Maternity Monday: Cowl Neck Sweater Tunic

Old Navy Cowl Neck Sweater TunicsI only had one maternity sweater  for all of last winter, just making do with cardigans for most of last winter — but I really like this cowl-neck sweater-tunic from Old Navy, which looks like it would be nice with leggings, skinny cords, pencil skirts, or even as a top layer on top of some more summery tank-type dresses.  The sweater is available in sizes XS-XXL at Old Navy, and is $26.94 full price.  Old Navy Cowl Neck Sweater Tunics


  1. I like this; I think it would be pretty versatile. I’ve been surprisingly pleased with the Old Navy maternity sweaters I’ve gotten (both the V-neck and scoop-neck version of these: ). They layer well and the necklines & ruching are pretty flattering. And since they’re short-term I guess I don’t have to worry about how well made they are, or are not (they seem fine though).

    On an unrelated note, I carefully wrapped up a slice of leftover birthday cake to bring to the office today, and I forgot to bring it! Now, all I can think about is cake.

  2. Mamma Mia says:

    I just want to thank everyone for the suggestions for my sister’s baby shower last week. I feel a lot better about hosting it now!

  3. Kat, just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for posting about the Giggle 20% off sale. It applied to absolutely everything. We got some big-ticket stuff— crib, mattress, and car seat—and some other things this weekend, and I kept waiting for them to tell us that some brands were excluded but they weren’t.
    The sale goes through today at midnight if anyone has baby purchases to make.

  4. To (former) preg 3L says:

    Thinking of you – hope things are improving!

    • (former) preg 3L says:

      Thanks! H sent a letter to me (through our attorneys) demanding some $2600/month in alimony payments (to support him while we are separated), and then emailed me (privately) separately to say he loves me very much and wants me to read his letter lovingly. Good news is that baby has not seen him in over a week! (and neither have I!)

      • The absurdity of H’s actions (especially that you should read his demand for alimony “lovingly”) actually made me laugh out loud in my office. You are so much better off.

        • (former) preg 3L says:

          Agreed. That’s basically how I’m feeling. My attorney says I shouldn’t file til he gets a job though.

        • To (former) preg 3L says:

          Ditto, JJ. He’s a real piece of work.

  5. POSITA says:

    Any suggestions for mittens for a young toddler? My 14 month old needs something on her hands at the playground. We tried thumb-less knit mittens that a friend made this past weekend and my daughter would just flap her arms until they flew off. She also almost faceplanted going up the stairs to the slide because the mittens were slippery and she couldn’t use her thumb to grip.

    I think something at least water resistant with some grip and a velcro strap at the wrist to tighten might work. Has anyone seen mittens like this for a really little one? She’s very mobile but only about 20 lbs. Also, has anyone had success getting their young toddler to wear said mittens or should I just save my money?

    • (former) preg 3L says:

      No advice, but I love the visual of her flapping her arms til the mittens fall off!! Too precious. I hope you can get that on video.

    • Anonyc says:

      I usually go to the discount stores near me for mittens and gloves–only when kids get a little older will I consider spending a bit more (at like, Costco). I use mittens for littler ones, as trying for gloves on small fingers is like bashing your head in the wall repeatedly. If you can get it together to connect them with a connector/string through the sleeves, or use those little clips, you’ll probably hold onto them longer. Amazon looks like it has some decent mittens for less than $15, too.

      As an aside–before I had kids, I’d gawk a parents who let their kids run around without gloves in the cold weather (oh mah gawd why does that child not have a hat/glove/scarf on?!). Now I get it: pick your battles. Some kids will fight the hat/gloves fight hard, and now I just realize that’s not the hill I’ll die on unless it’s Polar Vortex time.

    • Burgher says:

      We ended up with just regular knitted mittens for my son last year when he was around that age. Even those were tough to find. He wasn’t a huge fan, but I found that tucking them under the elastic wrists of his coat seemed to help them stay on and make it so he couldn’t figure out pulling them off.

    • Meg Murry says:

      Not exactly what you asked for – but if you are using thumbless mittens, socks work just as well and don’t require you to buy something special.

      But yes, keeping mittens on a toddler stinks. Don’t buy expensive ones, they will be lost. Or if you do buy pricy ones, buy multiples, and preferably ones that don’t have a distinct left and right

      • Socks as thumbless mittens! I’ve never heard of that – what a great parenting hack!

