Professional Summertime Fashion for Moms

Professional Summertime Fashion for MomsHere’s a question for you: how has your summer workwear changed after having kids? What does professional summertime fashion for moms LOOK like for you?  For example: white pants for work — are those a no after kids because they’re too hard to keep clean? Do you find you prefer flats or other comfortable commuting footwear in case your kiddo runs away from you before you can drop him or her off at daycare? Do you accessorize once you get to work rather than dealing with little ones pulling at your necklaces and earrings? Has your commute with kids changed your fashion in other ways — having to lug a breast pump to or from work, needing to wear a hat to set a good example for your kids, or needing to wear your baby en route to daycare?

For my $.02, the biggest change for me has definitely been in fabric choices as well as undergarments — I used to wear a ton of sheath dresses with flesh-toned Spanx beneath them, but now solidly prefer black Jockey skimmies slipshorts with summer dresses so that if I end up crawling on the floor with my kiddo it’s obviously bike shorts. As for fabric choices, I shy away from higher maintenance things like linen and silk and vastly prefer machine washable workwear.professional summertime fashion for moms - image of a professional working mom taking her daughter to daycare

Stock photo credit: Deposit Photos / d.travnikov

How did your summer workwear choices change after having kids -- what will you NOT wear anymore, or what fashion changes have daycare dropoff or other childcare issues brought about due to logistics, comfort, or more? We're sharing the best tricks for professional summertime fashion for moms.


  1. KateMiddletown says:

    TBH I wear the same thing (almost) year round due to air conditioning. The biggest change is typically going a big more casual, i.e. what I’m wearing today is black pants, Plieone top, and a cardigan. Cardi gets tucked in my bag on the commute, or sometimes left at the office. This is in contrast to a jacket instead during the rest of the year.

    Also, I am a big fan of dresses with tights during the winter, but I’m so lazy about shaving my legs I don’t usually wear dresses during the summer unless I *just* shaved.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really like the pants in the picture. Anyone know of anything similar?

  3. Anonymous says:

    My baby isn’t really mobile yet, but my work wardrobe hasn’t changed at all. I get dressed immediately before leaving the house and change into casual clothes as soon as I get home, before nursing or holding the baby. I still wear white pants, heels, dangly jewelry, etc to work. Just not at home.

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