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Which are your favorite snow boots for playing outside with kids, ladies? After my ACL tear and knee surgery a year or two ago, one of my main goals has become “not falling” — but honestly even before that I was really concerned about falling while baby-wearing. (If you are wearing your baby, I was taught that the “right way” to do it is to zip your coat up OVER the baby — then if you’re too warm you know the baby is too and you can unzip, but if they’re on the outside by themselves you have no idea if they’re too hot or cold. But apparently both ways are accepted… you can also buy fleece covers for your baby carrier.) In any event, I didn’t buy proper Sorels until after my surgery, and I wish I’d bought them earlier! They’re sturdy, warm as heck, and I feel like I am totally prepared for snow when I wear them. The ones I have, the Winter Carnival style, are quite heavy (1 pound 5 ounces) — but they’re much lighter than the popular Joan of Arctic (2#), the classic Caribou (2#5oz), and not *that* much heavier than the “light” boots, the Caribou Slim. Plus, the Winter Carnival style comes in a ton of fun colors.  You can find Winter Carnivals as low as $68 at Amazon, Zappos, and occasionally I hear tell of them at Costco as well (though I’m not sure which model you may find, so do note the weight issue); at full price they’re $150. Readers, do you LOVE your snow boots? Which ones do you have? Pictured: Winter Carnival Boots.

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  1. I have a babywearing coat which I love! Prepping for pumping at work – I have a Medela double electric pump. It was decently pricey and the extra parts aren’t cheap but I shouldn’t be stingy and buy a few more sets so I don’t need to clean after each use, right? I am planning on using the dishwasher at work to clean parts and sterilise in the microwave at the end of each day.

    • grey falcon says:

      Having extra parts is great, but you don’t have to worry so much about daily cleaning. If you keep them in the fridge between uses, no need to wash between pumpings. Wipe (medela makes cleaning wipes) after use, pop in fridge with milk, and reuse all day. I also usually just washed in hot water at the end of the day after about the second week, but I know others have different feelings about that.

      • This. I did a quick rinse and kept them in the fridge between uses. Then I took them home for a wash. People will have crazy reactions if they see them in the work dishwasher. Pumping at work is already hard enough. The key was having multiple sets so I didn’t have to wash every single part every single day. Also keep spare parts at work in case you forget something. And some bags in case you forget bottles or you fill all the bottles one day.

        • That makes sense. I thought I’d just put them in the oxo bottle cage thing and run them through each evening. I’m first in so no one would really notice they were in the dishwasher.

          I’ve got a silicone hand pump, bags, pump parts, and a pumping bra in my kit thus far.

      • Allie says:

        Don’t wash between uses but do have an extra set to leave at work in case you forget them at home. It’s well worth avoiding the interruption and scramble.

    • Did you check Amazon to see if they sell parts? I was able to buy an extra set for my Medela pump for like $12 off Amazon. It wasn’t sold under the Medela name, but was listed as Medela compatible, and I never had any issues with it. FWIW, the extra set made my life SO much easier.

      • yes, this is where I got mine as well. I think they were by Maymom? And they worked great.

        For my first I had two sets of parts, for my second I had four. We also had a ton of bottles so I could reasonably wash every other day. It was great.

    • Anon in NYC says:

      No need to wash between pumps – just wipe, and keep them in the fridge!

    • POSITA says:

      I think the dishwasher should sufficiently sterilize them. (That’s my understanding at least.)

      I used plastic Gladware, which was the perfect size, to keep the flanges in the refrigerator during the day. It got washed each evening with the parts. The horns didn’t need to be refrigerated because they could be wiped down and that way they were warmer for the next pump.

    • Anonymous says:

      When my son was 1 day old and in the NICU, and I had to pump for him, the hospital nurses told me to just wash the pump parts in the bathroom sink with hand soap. I figured if that was clean enough for a newborn baby with some health issues, it would probably be fine going forward. When we were all home the pediatrician also said I could sterilize once a week I think – no one seemed real worried. So I used the dishwasher for convenience more than sterility. Agree don’t wash between pumps, just once a day. I didn’t even really use the wipes except to clean up major drippage. I left the pieces assembled and put them in a gallon ziploc within a cooler bag (so no one had to look at it) in the fridge between pumps.

    • Leatty says:

      Definitely don’t wash between uses. I bought one extra set of parts in case one of my pieces break, but don’t keep any extras at work. I take the dirty pump parts home each day so DH can wash them (thanks to the person on this site who suggested this!). He washes them with dish soap, and I periodically sterilize them in microwaveable steamer bags (maybe 1x/month?).

  2. AwayEmily says:

    You can also try posting on a listserv for extra parts. I got about a million extra bottles, flanges, etc, and it was awesome. The only thing I bought new was the little white circle flaps — I forget their official name. Those wear out pretty quickly so no sense in getting them used.

    And I washed everything but the flappy white circles in the dishwasher using the “sanitize” setting (I kept the parts in a bin on the counter and did a big load every few days, along with bottles).

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