A Brief Note on Affiliate Links

Some of you may wonder how this site is monetized. Obviously, we have ads running on the site. We also have “affiliate relationships” with different companies, which is something a lot of blogs do — it means we get a small commission (generally 2-15%) if you buy something we’ve recommended, or from a store we’ve recommended. We don’t always use affiliate links — blog entries are written by us, then revenue-generating links are inserted after the editorial is final, if they exist. In the spirit of full disclosure, though, we’re going to start disclosing in every post how many affiliate links are contained within that post with a brief notation: “L-3″ if there are three such links, “L-0″ if there are none. Usually it will be extremely obvious because there may only be a few links within a post (for example, a “Washable Wednesday” clothing recommendation), but if it’s more complicated (such as in a “Hunt” feature or a sale round-up) then we’ll disclose, on this page, what is and isn’t an affiliate relationship.  For a good overview of many of our affiliate relationships, please take a look at our Maternity Shopping page — if you’d like to help support the blog, please consider buying through those links.

Note that in addition to links in the content, software (such as Skimlinks) may be running in the background which will convert non-affiliate links to affiliate links, where available.  We have no way of knowing which links will be converted into affiliate links, and in fact they may change from time to time depending on these third party companies’ relationship with different advertisers.  I do get commissions, but I don’t get a specific report of which links are being clicked by readers.  Note that the software affects the entire blog, so a commenter-posted link may be converted to an affiliate link which may result in commission to CorporetteMoms.  Any (L-_) numbers do NOT include Skimlinks.  You may notice that Skimlinks links take a bit longer to load, and the address bar will briefly say something like “http://go2.redirectingat.com/?id=3505X645619&xcust=12782&xs=2&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.neimanmarcus.com%2F&sref=http%3A%2F%2Fcorporette.com%2F” at the top before it goes to site.

If there are any other sort of sponsorship relationships — such as a sponsor-written post or tweet or whatnot — those will be clearly marked as such. Similarly, if we have received any review copies or press samples, we will disclose those as well. Thank you for supporting the blog!