Recipe Open Thread: Give Us Your Best Summer Recipes for Working Moms!

summer recipes for working momsWhen readers took the survey a while back, many of you noted that you wanted to see more recipes for working moms. Recipes aren’t really my forte (I cook a lot of the same, easy weeknight dinners on repeat) but we’ve started including recipes in our weekly news roundups. Today, let’s have a proper recipe open thread: Which are your best recipes right now, ladies? Which summer recipes work with your work schedule?

I always forget that I hate the oven in summertime, and every time the weather gets hot I’m left wracking my brain for new recipe ideas. We just made slow cooker Korean Tacos from this recipe on Hellobee (DELICIOUS! So happy we tried it!), and it’s definitely going into our summer rotation. The recipe calls for 8 hours on low, but you can easily add more time. (You can also start with frozen flank steak and/or try it with cauliflower rice — the dish pictured above has a mix of white rice and cauliflower rice, flank steak, cucumber slaw we made at the very last minute, and sriracha. YUM. Other summer recipes in heavy rotation now:

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Everyone Thursday: Straw Topper Fedora

hats-for-momsI don’t know about you guys, but I got a lot more into hats after I became a mom (and wish I had during my first pregnancy — I didn’t realize how important sun protection was back then!).  Running around outside, pushing a stroller, hanging out at the playground — all of this just put me in the sun a bit more than I’d been before.  Hence, the hat — I think of it as a physical protection from the sun, as well as shade for my eyes. The only problem: I’ve found that straw hats are really good for one season only, so every year it’s a new hunt.  I like this one from Nordstrom right now — it looks like the perfect go-with-everything solution. Which are your favorite hats right now (or in years past), ladies?   August Hat Straw Topper Fedora