Feeding Tuesday: Baby Be Mine Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Nightgown

Baby Be Mine Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Nightgown | CorporetteAfter I delivered my first son, I’ll admit it: I was just in the hospital gown for the entire stay. I heard the same from a lot of my friends — it can be a really overwhelming experience. As I prepared for my second son’s birth, though, I decided to buy this lovely nursing nightgown — I figured it would help me feel more “normal” right away after birth, and look far prettier in the pictures (and with people visiting) than the usual hospital gown. (I also specifically bought a chemise instead of PJs so I didn’t have to sit directly on it in my hospital bed and instead could scrunch it up around my waist when I was under the covers. If you haven’t delivered yet and are trying to figure out why… well, let’s just say you’ll thank me later.)

I liked this one because of the pretty pattern, pull-down neckline, and easy care (machine wash/dry) — and the affordable price: it’s $29.99 with Amazon Prime, available in seven colors. Baby Be Mine Women’s Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Nightgown

Maternity Monday: New Look Maternity Essentials Pack

Asos Maternity Basics I like the idea of this “maternity starter pack” — and I know I’ve seen similar but I’m blanking on where. For $76.15, this pack includes a maternity mini dress (probably more useful for work as a tunic top), jegging, legging, t-shirt, long-line camisole, and over-the-bump band (super helpful for those early weeks of pregnancy when your regular pants may stop fitting but you don’t want to give in to maternity clothes just yet). Each one of these pieces could cost $20 elsewhere, so to get all six pieces for $75 seems like a good deal.  Readers, have you bought similar “starter packs” anywhere else?  What would your starter pack for new moms look like?  New Look Maternity Essentials Pack

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Finally Friday: Julianne Flat

Born JulianneI’ve often heard this shoe come up in discussions of comfortable flats over at Corporette, and it’s one of Zappos’ best sellers, so I thought I’d post a link. Mamas, do you prefer flats or low heels to other shoes? Did your preferences change after having kids? Zappos has the shoe in 7 colors for $90; 6pm has it in an additional three colors for $56. Happy weekend, ladies! Born Julianne

Everyone Thursday: Lucite – Imperial Noir Link Statement Necklace

Bittar Imperial Noir Necklace I am seriously obsessed with Alexis Bittar’s new collection of lucite, labradorite, and gunmetal accents, and I’m loving this fabulous bib neklace. It’s wearable in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond… it’ll fit you when nothing else will, and it’ll draw more attention to your face (and away from any bust/stain issues you may or may not have elsewhere). It is, sadly, $445 at Nordstrom. Alexis Bittar ‘Lucite® – Imperial Noir’ Link Statement Necklace

Working Through Your First Trimester

How to Work Through Your First Trimester | CorporetteMomsHow do you work through your first trimester — and keep your nascent pregnancy on the down-low? Trust me, the exhaustion of the first trimester can take you by surprise, so how do you stay productive at the office when all your body wants to do is nap? (Particularly when you’re probably not telling most people!)

When I got pregnant with my first child in late 2010, I was still trying to juggle a full-time job as a lawyer and a nearly full-time second job as proprietor of Corporette. I’d worked long hours in BigLaw and thought I’d seen it all — I had even gotten mono and two bouts of strep throat and barely slowed down. All of this, it turned out, was nothing compared with growing a human being inside of me.

We had a much longer discussion on how to work through your first trimester on Corporette when I announced my pregnancy (including about whether it hurts women to talk about the hardships of pregnancy), but I thought these tips might be helpful to those of you actually trying to work your way through your first trimester:

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Washable Wednesday: Knit Shirred Surplice Dress

Lands End Knit Shirred Surplice Dress Happy Hump Day! This dress comes with longer sleeves too, but something about the proportions of the short sleeves looks best to me here. I like the bright, happy colors it comes in (blue, green, pink, as well as navy, pictured), and the fact that it’s machine washable. It was $65, but is now marked to $35 at Lands’ End (available in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes). Lands End Knit Shirred Surplice Dress