Top Posts of 2017

What were your favorite posts from our past year? We’ve rounded up our favorite suits for women, workwear recommendations, and otherwise done a year in review; today we’re closing it out with a look back at our top posts of 2017.  These were the top read (according to Google Analytics) and some of Kat’s favorites, but we’d love to hear yours as well! According to Google Analytics, these were our top 10 posts and pages of the year:

Our top posts of 2017 were:

  1. Combination Feeding Tips: How to Feed Your Baby Both Breastmilk and Formula (from reader/commenter/guest poster extraordinaire CPA Lady)
  2. A Week in the Life of a Working Mom: A BigLaw Mom in Chicago
  3. A Week in the Life of a Working Mom: Finance at a Fortune 500 Company
  4. A Week in the Life of a Working Mom: Income Partner in Boston
  5. A Week in the Life of a Working Mom: Midwestern Lawyer Mom with Four Kids
  6. Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Fancy Diaper Bag When You Find Out You’re Pregnant
  7. How Did You Decide How Many Kids to Have?
  8. The Working Moms Guide to Easy School Lunches
  9. What to Wear to Work After Maternity Leave
  10. How to Level Up Your Childcare/Personal Help (When Money is No Object)

Some of Kat’s favorite 2017 posts for working moms include…

Readers, which were your favorite posts over the past year? (You can see all of our top posts right here!)

Presenting: More Tags for Our “Week In the Life” Series!

Something I’ve been meaning to do since starting our popular “Week in the Life of a Working Mom” series is to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. So to that end, we’ve started adding more detailed tags to the posts, and we’ve got a much better category page. That way, if you want to read about, say, working moms with kids in daycare, you can easily find all of those posts. (We’re hoping to create something far superior to simply searching for “daycare,” which would bring up our regular advice posts on daycare, all posts in which we’ve used the word daycare, and comment threads containing the words daycare.)

When you click through to Week in the Life, you’ll see all the tags laid out…

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Thank You So Much to Everyone Who Took the Survey!

2017 survey resultsThank you so much to everyone who took the survey! We had 527 survey takers, and according to Random Number Generator, the lucky winner of the Amazon gift card was entrance #367 — she’s been notified by email! Even though the giveaway is closed, the survey will remain open — if you’d like to take it now you can still take the survey here.

I’m still looking over everyone’s responses, but some big, quick notes as far as survey results go:

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A CorporetteMoms Survey, a Week in the Life, and a few more admin questions…

tell me what you wantHi guys! OK, I have been working on this survey for what seems like AGES and I keep making changes — I’m ready to release the Kraken! We haven’t taken an official survey of readers since we started CorporetteMoms almost three years ago. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the survey so we can assess how we’re doing on current content, what to include in future content, and more. To sweeten the pot a bit, if you take the survey you can be entered to win a $200 gift card to Amazon because, HEY, what can’t you get at Amazon? The gift card sweepstakes will be open for one week; unfortunately it’s only open to U.S. residents age 18 or older. (4/13/17 UPDATE: THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. You can still take the survey here if you want!)

Please take the survey!

Please take the survey!

Please take the survey!

A Week in the Life of a Real Working Mom

Something I noticed while going through the 2014 survey was that a lot of people wanted a “day in the life” of regular working moms, so I’m going to be sending a form around to a few of my working mom friends. (I’ve expanded it to a “week in the life” since so often, for me at least, a day in the life looks like “dropped kids off at 8. picked kids up at 5. worked nonstop between.”) so I thought we’d expand to a full week. If you’d like to be featured (anonymously or otherwise) for a “week in the life” feature, please fill out this form here!

A big question for your discussion in the comments, though: the morning editorial schedule for posts.

I’ve been contemplating changes to the format of this site, at least in our morning open thread posts — the current structure, as it is, feels a bit constrained to me and too heavy on maternity clothes (which everyone has been saying), and I’d love your feedback on what else you’d like to see — and what you’d like to keep). (Pictured.) These are the current rough themes we try to follow:

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Please take the CorporetteMoms Survey!

corporettemoms survey 2014As I’ve mentioned before, when I first launched CorporetteMoms I really only saw it as an online web companion for the CorporetteMoms pregnancy newsletter — and I’ve been excited to see what is clearly a reader response/desire for more of a blog for working moms. In order to help us going forward, though, there are some huge, key questions about the readership and possible content — and we’ve finally designed a survey that will hopefully help us address those key questions. To sweeten the pot a bit I thought I’d throw in the chance to win a $200 Amazon giftcard.

Please click here to take the survey.

The survey should only take 5-10 minutes (at most), and we’d really hugely appreciate your input.

To Enter: Readers enter the giveaway by taking the CorporetteMoms 2014 survey (and answering the final question with a valid email address). One winner will be chosen the morning of Wednesday, July 16 (chosen by CorporetteMoms staff and and win a $200 Amazon giftcard.  Please note that, due to legal reasons, this contest is only open to adult residents of the United States. The winners will have one week to respond to Kat to claim their prize or a new winner or winners will be chosen.

Pictured: Multiple_Choice, originally uploaded to Flickr by Oliver Tacke.

Welcome to CorporetteMoms!

Welcome to CorporetteMoms!Congratulations!  Wherever you are in your mom journey — thinking about getting pregnant, trying to conceive, pregnant already, a new mom, or well entrenched in mommydom, hopefully this newsletter and site will be helpful to you in your journey.

If you’re pregnant, please check out our guide to maternity style (a free download when you sign up for our newsletter), and consider signing up to be a CorporetteMoms maternity style blogger.  If you’re past the pregnancy and already back at work, we’d LOVE to hear about your juggle — please consider signing up to blog about your work life balance.

Some of this has run on our main site, Corporette — but most of it has not.  Keep an eye out for two emails per week:  one post with advice or thoughts on pregnancy/pregnancy style/babies/parenting/maternity leave, and a second one rounding up news that may be of interest to you, as well as suggesting maternity clothes and accessories (similar to the TPS reports, but for maternity-wear).

Oh, and a piece of advice from the get-go:  no matter how good a deal it is, now is not the time to make any serious shoe or non-maternity clothing investments — you’ll see why in our free eBook on Professional Maternity Style (available for free download after you sign up for the newsletter and confirm your email address).

Pictured: balloons, originally uploaded to Flickr by Ilario Prospero.