How Working Moms Can Get Into Good Health and Fitness Routines

Today on Corporette we’re talking about what our health and fitness routines are, and I thought it might be a great distinct discussion to have over here, as well, since at least I know that having kids has really affected my health and fitness routines. So let’s discuss — what WERE your health and fitness routines, pre-kids? What are they now? What do you see as the biggest stumbling blocks to getting into good health and fitness routines as a working mom? What are your best tips on how working moms can get into good health and fitness routines? 

I’ve described my own routines over on Corporette, but I have some additional thoughts on how being a working mom affects my heath and fitness routines:

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The Best Free YouTube Workouts for Working Moms

Searching YouTube for “workouts” brings up more than 35 million results, and since you probably don’t want to spend time weeding through too many of those, today we’re highlighting the best free YouTube workouts for working moms. Although we’ve previously discussed fitting in exercise as a working mom (including how to find time to work out as a mom, quick workouts for busy moms, and the best prenatal exercise and workout DVDs), we haven’t specifically recommended YouTube channels with free workouts. It’s so convenient to have access to workouts of any length, type, and fitness level, and then immediately watch any that you choose, from traditional strength training and cardio workouts to, say, a “yoga-barre hybrid” or hip hop Tabata.

Here are some of the best free YouTube workouts for working moms:youtube workouts for working moms - image of home exercise equipment

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Quick Workouts for Busy Moms (Even You Have Time for These!)

The Best Busy Mom Workouts | CorporetteMoms2018 Update: We still stand by these quick workouts for busy moms — but you may also want to check out our most recent discussion on the best free YouTube workouts for working moms

I was talking with someone last week about how moms have no time for working out, so I thought I’d round up a few of the methods that I’ve found over the past few years.  I still find it really, really (REALLY) hard to take the time for myself (and away from kids, my husband, my business… there always seems like a better way to spend the 20-60 minutes!), but this time around, postpartum, I’m forcing myself to take the time, both to regain my strength, be healthier for my family, exercise the crazies out, and, hey, lose some weight. I forgot how much better I feel — everywhere, in every way — when I work out, and I hope the benefit in my mood and energy, at least, helps the family.  SO! Without further ado, here’s my list — readers, what do your workouts look like, post-kiddo(s) — when do you do ’em, what do you do?  Moms with older kids, was there ever a magical time when you felt you suddenly had time to workout? (Oh — and I only JUST tried this, but man it made a difference: if you wake up feeling exHAUSTED, try a bit of peanut butter or almond butter before bed — it stabilizes your blood sugar or some such so you get better sleep.)

(Psst: Still pregnant? Check out our discussion on prenatal exercise…)

Quick Workouts for Busy Moms If You Seriously Don’t Have Time:

  • SuperMom app.  This iTunes app is actually designed to help you get a workout in when you’re caring for your baby — squats to do during bathtime, etc.
  • Get Your Body Back.  Six minute workouts, people!  I find the instructor to be a bit grating, but I used this a lot with my first baby, when I wasn’t quite sure how long he would stay asleep, etc.

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