Nursing Tuesday: Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan

Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap CardiganReader M wrote in to nominate this cardigan, noting, “I bought one a few weeks ago and I have already gotten so much use out of it. I can nurse discreetly in public without a separate cover, the fabric is warm and cozy and the shape is flattering for postpartum lumps. The fleece (a nice sweatshirt material) is probably too casual for the office, although it’s fantastic for maternity leave. It comes in lots of colors, is machine washable, and is currently on sale. It also looks like there is a knit version that could be suitable for work.”  Nice!  It comes in 38 (!!!) colors, and has almost 2000 (!!!) positive reviews — and that is just the fleece version; there is also the drapey rayon version and a more summery poly blend. The pictured cardigan comes in sizes XS-XL, regular, petite, and plus size, and is marked down from $58 to $39.90.  (Allegedly some colors are $19.90, but after adding about six of them to my cart I can’t for the life of me figure out which.)   Bobeau Asymmetrical Fleece Wrap Cardigan

Everyone Thursday: Browsing for Books Cardigan

ModCloth Browsing for Books Cardigan | CorporetteMomsHat tip to editor Kate who found this cardigan — I like it so much I may have to buy one for myself. It’s made of a hand washable ribbed knit with an elasticized, cinched back panel. It seems like a great thing to wear over a sheath dress or with trousers whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or beyond. Another big plus: it’s $39.99. Nice. ModCloth Browsing for Books Cardigan

Here’s a plus-size alternative.

Nursing Tuesday: Avebury Nursing Top

Isabella Oliver Avebury Nursing TopLet’s ignore the fact, for the moment, that this is my very favorite color, and focus instead on all the other great stuff this top has going for it. It can be worn in both maternity and while nursing (and even if pumping, I suspect). It looks super cozy and warm, but still professional and flattering. It has a modest neckline, and comes in three colors, sizes 0-5. And, it’s machine wash/tumble dry. Lovely. It’s available online-only at Nordstrom for $115. Isabella Oliver Avebury Nursing Top

Feeding Tuesday: Pima Button-Front Pin-Tucked Top

L.L. Bean Pima Button-Front Pin-Tucked Top, Long-Sleeve | CorporetteMomsButton-front shirts are classics for pumping. However, in addition to the possibility of gaping problems, button-fronts can be difficult to care for — and the iron-free versions may be treated with chemicals (formaldehyde, etc.) that you want to avoid while you’re in the pregnancy corridor and around babies. I like the look of these pin-tucked, button-front shirts from L.L. Bean, which are easily washed, and come in a number of lovely colors. I’d wear it with a structured piece to offset the casualness — a blazer or a pencil skirt would both look great. The blouse is $40, available in both regular and petite sizes XS-XL. L.L. Bean Pima Button-Front Pin-Tucked Top, Long-Sleeve

Feeding Tuesday: Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress

Dote Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress | CorporetteMomsThis dress looks great for maternity, nursing, and even pumping. I like the dark, sedate colors, as well as the mostly glowing reviews. It’s $99-$109 at Amazon in sizes S-XL. Dote Women’s Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress

Feeding Tuesday: Baby Be Mine Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Nightgown

Baby Be Mine Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Nightgown | CorporetteAfter I delivered my first son, I’ll admit it: I was just in the hospital gown for the entire stay. I heard the same from a lot of my friends — it can be a really overwhelming experience. As I prepared for my second son’s birth, though, I decided to buy this lovely nursing nightgown — I figured it would help me feel more “normal” right away after birth, and look far prettier in the pictures (and with people visiting) than the usual hospital gown. (I also specifically bought a chemise instead of PJs so I didn’t have to sit directly on it in my hospital bed and instead could scrunch it up around my waist when I was under the covers. If you haven’t delivered yet and are trying to figure out why… well, let’s just say you’ll thank me later.)

I liked this one because of the pretty pattern, pull-down neckline, and easy care (machine wash/dry) — and the affordable price: it’s $29.99 with Amazon Prime, available in seven colors. Baby Be Mine Women’s Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Nightgown