The Best Blogs, Newsletters, and More for Mamas-To-Be

The Best Resources for Moms-to-Be | CorporetteMomsThis post is from the early days of CorporetteMoms, when most of the content was in the form of email newsletters. We’re sharing this one again so that more moms and moms-to-be can weigh in and share tips!

I’ve already rounded up some of my favorite pregnancy books — but it took me longer to find blogs, newsletters, and other resources to help me with the lifestyle changes that were coming. These are some of my favorite, must-read resources — some for maternity/mom fashion, some for registry prep, and some for just general working-mom-lifestyle thoughts. Readers, which resources have you found to help you through this life transition?

  • BabyCenter – Put in your due date, get a weekly email telling you how your baby is growing. The site has other helpful resources, like a pregnancy weight-gain tracker (should you dare).
  • Baby Bargains – This is a great book as you’re setting up your registry and nursery — be sure to get the latest edition. There are reviews on specific products, stores, even the registry process — and the authors are very up-to-date on the latest product recalls. (The website offers additional information and tools, most available at no charge.)
  • Baby Cheapskate – Great deals! I’m particularly a huge fan of her “toys that actually get played with” lists, updated regularly.
  • Hellobee – Multiple mamas blog about their experiences. There are SAHMs, WAHMs, WOHMs… There’s also a great forum section filled with smart ladies.
  • Lucie’s List – I only found this one during my second pregnancy, but her week-by-week emails are super helpful to give you the real mom’s approach to pregnancy issues and registry issues.
  • The Mom Edit (formerly Ain’t No Mom Jeans) – The bloggers here are mostly past the baby years, but there are still some great posts in maternity/postpartum fashion in the archives. The fashion aesthetic is much more casual, but it’s fun to see real mamas putting kid-friendly looks together with a laid-back approach.
  • Motherlode – The NYT’s blog — excellent.
  • PopSugar Moms – I liked the news roundups here the best.
  • Pregnant Fashionista – This blog has a great, fashion-focused approach to pregnancy. The author of this blog has a great eye, a rich taste, and details on all of the haute lines of maternity wear. She bore four children in six years, so she definitely knows her stuff.
  • Working Mother – I started getting this magazine before I was pregnant, and highly recommend it to every working mother.

Readers, which favorite blogs, newsletters, and more have you found to help you through your early motherhood planning?


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I have really enjoyed Pregnant Chicken’s weekly pregnancy updates – although her sense of humor isn’t for everyone.

  2. New Mom says:

    Along these lines, are there mommy/parent groups in DC? I am a new mom and maternity leave is getting a bit lonely. I would love to connect with other moms in my area (U Street/Columbia Heights) for walks, yoga, coffee. I have tried looking on DCUrbanMom and the CH listserv unsuccessfully. Any recommendations?

    • MomAnon4This says:

      For newborns – PACE groups. They have a website, but your ob/gyne might know about them. There’s a Mommy & Baby yoga class just over the line on Connecticut from Silver Springs.

  3. The Longest Shortest Time has a great Facebook group

  4. Bizzy says:

    Alphamom blog! Great pregnancy week by week calendar. Good advice column. Easy to search.

    • CPA lady says:

      +1 on Alphamom. The week by week had me laughing so hard, even at 38 weeks when my sense of humor was basically nonexistent anymore.

  5. Mom-to-be says:

    Does anyone have any book(or other) recommendations for what to expect in the newborn stage? As a first time mom, I’ve read a lot about pregnancy and adjusting to life with a newborn, but not necessarily about newborns. I have so many questions!

    • My favorite is Baby 411. Written by a two-woman duo, one (or maybe both) are pediatricians. Presented in a question/answer format. Loved that it was straightforward and objective–not scary and alarmist like some books. Just a great pragmatic book with answers to all questions I had.

      ETA: I’ll mail you my copy if you want. Purchased in late 2013–may be current edition still. Email me at rlr080813 at the gmail if you are interested.

    • Katarina says:

      I second Baby 411, it has a ton of information. I read it cover to cover, but it is also a great reference. I also liked Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality, which was more of a how to book. I also liked the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, which discusses soothing techniques. I also took a newborn care class at the hospital where I gave birth.

    • Carrie M says:

      Agree on baby 411. I also really like Wonder Weeks, which has a great app if you want to skip the book. It’s about developmental leaps, so different from baby 411 (which has a chapter on development but also has very practical information about infant care, like how to bathe an infant, take an accurate temperature, when to call doctor, start solids, etc.).

      If you are considering trying breastfeeding, I recommend The Nursing Mother’s Companion.

    • Anonymous says:

      My local hospital had a newborn care class that I found useful, not least because my husband wouldn’t read a book about babies. If there is one by you, it might be helpful. IIRC the instructor also handed out a list of suggested reading.

    • CPA lady says:

      I have a 7 week old and have found the What to Expect 1st Year book really helpful. I hated the What to Expect pregnancy book, or as I like to call it “1001 terrifying ways to miscarry”, but the 1st year book is very reassuring and has answered almost every single questions I’ve thought of. It’s arranged by month, with common milestones, what to expect, and a question and answer section that I found very useful.

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  7. Amy Bridgeo says:

    A slightly different offering, but sends you weekly meal plans catered to the nutritional requirements for that point in your pregnancy! Which means you don’t have to even think about what to make for dinner!

  8. sanjeeba says:


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