        • Spirograph says:

          I’m definitely going to try this. My son loves socks, and hates mittens. He sucks his thumb constantly, so thumblessness might make a difference… and socks are way easier than plan A of dusting off my sewing machine this weekend.

      • hoola hoopa says:

        Yep. Toddlers and mittens don’t mix.

        Ditto to socks. I like the thick rag style. Bonus is that you can also bring multiple pairs and replace for each shake-off-then-complain-hands-are-cold-but-the-mittens-are-now-icy-and-wet cycle.

        My solution was hand warmers, actually. My kids would shake off even clipped or elastic bound mittens (although the string trick helped prevent them from being lost) and it wasn’t fun for anyone to spend the whole time in a fight over mittens so instead I just focused on rewarming hands.

    • Diana Barry says:

      LL Bean has great toddler mittens. I kept a close eye on them and didn’t lose any. They also will clip to the jacket on the wrist.

    • Maddie Ross says:

      We haven’t used them yet, but the Mart of Wals (does this get moderated? not sure…) had infant mittens in two packs for 97 cents each this weekend. We bought two packs and figure they will just get lost, mismatched, etc. They aren’t grippy, so wouldn’t be good for playground time, but hopefully will work for warmth.

    • pockets says:
    • MomAnon4This says:

      I used to be a preschool teacher and there was 1 girl, about age 2, who, with her winter hat on, preferred to sit on a bench to cry rather than play on the playground DURING THE ENTIRE 30-MINUTE PLAY PERIOD. At that point, I was just impressed, took the hat off, and never sent her mother a picture of the girl outside on the playground without her winter hat.

      So, I mean, it’s up to you – which scenario would upset you more, as a mom?

      • We were out this weekend and my toddler thwarted all attempts to get him to wear a hat or mittens. My husband pointed out that he was probably warm enough since he was running/skipping everywhere, so maybe I shouldn’t worry about it so much. I might change my mind in the snow or sub-freezing temps, but for just plain cold, I’m converting to laissez faire.

        I think you handled that situation well.

        • MomAnon4This says:

          Thank you. I just realized in retrospect how mean and cruel this may sound. I apologize on behalf of most preschool teachers! We truly do love and know your kids and want what’s best for them.

    • NewMomAnon says:

      No idea where to find toddler mittens (thanks to those who posted, I will be hitting up LL Bean ASAP) but my parents used to attach a piece of yarn to the tag on the inside of my jacket, run it out both sleeves, and then attach the mittens to the yarn on either ends. So basically, my mittens were attached to the coat for the entire winter.

      Also, I wish all jackets came with fuzzy lined pockets so when I forget my gloves, I could put my hands into warm furry pockets. Just a thought.

  6. Aaaaand morning sickness has arrived. Just found out last week that I’m completely, totally, unexpectedly pregnant with #3. By my best guess I’m between 5-7 weeks along and hoo boy do I feel nauseous today. YUCK.

    • I would completely and totally love to find out that I was unexpectedly pregnant. I wish you well ANP!!!!

    • MomAnon4This says:

      Good luck. I support your feelings of ambiguity & nausea.

    • Thanks gang. Feeling the love…along with the vom :-/

  7. MomAnon4This says:

    I like the large scoop neck/cowl neck on this sweater. High-neck maternity shirts and sweaters – or even turtlenecks?! – are not for me, as I constantly feel hot and claustrophobic and uncomfortable in them.

  8. Super bummed. We’re TTC and I just found out I have a torn meniscus in my knee, and might need surgery.

    I know it’s good to find out now, in case I do need surgery, but I’m bummed we might have to put baby making on the back burner while I have surgery. I’m glad I finally got some recognition about my knee pain – I’m young and relatively healthy, so for the most part my doctor seemed to brush off my complaints. With the MRI staring her in the face, she suddenly sprang into action and is all about getting me physical therapy, consult with the ortho, etc.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was just given this top as a gift, and love it (although it runs a little smaller in the bust than most ON maternity clothes). I wouldn’t really call it a sweater, though — it’s a knit that is more substantial than, say, jersey, but still pretty thin.

    • Burgher says:

      I almost bought this sweater, but then axed it at the last minute when I realized I already have several gray maternity sweaters that I own and another one in my cart! I did end up getting the slub knit tunic and I love it. Interesting on the sizing, because it seems like everything I bought from ON maternity was on the big size, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate it now that I am heading into the 3rd trimester and my belly is already huuuuuuge.