Family Thursday: Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap

bathtub fingerpaint soapI chanced upon these sold individually at Target for something like $1-$3 each, and bought the three primary colors. Of course I realized too late that my youngest absolutely adores them: I can’t find them in any Target right now. Amazon comes through as always, though, but for a bit more — this pack of 6 is $29 at Amazon (and almost sold out, but I’m showing it because it was the exact label that ours had). This other pack of 6 is only $24 — we’ve ordered but haven’t used them yet. Pictured: Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap

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Make Bathtime Easier with These 10 Tips

make bathtime easierBathtime with babies and little kids can be many things: fun, relaxing, hectic, boring, etc., depending on your kid’s age, current mood, and general attitude toward baths. Have you developed any tips and tricks to make bathtime easier?

First, I’ll share a few things we’ve done at our house to make our son’s bathtime easier:

1. Cushion your knees with one of those squishy kneeling pads that some people use for gardening or other home chores, like these. (I may have even picked up ours in the dollar section of CVS.) They make kneeling on the floor in front of the tub much more comfortable! This product is even fancier and more functional.

2. For a kid old enough to stand when you get her out of the tub, buy a hooded bathrobe like this one. It’ll keep her warm without any effort on her (or your part) — when you’re getting out the hair dryer or whatever — and it’ll start the drying-off process before you turn to a towel.

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