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Something I’ve been meaning to do since starting our popular “Week in the Life of a Working Mom” series is to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. So to that end, we’ve started adding more detailed tags to the posts, and we’ve got a much better category page. That way, if you want to read about, say, working moms with kids in daycare, you can easily find all of those posts. (We’re hoping to create something far superior to simply searching for “daycare,” which would bring up our regular advice posts on daycare, all posts in which we’ve used the word daycare, and comment threads containing the words daycare.)

When you click through to Week in the Life, you’ll see all the tags laid out…

A week in the life of a working mom -- a new series from!

The main question is: What other kinds of factors would be interesting to you? For example, we’ve had a lot of lawyers and doctors so far, so those two career paths are separated out right now, and the debate we’re having internally is how much we should break it down further, and by what categories. For example, the doctors we’ve heard from have very different schedules from the usual 9–5 workday, and their lifestyle choices reflect that. I’ve thought that if we get several moms with careers in STEM fields (outside of medicine), we might give them their own tag, because their personalities/interests tend to differ slightly from readers with BAs. What are your thoughts — what tags and other filters would be useful to you?

Thoughts we’re still kicking around:

  • How valuable would it be to search by geographical location, and how could we categorize that? For example, a family in an apartment in NYC will be very different from a family in a big suburban house, whether that house is in New Jersey or New Mexico — but they’ll also be pretty different from a family in an apartment almost anywhere else.
  • How much should we bring the partner’s role into it? Obviously, it affects a mom’s life if her partner is traveling all the time or is home with the kids, but it just feels a little odd to lay it out like that…
  • How much does age of kids matter? Is a mom to a baby very different from a mom to a toddler, or does the lifestyle difference really only matter if the kids are under 5 (because you pretty much need 9–5 care, at least) vs. 5–12 (when you still need someone home after school, but probably less than those first few years, the mom-as-chauffeur years (5–16?), and then the “dear God, college is coming” years (16+)? We’re trying to be smart about it, but we want to hear your thoughts, too.

In general, what would you want to search for? Are there any other specific questions we should be asking of the moms nice enough to fill out our survey? (FWIW, we have more than 50 submissions right now, which is awesome — we’re running one every other Thursday, so stay tuned for a fresh one later today.)

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Readers seem to love our new series, "Week in the Life of a Working Mom" -- real readers write in to share a week in their family's schedule, as well as their musings on work-life balance issues like daycare, finding time for themselves, how to deal when their partner travels often (or they do), etc. SO great to hear so many different voices -- come check out all of them!


  1. I would suggest categorizing the “big” parts that make a life unique, and let people self-identify in the Google submission form.

    Kids: younger/ older/ other
    Partner: SAH/ 9-5/ other
    Geography: urban/ suburban/ rural
    Country: US/ OUS
    Career Level: junior/ mid/ senior
    Childcare: nanny or au pair/ daycare/ other or combo
    Work Hours Per Week: 40 or less/ 40-60/ 60+

    I don’t think lawyer vs doctor vs other makes much difference – whatever you’re rushing off to do, it mainly matters how much you’re working. I can get great tips from you if you work more than 60 hours a week, regardless of the reason why.

    • Lawyer mom of 3 Kids says:

      Another useful category would be # of kids: 1/2/3+. I have 3 kids and time management is at a whole different level than it was with 1 and even 2 kids. Also, I have not found many professional women that have what is considered “large families” (i.e. 3+ kids). I would definitely search for those moms in the series!

    • I generally like this breakdown but think it would be helpful to separate partner work differently. I can see “other” applying to both part-time and to 60+ hours. Maybe SAH/part-time/9-5/>9-5? I can see the labeling getting out of hand but also know that, for me, the fact that my partner works 60+ hours most weeks is one of the biggest factors for how we organize our life.

  2. Boston Biotech says:

    Another vote for total hours worked per week!

    • Cornellian says:

      A BigLaw tag would be useful for me, personally. Maybe Big4, academia, government, etc could be other tags.

      • BTanon says:

        Agree – hours worked probably does matter more than the exact field, but some fields (eg. BigLaw, Big4) are a lot more comparable to mine (finance/banking) in terms of culture and work-life expectations than others, even if we all actually work similar numbers of hours. I love hearing from everyone, but I can particularly relate to people who work in those similar-lifestyle fields.

        Related – Travel: heavy/moderate/rare – it’s been super interesting to see how a mid-week overnight trip affects how women and their families function.

  3. I’m very nosy and will happily read any and all time diaries, tagged or untagged.

  4. HRHNYC says:

    This is by far my favorite series. While I find it interesting to see what industry the posters work for, the number of hours they work per week, age(s) and number of children and type of childcare are the most important. While I may be a lawyer in a busy metropolitan area, I have gotten useful tips from moms in totally different fields and geographic regions who work similar kinds of hours and have multiple children. Also honestly the thing I like best about this series is that it makes me feel like lots of other people have working lives that are just as busy/crazy as mine – sometimes it feels like I’m the only one. Seeing how they handle childcare while traveling for work, or if their spouse is also busy, or whatever the story is, makes me feel less alone in the struggle.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would like to hear about others’ experiences in small urban apartments.

    I love this series!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, god, me, too. Although that’s probably a bit nitpicky, but so much of life seems affected by the fact that my apartment averages 9.5 feet wide.

  6. So would I – especially people with more than 1 child! We live in a 400 sq. ft apartment…

  7. Christina Salazar says:

    I NEED single mom posts!! Also, I do think the age of the kid matters and again, I hate to split hairs, but I think early elementary is different from later elementary – we’re talking about the difference between a 5 or 6 year old (K or 1st grade) vs a 9, 10 or 11 year old (4th or 5th grade). This makes a big difference as to what a kid can do (sports, afterschool clubs) and what the childcare arrangements can be.

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