Pumping-Friendly and Washable: Long Sleeve Naive Flower Wrap Top

Chaus Womens Long Sleeve Naive Flower Wrap TopI know readers are big fans of faux-wrap dresses for pumping, so I set out to look for a faux-wrap top that looked pumping-friendly.  These from Macy’s looked nice (and also machine washable), but of course I loved the color of this one from Chaus.  The top is $49 at Amazon.  Chaus Womens Long Sleeve Naive Flower Wrap Top

Maternity Monday: V-Neck Mono Print Blouse

Mamalicious V-Neck Mono Print BLouseASOS has a TON of maternity stuff on sale, including this simple, chic blouse.  I like that it’s machine washable, modest (I hate how far too many maternity tops have too low of a neckline!) and it looks wearable in almost every season of the year.  It was $60.64, but is now marked to $30.32 — with free shipping both ways. Mamalicious V-Neck Mono Print Blouse

Finally Friday: Miko Pump

Isaac Mizrahi New York Miko Pump | CorporetteMomsHappy Friday! Is everyone ready for the holidays yet? These great little heels look wearable and sleek — I like the cap toe and buckle detail, as well as the bit of gold on the heel. The 2.5″ heel is $85 at 6pm.com (available in three colors: gray, black, and beige “saddle”). Looks like stock is pretty low right now, so if you find that your size is sold out, try Nordstrom (for the gray color only). Isaac Mizrahi New York Miko Pump

Finding Quality Time With Your Kids as a Working Mom

quality time with kidsHow do you deal when your work AND your child both need more attention than usual, at the same time? I saw commenters talking about this problem yesterday, and it’s been on my mind lately too, so let’s discuss the challenge of finding quality time with your kids when you’re a working mom.

My older son is only three, but we’ve already had a few times in his short life where it’s clear he needed more quality time with us — particularly me, it seemed — in a big way. I’m at the point now where it seems like if he’s continuously acting out, and if I can’t blame the three S’s (sugar, sleep, and screen time), then odds are good that it’s time to try more quality time. Sometimes this isn’t a problem — but now it’s the holidays, and there are a million things going on both professionally and personally, so spending the entire weekend building with Legos isn’t exactly what I want to (or can) do.

I often find myself thinking of Anne Marie Slaughter’s 2012 piece in The Atlantic about Why Women Still Can’t Have it All. My own life is nowhere near as crazy as Slaughter’s, of course, but she quit her “dream job” at the State Department when her 14-year-old son, who was acting out, needed more of her attention. (She also has another son, who was 12 at the time.) So I think it speaks to a bigger problem that all working moms suffer from — across all stages of childrearing. (Slaughter speaks about her decision in this short video.)

So how do you do it? How do you manage to give both your kid — and your work — the attention they each need? I’m no expert, but I have a few working theories:

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Everyone Thursday: ‘Duo – Special Edition’ Diaper Bag

Skip Hop 'Duo - Special Edition' Diaper Bag | CorporetteMomsI’ve always seen these Skip Hop diaper bags on strollers, but only in bright colors – I love the limited edition bags in sophisticated prints. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag — and yet it looks totally functional and great. The three limited edition colors (a black, a blue, and a purple print) are $64 each at Nordstrom. Skip Hop ‘Duo – Special Edition’ Diaper Bag

Washable Wednesday: Travel Knit Cap Sleeve Wrap Top

Chadwicks Travel Knit Cap Sleeve Wrap Top | CorporetteMomsChadwicks has a line of travel knits that are machine washable, packable (which I read as “wrinkle resistant”), and very affordable. There are skirts, pants, even knit blazers in the line, but my favorite is this faux wrap top with side ruching — it looks like something I’d wear the heck out of on the weekend or to work, with pants, a pencil skirt, jeans… whatever. It’s on sale from $19-$29, and available in six colors, sizes S-XL. Chadwicks Travel Knit Cap Sleeve Wrap Top