Nursing Tuesday: Layered Pencil Dress

This dress only has a few reviews so far, but it’s highly rated — customers say it’s quite comfortable and very easy to nurse in, and that they’re ordering multiples. I like the high, very modest neckline and the stretchy fabric, as well as the cost and the great color options. It looks great for either nursing or maternity, so I think if I were looking for a dress for the end of pregnancy and/or the beginning of the postpartum period I would give this one a try. It’s $23-$31 at Amazon in sizes 4/6 to 14/16 (with Prime shipping). Happy Mama Maternity Nursing Layered Pencil Dress

Here’s a plus-size option on clearance.


What to Wear to Work After Maternity Leave

What to Wear to Work After Maternity Leave | Tips for Working MothersWhat should you wear to work after maternity leave? We got an email a while ago from a reader who posed this interesting question. What is the “safest” choice to make so you look like a rational person who is not a sleep-deprived emotional wreck? Which clothes are best if you’re pumping at work? What will fit? These are my tips (and reasons) for what to wear to work after maternity leave, but I’m interested to hear what readers say also. (Psst: you may also want to check out the readers’ and my general tips for returning to work after maternity leave!)

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Postpartum Tuesday: Bedford Avenue Backpack Diaper Bag

If you’re on the hunt for a diaper bag/backpack combo (great for babywearing), this simple black one from Petunia Pickle Bottom looks great. I like the black floral design, the boxy shape. Amazon only has a few left in stock, but they are on a nice sale — meanwhile Nordstrom has them listed full price at $215 (and a smaller bag at $189).

As a side note, ladies: do you prefer bags with TONS of pockets or hardly any? I wore my Le Sportsac Everyday bag a few months ago on a family trip to Texas instead of my usual hobo and decided I hate all the zippered compartments and pockets because it meant I never knew where anything was — I would literally be zipping and unzipping everything until I found where I’d stuck it.

Psst: looking for other backpacks for work? Check out our recent post over at Corporette. Also, here’s what was in my diaper bag when I still carried one for both boys.


Nursing Tuesday: ‘Cozy’ Convertible Fleece Pullover

This is not designed as a nursing poncho — it’s a “yoga convertible fleece pullover” — but it has sleeves and looks like you could wear it as a regular sweater. I think it would be a great piece for nursing because it’s chic, flattering, cozy, and machine washable. It’s even got sort of a sexy thing going on with the way it hangs off the shoulders (although it looks like the strappy component will help it not fall off of them). It seems like this would be very functional as a nursing poncho, so if you’re looking for something for holiday plane travel, for example, this looks like a great option. And as someone who is no longer nursing, I kind of want it for myself, too, maybe as a cute thing to wear after yoga (should I ever actually make it to a class). The pullover is available in black and gray in sizes XS-XL for $132 at Nordstrom and Amazon (eligible for Prime). Beyond Yoga ‘Cozy’ Convertible Fleece Pullover


Maternity Monday: Maternity/Nursing Layered Pencil Dress


This maternity dress comes in a bunch of great colors — we’re featuring the navy, but I also really like the graphite. It’s machine-washable soft jersey, and it’s got a nice-looking nursing cutout. There are no reviews yet, which at Amazon often means taking a chance, but it’s only $23-$30, which is a pretty good deal. Maternity/Nursing Layered Pencil Dress

Two plus-size options are here and here.


Building a maternity wardrobe for work? Check out our page with more suggestions along both classic and trendy/seasonal lines.

Maternity Monday: Nursing Friendly Maternity Wrap Dress

gray-maternity-dressHappy Monday! This gray dress looks great if you’re pregnant or still nursing — I love the elbow-length sleeves, the wrap front, and all eight colors available — all for $29.  It’s well-rated, and has some cute pictures from real women wearing it, including one who just tied the belt behind her back if that’s not your favorite thing about the dress.  It’s $29, available at Amazon. LaClef Women’s Front Tie Nursing Friendly Maternity Wrap Dress


Building a maternity wardrobe for work? Check out our page with more suggestions along both classic and trendy/seasonal lines.