Finally Friday: Samantha Neoprene Flat

Yosi Samra Samantha Neoprene Flat | CorporetteMomsI just traveled last week and brought my cheap foldable flats and was surprised by how much use I got out of them — I’m now in the market for some that are a bit nicer than the ones I have. Tieks are great, but a lot to spend; these Yosi Samra ones look like a great, more affordable option. They have a ton of color combinations (and some with an ankle strap, which I am sorry to say come in camo prints); the pictured shoes have a rubber outsole and a neoprene upper. Yosi Samra Samantha Neoprene Flat


Everyone Thursday: Boxed Bar Pendant Necklace

Argento Vivo Boxed Bar Pendant NecklaceThese linear pendant necklaces have been around for a few years now, but they still look refreshing to me — I like the wider line, the lack of bling, and the general cool factor.  I like that this one is a 16″ length with a 2″ extender, which I think gives you a lot more options.  The necklace the $68 at Nordstrom, available in both silver and gold.  Argento Vivo Boxed Bar Pendant Necklace


Kid Money: 529s, Savings Accounts, and More

529 tipsLadies, have you opened a 529 savings account for your child yet — or did you opt for a savings account or investment account? What are your best tips for 529 accounts and kid saving? In general, what do you do with the monetary gifts your children receive from relatives? Do you set aside any non-tax advantaged money regularly for your children — or have you prioritized non-tax advantaged savings for yourself above tax-advantaged savings for college? 

For my $.02, we have a 529 account for each son, but neither has any other kind of savings account. When Jack was born, I did my best to learn from the mistakes of my 20s, when I sat on money because I didn’t really appreciate the power of compound interest, and always felt like I didn’t “know enough” to invest. So after he was born, I gave myself explicit permission to not know a lot about 529s — I didn’t research which 529 too much (I chose New York State because you can deduct 529 contributions from your income, up to a $10K max per year per couple), and I didn’t research which funds too much (Aggressive! Done.) We set up an automatic contribution from one of our savings accounts — it was all very easy to do online.

Our automatic contribution wasn’t huge — it wouldn’t even get us close to the max — but it did represent two decisions. First, it represented a desire to put ANYTHING in there — I really believed then (and now) that whatever we can do, even if it was only $20 a month, would make a difference because of compound interest. Second, it represented a priority shift. I read an interesting article a while ago that tax-advantaged savings was the thing to focus on — so the 529 accounts rank below our 401Ks and IRAs, but above other, non-tax advantaged savings. In fact, the amount we choose to go into his 529 account monthly was the exact amount that we had been investing automatically beyond our retirement accounts.

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Washable Wednesday: Travel Tricotine All-Day Dress

Pendleton Travel Tricotine All-Day Dress | CorporetteMomsHappy Wednesday, ladies! I’m liking this wrinkle-resistant, machine washable dress that is steeply marked down over at Pendleton. The below-the-knee length would be a miss for me, but it’s easy enough to buy the petites version or get it hemmed — and the great discount is worth the chance. The dress was $150, but is now $39 — available in three colors, in petite, plus, and regular sizes 04-18. Pendleton Travel Tricotine All-Day Dress


Nursing Tuesday: Angelo Nursing and Maternity Shirt

BellyMoms Angelo Nursing and Maternity Shirt | CorporetteMomsSo many of these nursing shirts look a little… like something a nurse would wear. As in, give this model a clipboard, some white pants and an ID card on a lanyard, and BOOM. Still… I have to say this one looks not only comfortable, but functional. I’d just, you know, avoid white pants and long pendant necklaces (unless you actually are a nurse, in which case, rock out with your bad self). BellyMoms Angelo Nursing and Maternity Shirt


Maternity Monday: Foldover-Waist Linen-Blend Pants

Old Navy Maternity Foldover-Waist Linen-Blend Pants | CorporetteMomsPregnancy can sometimes bring with it some unwelcome leg issues — varicose veins, weight gain, not being able to see your legs to shave properly, etc. I say, wear dresses if you want — but if you’re personally uncomfortable with that, then these linen pants look great. They come in five colors, and are $35 at Old Navy, sizes XS-XXL. Old Navy Maternity Foldover-Waist Linen-Blend Pants

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