Nursing Tuesday: Nursing Tank

Yummie by Heather Thomson Nursing Tank | CorporetteMomsI’ve been eyeing this nursing tank, and may pull the trigger, even though the end feels like it’s in sight (Harrison is almost 8 months, and the plan was to nurse him for a year). I haven’t been super happy with other nursing/shapewear tanks I’ve tried, but this one seems to be missing the issues those present. One of the other ones I swear gives me plugged ducts every time, and yet another one doesn’t have the straps “anchored” in any way so when I release the clasp to nurse, the strap ends up somewhere down my back, leaving me to do a bit of a crazy dance when I’m done. This one is $68, and available in white and black at Nordstrom. Yummie by Heather Thomson Nursing Tank

Pumping Tuesday: ‘Vibrant Paisley’ Infinity Scarf

Tasha Vibrant Paisley Infinity Scarf | CorporetteI always think of infinity scarves as being a great addition to a breastfeeding/pumping mom’s wardrobe — you can use them for extra coverage while you’re pumping, a pattern (such as this vibrant paisley) hides milk stains and other baby stains (spit up, sticky fingers, etc.), and is an easy way to add color and variation to what may be a limited wardrobe as you work to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. I like this vibrant paisley scarf, available in blue and orange — it was $28, but is now marked to $18.75 (and it is machine washable). Tasha ‘Vibrant Paisley’ Infinity Scarf

Nursing Tuesday: Split Neck Nursing Tops

ON Maternity Split Neck Nursing TopsIf you are a nursing mother going anywhere for Thanksgiving, you need a top like this. It keeps your body just about as covered as it’s going to be while nursing — on the plane, at the terminal, when you’re at someone’s house for Thanksgiving and it’s hard to get some privacy… it’s really perfect. It’s available in sizes XS-XXL, gray and black, for $24.95. ON Maternity Split Neck Nursing Tops

Nursing Tuesday: Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan

Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap CardiganReader M wrote in to nominate this cardigan, noting, “I bought one a few weeks ago and I have already gotten so much use out of it. I can nurse discreetly in public without a separate cover, the fabric is warm and cozy and the shape is flattering for postpartum lumps. The fleece (a nice sweatshirt material) is probably too casual for the office, although it’s fantastic for maternity leave. It comes in lots of colors, is machine washable, and is currently on sale. It also looks like there is a knit version that could be suitable for work.”  Nice!  It comes in 38 (!!!) colors, and has almost 2000 (!!!) positive reviews — and that is just the fleece version; there is also the drapey rayon version and a more summery poly blend. The pictured cardigan comes in sizes XS-XL, regular, petite, and plus size, and is marked down from $58 to $39.90.  (Allegedly some colors are $19.90, but after adding about six of them to my cart I can’t for the life of me figure out which.)   Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan

Everyone Thursday: Browsing for Books Cardigan

ModCloth Browsing for Books Cardigan | CorporetteMomsHat tip to editor Kate who found this cardigan — I like it so much I may have to buy one for myself. It’s made of a hand washable ribbed knit with an elasticized, cinched back panel. It seems like a great thing to wear over a sheath dress or with trousers whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or beyond. Another big plus: it’s $39.99. Nice. ModCloth Browsing for Books Cardigan

Here’s a plus-size alternative.

Nursing Tuesday: Avebury Nursing Top

Isabella Oliver Avebury Nursing TopLet’s ignore the fact, for the moment, that this is my very favorite color, and focus instead on all the other great stuff this top has going for it. It can be worn in both maternity and while nursing (and even if pumping, I suspect). It looks super cozy and warm, but still professional and flattering. It has a modest neckline, and comes in three colors, sizes 0-5. And, it’s machine wash/tumble dry. Lovely. It’s available online-only at Nordstrom for $115. Isabella Oliver Avebury Nursing Top