Classic Nursing Tuesday: Nursing Camisole

Nursing Tank: Undercover Mama Nursing Tank TopUndercover Mama’s popular nursing tank boasts that it can “make any shirt a nursing shirt,” and its solid Amazon rating — 4.4 out of 5 stars from 1,400+ reviews — shows that it does the job well. It’s available in 15 colors in sizes XS-XXXL (although XXXL only is available in black, and XL somehow got listed both as “Extra Large” and “X-Large” with different colors showing up for each). Prime shipping is available, and you can get free returns with certain sizes/colors. The tank is $25 at Amazon. Undercover Mama Nursing Tank Top



  1. Love these tanks. I ordered a bunch and wore them everyday to work while I was pumping. I pumped in my office and the door doesn’t lock, so I wanted to be as covered-up as possible just in case. (I used a nursing cover, too, and fortunately no one ever interrupted me.) Also helped keep warm.

    • Katala says:

      I do find that some bras don’t work well with either the rubber band loop or metal hook, so I also use regular Camis that I can fold down to pump. I like these tanks more though, so maybe I should nix the bra rather than the tank…

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