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Readers were singing the praises of this Weekender Convertible in this discussion about weekender bags, and it looks like a great option for a quick weekend jaunt — and it’s great that it converts into a backpack. The first time I traveled by myself with a baby this would have been great to have; as it was I just upgraded to a super lightweight rolling bag so I could definitely put it in the overhead compartment by myself (someone had gotten a little too dependent on her husband), but a big con to my lightweight bag is that it can hardly stand up by itself; it’s always flopping over. This pictured bag is only 3.7 lbs, and comes in a bunch of fun colors — we’re picturing it in the black/orange, but it also comes in purple, red, gray, and a few shades of blue. It’s $129.99 at Amazon (try code D3A25YGT at checkout to get 20% off). eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible

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