Nursing Clothes for Working Moms: Five Companies To Try

nursing clothes you can wear to work2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on the best brands of workwear for nursing clothes, but you may also want to check out our new page on the best nursing clothes for working moms

In the few years that I’ve been paying attention to nursing stuff (both personally as well as for the blog), I’ve seen the same companies over and over again. I thought it might be fun to round them up for new moms who are searching for nursing clothes and unsure if that BabySteals or Zulily deal is worth it, or trying to gauge the quality of a brand in a local maternity shop, or experimenting with what kind of nursing access works best.

Pictured at top, clockwise: one / two / three / four.

Personally, my consistent favorites were shirts that lift up, either with partial panels or entire second front layers — they kept my tummy covered while providing some coverage for my breast. The biggest hits and misses came from a second category that kind of overlaps with the first that I’ll call the “secret panel” access, like the red top below. Depending on how the cutout hits you and your bust, it could be great — or horrible. Finally, my least favorite were the types that pulled down — the pro here is that there’s very easy access, but the con is that the top of your breast is totally exposed. (For some reason, the phrase “whip it out” kept coming to mind whenever I used one of these tops!!!) There are still other tops with different sorts of nursing access, like the secret zippered panel brands like Loyal Hana offer. Most of the serious maternity shops (like the excellent Figure8 Maternity) focus on the first two types. Ladies, which kind of nursing access did you like best? What were your favorite brands for nursing-friendly workwear?   

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nursing workwear BoobIgnore the cheeky name — Boob has great nursing basics. Bonus: many are intended for wear during pregnancy as well as postpartum. Boob is sold at Amazon, Nordstrom, and beyond, and this simple t-shirt at Amazon comes in 16 colors, sizes XS-XXL (XXL = size 20). The pictured top is $55-$62. Boob Round Neck Short Sleeve Maternity Nursing Top (also pictured at top in the “lift up” example)
Gapnursing workwear gap and Old Navy both have great selections of maternity and nursing clothes — and the brands’ frequent sales make them one of the most affordable options. Another pro: If you prefer black, navy, gray, and other urban colors, you’ll find them available in almost every top. The pictured top is $14.99-$26.99 at Gap, available in six colors, sizes XS-XL. Scoop Neck Nursing Top
Momzellenursing workwear Momzelle specializes in nursing-friendly t-shirts, dresses, and more in basic colors. My favorite piece: this sleeveless shell top, $38 at Nordstrom and AmazonMomzelle ‘Josiane’ Sleeveless Nursing Maternity Top 
nursing workwear milkstarsMilkstars is another great brand that’s been around for a long while. They offer several work-appropriate tops and dresses good for maternity and nursing, but this highly-rated drapey one is one of my favorites. It’s $64, and available in 5 colors, sizes XS-XL at Amazon and Figure8Milkstars Jolie Drape Neck Maternity And Nursing Top (also pictured at top in the “secret panel” example).
nursing workwear BunBun Maternity has a ton of great workwear and nursing clothes, including basic styles like this simple tank top. I like the combination of access — and the fact that the snaps are at the shoulder, helping make nursing access more discreet. The pictured top is $45 at Nordstrom and comes in eight colors, sizes S-XL, but note that Amazon has a very similar style for $30. (Amazon carries the whole line of Bun Maternity items as well.) Pictured: Bun Maternity Nursing Tank

We rounded up the best types of nursing clothes for working women -- and the best brands! -- so you can wear nursing clothes to work if you want to.

Pictured above, clockwise: one / two / three / four.



  1. ChiLaw says:

    I bought some dresses from Milky Way through Zulily (but they’re available on other sites too). I found them very well made and flattering and modest-ish on my …nursing figure. They were great for pumping at work too.

  2. hoola hoopa says:

    Lilac clothing

  3. Anon in NYC says:

    This is not a blanket brand recommendation, but I just discovered the Asymetrical Tank from Pleione (see and I think it would make a good nursing top.

  4. EB0220 says:

    I personally hated every nursing-specific piece of clothing I tried. I did love the nursing camis from Target, so I bought a million of them. Pull up regular shirt, unclip nursing cami, done. The only downside was the extra layer on hot days, but otherwise definitely my preferred method.

    • NewMomAnon says:

      For hot days, I often wore a soft bra with no underwire under a Target maternity tank top. Both were stretchy enough for nursing. But also – on hot days, the last thing I wanted was a sweaty baby up against my sweaty b**bs. We nursed in air conditioned comfort whenever possible.

    • EB0220 says:

      I still wear the Target camis and Target maternity tank tops, despite the fact that my “baby” is almost 2 and has been weaned for months. I have been too lazy to buy new camis. The tank tops are so comfortable and long – they are never leaving!

  5. Chicago K says:

    I like Milk brand and it’s available on Amazon, which is a plus in my book!

  6. AuntE says:

    Isabella Oliver dresses are comfortable, flattering, and well made. I purchased 2, on sale, direct from their website, and wore them about 3 times a week for months. I did not like Milk brand — the fabric was thin, which made me very aware of my “nursing figure” and styles were too casual for work.

  7. Undercover Mama. I wore it underneath my regular shirts, and pulled up my shirt to either nurse or pump. I felt so much more secure knowing my torso was covered AND the top of my [email protected] was covered.

  8. HUGE fan of Loyal Hana – and if you follow them on Instagram they regularly announce 40 off sales.

  9. Latched Mama says:

    Check out latched mama dot com. I lived in their hoody during my maternity leave. And their prices are super reasonable.

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