Read more…]

Washable Wednesday: Ponte Elbow Sleeve Dress with Pockets

Target Merona Ponte Elbow Pockets DressThis dress may not look like much, but Corporette readers have sung its praises for years. I own one myself (I’ll always remember that I was wearing it when we told my parents we were promoting Jack to big brother), and it’s very easy to wash and dry — and did I mention it has pockets? Target currently has them on sale — they were $28 but are now marked to $21. The dress is available in 5 colors, with lucky sizes sprinkled from XXS-XXL among the colors. Merona® Women’s Ponte Elbow Sleeve Dress w/Pockets

Psst: this dress is almost sold out, but I was really pleased with the thickness of the fabric and cut of the dress when it came the other day — and it’s machine washable.

Nursing Tuesday: Nurse Purse

Nurse PurseHat tip to Corporette editor Kate, who found this fun nursing bag at Nordstrom.  The idea behind it is that all of the breast pumps come with the same boring, basic black bag — wouldn’t it be great if there were something with a bit more personality and color?  The bag is compatible with “most brands and models of breast pump,” too.  My favorite is this fun gray/white/yellow bag, which reminds me of Orla Kiely designs — it’s $129. NURSE PURSE Breast Pump Bag

Maternity Monday: Maternity Tights

Assets Maternity TightsHmmn: I am slightly alarmed (for you guys, at least) that my favorite pair of maternity tights — ASSETS by Sara Blakley — seems to be really hard to find right now.  Amazon still has them, though, so stock up.  Ladies, which are/were your favorite maternity tights?  The tights are $18 (plus shipping, alas) at Amazon. ASSETS by Sara Blakely Marvelous Mama Terrific Tights

Edited to add: D’oh, of course they’re available at Target, which may even be where I bought mine originally…

Weekend Open Thread

Rain or Shine Kids Woobee Plush Blanket Happy weekend! This time of the year always makes me happy for a purchase I made on a whim a few years ago: one of these woobee plush blankets from Rain or Shine Kids (I think I got it through Baby Steals). The blanket is plush on one side, and nylon on the other, and there are two straps that allow you to attach it wherever you want — so it’s the perfect fall layer for your stroller, carseat, or baby carrier, and it can even be used as a picnic blanket or changing pad in a pinch. It’s much more lightweight (and removable) than our heavy-duty winter stroller bunting, so it’s perfect for this “is it cold? humid? hot? windy?” kind of weather. It’s $58 at Amazon (which seems to be low in stock but has more on the way). Rain or Shine Kids Woobee Plush Blanket

Finally Friday: Tieks

Tieks Ballet flats aren’t my favorite, but even I’ve been lusting after the fun color combinations that Tieks offers — add in their reputation as extremely comfortable shoes, the signature blue sole, as well as the functionality (they’re foldable) and it sounds like a win win.  The shoes are pricey, though — they range from $175-$295. The pictured shoes (in burgundy) are $175; they come in sizes 5-13. Tieks