What’s YOUR Pumping Routine?

So here’s a weird question but one I think a lot of us will identify with: what’s your pumping routine? Every mom who gets stuck pumping at work ends up with a pumping routine for breast milk — tea you drink, family photos you review, a show you binge watch… For example, as guest poster Emily noted in her Spectra pump review, she had a very specific pumping routine for breast milk while she was at work:pumping routine for breast milk - image if a woman on her phone

Drink a cup of Mothers’ Milk tea, apply warm TheraPearls to encourage letdown, look at pictures of my daughter, listen to the playlist I played in the hospital with her, massage while pumping, hand-express after pumping.

So let’s hear it, ladies — what IS (or was) your pumping routine for breast milk? Did you have something detailed like Emily, or did it basically consist of “pump while scrolling through Facebook”? (If you’re more than 5 years away from it now, do you still remember it?)

If you’re still working out your pumping routine for breast milk, or you’ve been getting bored by just staring at your phone, here are some suggestions:

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A Working Mom’s Sonata Breast Pump Review

Sonata Breast Pump ReviewFor those readers who are pregnant and weighing the pros and cons of the various breast pumps out there, we hope today’s Medela Sonata breast pump review will help you decide. When Kat and I became moms, many considered the Medela Pump In Style Advanced to be the be-all and end-all of breast pumps, but that’s changed — so we were thrilled when Reader R offered to review the Sonata. 2018 Update: Another mom wrote in to share her Spectra review — click here for all of our breast pump reviews.

Some of the Sonata’s features are:

  • 2-Phase Expression Technology with one-touch letdown button
  • Connects with Smart Solution to the MyMedela app
  • Medela’s quietest personal-use breast pump
  • Hospital performance
  • Touch screen display and control illumination
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

The Sonata is available at Amazon, Target, and Buy Buy Baby for $359. This post contains affiliate links and CorporetteMoms may earn commissions for purchases made through links in this post. For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support!

We’re able to bring you today’s Sonata breast pump review thanks to Reader R, who emailed us to say:

Someone suggested on your recent survey that you have reviews for some of the new pumps on the market. I just want to offer my services in reviewing the Medela Sonata pump. I love it so far in comparison to the PISA [Pump In Style Advanced] and Symphony I used with my first baby.

We wrote back and said YES PLEASE, and so she wrote down more of her thoughts — HUGE THANKS to Reader R for this Sonata review (after the jump)…


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All Our Best Nursing & Pumping Advice

nursing and pumping advice for working momsAs you know, after the recent survey we decided to mix up the morning post schedule a bit. Now it’s basically a two-week schedule, with Maternity Monday alternating with Nursing/Pumping Tuesday. We already have a little sentence with links that we run on Maternity Mondays to direct pregnant readers to older “dressing professional while pregnant” advice — and since nursing/pumping posts will be only once every two weeks, I decided to direct readers to all our best nursing and pumping advice for working moms. So: I spent yesterday morning consolidating all the links and making two pages, one focused on Nursing Clothes for Working Moms, and one focused on Tips for Pumping at the Office. Please check them out! (Both pages are also linked on our “Start Here – Best of CorporetteMoms” page.)

For discussion today: Is there any aspect of these topics (nursing or pumping, or breastfeeding vs. formula feeding in general) that you’d like addressed in more detail, or updated? (Readers who formula-fed their babies exclusively or combined breastfeeding and formula-feeding: anyone care to write a guest post with tips?) I know readers have shared tips on pumping in your car — should we turn that into a post so it’s easier to find? (I think one reader in particular broke it down, and we don’t have an email address for her — if you’re reading, MAY we turn your advice on pumping in the car into a post?)

If you’re curious for the whole new CorporetteMoms morning post schedule, this is what we’re going to try for a while:

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Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding: As a Type A Woman What Did You Choose?

breastfeeding vs formulaHere’s what may be a weird question: as a Type A, goal-oriented, overachieving chick, what was your thought process regarding your decision on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding your child? What was your emotional and intellectual response to the idea of it, and how did you reason through whichever decision you made?

Among friends I’ve seen a wide variety of responses to it, all of which may have been made… stronger, shall we say, based on the Type A-ness of the mom. But I think it’s an interesting question. (I really hope we can talk about this without judgment — for my $.02, there is no “right” answer for whether/how long to breastfeed or formula feed your child.) I’ve seen some moms grit their teeth and approach it with a grim determination. I’ve seen some who really loved the closeness with the baby — and some who were turned off by the feeling of being the Milk Lady. I’ve seen some high-achieving women say, “I’ll give it a go during maternity leave, but my career is too busy to be bothered with pumping and timing all of that.” I saw one interesting Facebook post from a very high achieving mom who noted that she felt she had to stop nursing each of her kids at 15 weeks in order to reclaim some ownership of herself and her body and otherwise get through her postpartum identity crisis. I noticed commenters were talking about “nursing goals” last Tuesday, which is new to me but makes sense to me as a goal-oriented woman.

So: how did YOU approach breastfeeding or formula-feeding? Why did you make the decision you made? Especially for those among you who have pumped for an extended period — how do you think about it?

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Guest Post: Pumping at Work 101

Pumping at Work 101 | CorporettePumping at work: it’s one of the toughest parts of going back to work after maternity leave. In past posts we’ve covered what to wear to pump at work, how to manage pumping in different offices, pumping during work travel, and how to dress professionally when you go back to work (when your pre-pregnancy clothes still don’t fit). Today Reader K gives you some basic tips for pumping at work and recommends a few helpful products. Thank you, K!

My best friend gave me great advice before I went back to work: The dread is worse than the reality. I was nervous about leaving my little guy with someone I barely knew; I was nervous I would not be as good at my job as I had been before I left for leave; I was nervous that I would sit at my desk missing him all day. Basically, I was nervous about everything.

But now, seven months in, it hasn’t been that bad. For the most part, I have managed to focus completely on whatever I’m doing, whether work or home life. That means I am really efficient at work and then don’t really check my email once I get home until after my son goes to bed. (Fortunately, we hit the baby jackpot and got a great sleeper.) The hardest part, though, was pumping at work. After reading comments here and talking to my sister and some friends, I got into my routine. (Pictured: breast pump overload, originally uploaded to Flickr by madichan.)

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