Maternity Monday: Jolene Knot-Front Maternity and Nursing Short Sleeve Dress

Seraphine Jolene Knot-Front Maternity and Nursing Short Sleeve Dress | CorporetteMomsThis Seraphine dress is a classic for maternity, and for good reason — it’s flattering, interesting, and easy for both pregnancy and nursing — and it’s even machine washable. Lovely. It’s $89-96 at Amazon. Seraphine Jolene Knot-Front Maternity and Nursing Short Sleeve Dress


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News Roundup

how-to-style-maternity-tops-Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The Mom Edit gives you several ways to style a maternity tank.
  • The Beauty Department has tips on air-drying your hair.
  • NPR talks to the author of a new book about what to eat while you’re pregnant.
  • Kind of fascinating: The Guardian explains how breastmilk produced for boys and girls appears to be different in terms of nutrients, hormones, etc. Some are wondering if that means we should be feeding “boy” formula and “girl” formula.
  • The New York Times shares a lot of good information about carseats.
  • A mother writes in The Tennessean about temporarily losing track of her boys on a hike and what it made her realize about free-range parenting (h/t to Free-Range Kids).
  • Real Simple shares the secrets of people who manage to have some “me time.”
  • Speaking of me time… Hellobee rounds up a big list of binge-worthy series on Netflix for your maternity leave (not that the rest of us can’t benefit from this post, of course!).

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Finally Friday: Wedge Pump

AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni 'Bar' Wedge PumpAGL is known for their flats, but I’m really liking this simple wedge pump, on sale for the next month or so as part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s available in sizes 4.5-13, in black and a smokey brown, for $229 — after the sale it’ll go back up to $360. AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni ‘Bar’ Wedge Pump

Psst: I rounded up my favorite workwear picks of the Nordstrom sale yesterday at Corporette; I’m going to try to do shoes and bags today, so stay tuned!  One more kid-friendly find: I’ve never seen a new model of the Babyjogger’s City Mini go on sale (and it feels like older models are pretty firm on their prices also unless you’re buying used).  This nice navy is now $185, but after the sale it’ll be $250.


Everyone Thursday: Shawl Collar Knit Blazer

Caslon Shawl Collar Knit BlazerThe Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on, ladies!  You need a Nordstrom card to get early access (it opens to the general public on July 17), but: for those of you unfamiliar with it, this is their big sale of the year where next season’s merchandise is marked down now.  Prices will go back up on August 3.  Lots of great things in the sale (keep an eye on Corporette for a full roundup of workwear; I already chose some quick picks this morning); for moms I like this soft, hand-washable shawl collar blazer from Caslon.  If you’re pregnant you should be able to wear this up to the very end of your pregnancy, if not all the way to the end, and because it’s a knit fabric it should fit you even if you’re still gaining or losing weight postpartum as well.  I like this beautiful dark purple, but it’s available in eight other colors, in regular and petite sizes.  It’s currently marked to $39.90; after the sale ends on August 3 the price will go back up to $58. Caslon Shawl Collar Knit Blazer

Ladies, what are your favorite things to get at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Lots of diaper bagskids’ stuff, maternity gear, and more on sale!


Great Articles for Pregnancy and Motherhood

great parenting articles for working mothersThere are some great books and blogs on parenting and being a working mother — but sometimes it’s an article or two that really sticks with you and becomes something you want to pass along to new moms everywhere. These are some of my favorite articles that I’ve read on the path to mom-ness… Which are yours?

  • All Joy and No Fun [NY Mag] (note that this article later became a book of the same name) — This article is from 2010, but I didn’t discover it until 2012, when I was already a mom. It was the first time the complicated nature of parenting was put to words for me, and helped frame my thinking on it.
  • I’ll Finish the Dishes When I’m Dead [TIME] (an excerpt from Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time) — The author reflects on her overwhelming to-do list and eventually realizes her expectations are unrealistic. She also meets the WoMoBiJos: Working Mothers With Big Jobs.
  • Why We Still Can’t Have it All [The Atlantic] — A depressing but fascinating look at the work/life juggle from Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former director of policy planning for the State Department — and the sobering realization that sometimes the older years are the most complicated time of juggle.
  • Recline: Why Leaning In is Killing Us [Foreign Policy] — A comical look at someone trying to Lean In and deciding that reclining is better.
  • Why Chinese Mothers are Superior [WSJ] (excerpt of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom) — This book and Bringing up Bébé came out around the same time. I didn’t make it through the first chapter of Bringing Up Bébé (I forget why — something about my hating her voice), but I actually really liked the Tiger Mom book, which made me realize that my own upbringing was barely even strict.
  • Parents Of One Perfect Child Under Preschool Age [Scary Mommy— POOPCUPs! I think about this article all the time because I think they’re really right: parenting gets way harder when the kiddos start to rebel.
  • The Opt-Out Revolution [NYT] (2003) — A fascinating, classic look at women dropping out of the workplace to be with their kids.
  • The Opt-Out Generation Want Back In [NYT] (revisiting the 2003 article in 2013) — An equally fascinating, classic look at how the women who dropped out to be with their kids fared (and how many are searching for on-ramps back in, including through strategic volunteering).
  • The Default Parent [Huffington Post] – A perfect description of the role you, as the mother, are likely to find yourself holding. As the piece describes, “The default parent is the one responsible for the emotional, physical and logistical needs of the children. Spoiler alert: It’s typically the one with the uterus.” (I referred to the “cruise director” role in our post on sharing parenting duties.) A more recent NYT piece envisions moms as the default worrier as well.
  • Trying to Make Mom Friends is the Worst [New York magazine] – A new mother writes about her struggles making mom friends and shares an experience you may recognize: feeling awkward and uncomfortable as “the new mom” at library storytime.
  • Take Back Your Pregnancy [WSJ] (excerpt from the book Expecting Better, by Emily Oster) — I always think of the response from Motherlode since listeria was one of my big fears while pregnant.

Picture via Stencil.great articles on parenting for working mothers - image of woman reading a magazine article We rounded up 11 of the BEST articles for working moms to read on parenting, maternity, and motherhood -- I'm still thinking about these years later and I've been a mother for almost seven years now!

Washable Wednesday: Drape Neck Zip Cardigan

Caslon® Drape Neck Zip CardiganThis well-reviewed, machine washable zip cardigan is calling my name — the gray looks nice, but it also comes in black and three different stripey colors.  Reviewers note that it’s super soft, “comfortable but not frumpy,” and generally fabulous.  The sale is great too: it was $68 but is now marked to $23.   Caslon® Drape Neck Zip Cardigan