Maternity Monday: Preggie Pop Drops

Luckily, in my first trimester I didn’t get morning sickness too badly — but I was definitely queasy on more mornings than not. Unluckily, I had to commute every morning in very crowded conditions. The smells, the heat, the crowds, the swaying … it’s enough to make me nauseated on a regular, non-pregnant day. I always made sure to have plenty of these Preggie Pop Drops in my bags or in my pockets to pop into my mouth so that there was a flavor in my mouth and something to smell. It could have been a placebo effect, but they helped and took the anxiety out of commuting. One thing to note is that the outside wrapper has the brand name, so to keep things quiet, you may want to take them out and put them in a ziplock before you use them in the office. Three Lollies Preggie Pop Drops

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Currently having my second miscarriage, but the first one required a D&C. I was only 5-6 weeks along. Any idea how long should I expect to be bleeding/cramping? I forgot to ask my doctor, so I’ll take some anecdata to help me plan.


    • I don’t have any relevant experience to share but am sending hugs. When I miscarried I ended up with a D&C.

      I am sorry you are going through this again. Take good care of yourself and allow others to as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve had 2 around that same stage and in both cases the bleeding was very similar to a regular period for me – so about 4 days. Did not need any additional treatment. Hopefully you have a similarly quick recovery. Sorry to hear you’re struggling; if it is consolation after both of my mcs I conceived the second month following.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not quite the same, but when I had an ectopic pregnancy around then I bled for at least a month. Hoping it’s over a lot sooner than you.

      Big hugs. It’s so unfair.

    • I’m so so sorry. I had a miscarriage around 5.5 weeks (that’s when the bleeding started, not the diagnosis) — for me, it only lasted a day and it felt like a very painful period. I hope you take the time to take care of yourself emotionally and physically.

    • Anonymous says:

      Internet hugs to you :( I’m sorry you’re going through this again. My experience was different, in that I bled off/on with semi-large clots for two full weeks, then it stopped pretty abruptly. I had to use misoprostol to spur it on though since mine was ID’ed via ultrasound and then didn’t pass on its own.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a miscarriage at about 6-7 weeks and I bled for almost two weeks. I was pretty weak for a while afterwards. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I found it a really hard experience.

    • Friend says:

      Honestly I think I bled a little bit at least until my next period. So, 3 days of cramps and heavy bleeding, 3 weeks of light bleeding, 2 days of cramps and heavy bleeding, then normal period.

      Not sure if that helps or not.

      hopefully internet hugs help, too. You are not alone. A book that helped me at the time was: “Miscarriage: Women Sharing from the Heart” by Marie Allen

  2. I used these, and think they really do work. Totally worth it.

    Looking for help with a fun gift idea for my nephew (4) and nieces (6 and 8). I want to get them something they can use together, like a yard game or something for outdoor play (which they do a TON of). For example, for Christmas this year, we got them a set of walkie talkies and it totally blew their minds. Looking to continue my status as cool aunt and appreciate any suggestions!

  3. I posted last week asking for the positives of weaning. I thought of another this weekend: RETINOL!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yessssss! I’m still pregnant but already looking forward to getting back on my retinol regimen someday.

  4. My 8.5 month old seems to be stretching out his feeds. I’m back at work and he’s never been a fan of the bottle (I pump 12 ounces each day and he normally finishes this amount) but he’s spacing his feeds when I’m around as well. I try to offer milk before solids but he is pretty distracted when we’re out and about. Anything I should worry about? Is this just a normal transition to weaning?

    • Anonymous says:

      After 6 months my oldest would only nurse in her room with just me. I worked around that. Nursed first thing in the morning, before morning nap, before afternoon nap, before bed, sometimes around midnight as well. Used sippy cup with water and fed solids at other times.

    • For us, yes. I think we were down to 4-5 feeds total per day by 10 months, and dropped down to 4 by one year. We’d have wake-up, about 10:00 AM, after nap, and before bed. Sometimes there was one between after nap and before bed depending on the day, and that one was definitely gone by 1 year.

    • Nursing out and about is tough at this age, because everything! is! so! fun! To echo others, nurse in his room or another quiet secluded location if possible. Daddy and kitty cat are huge distractions so I don’t even allow them nearby.

      We are often at 4 feeds a day on weekdays, but on weekends I offer before AND after nap, so it’s more like 6 feedings. I also pump 12 oz and have since going back to work – he takes 2 6oz bottles (one after each nap) at daycare. This has been consistent, so I’m not concerned. I think the issue is when they are getting significantly less than 24oz a day total and/or significantly less than they used to drink before starting solids.

    • Have I been reading too long when I think “how is Baby Cb already 8 1/2 months old!?”

      Nothing to add, but I really loved 8 months. Such a fun age.

    • Everlong says:

      I know it’s different since you’re nursing but I posted here recently about the lack of interest in bottles for my newly minted 7 month old. He’s barely hitting 20 ounces a day, including all the formula we mix in food. Thanks to encouragement here, I am just going with it and providing three solid meals a day. He’s happier now that we’re giving him enough other food and I’m happier that I’m stressing less. I’m still stressing, but I think it’s OK. I’ll likely call the pediatrician’s office if he has more than a day or two under 20 ounces, but my expectation is that I get reassurance, not told that something is wrong.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Help with maternity clothes! I’m 13 weeks with my first and think I’m at the end of being able to wear my regular jeans. Since summer is coming, should I just buy a Bella band? My office is business casual – any recs on where to shop? Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      bella band worked great for me, i was able to use it to wear some pants until almost the very end!

      I had great luck at ASOS and H&M for maternity clothes. Cute, not the best quality, but since you only need them to last 6 months they don’t need to be. I also liked Seraphine. I found the big “maternity” brands to be not worth it.

    • I ordered and returned a Bella band; I just couldn’t see how it would stay out on me. Maybe this is shape-dependent?
      I really liked old navy maternity clothes, especially their jeans, and supplemented with some stuff from Loft.

    • My office is business casual as well and I ended up with a 5-7 days of maternity clothes – it was a mix of Gap, H&M, and ASOS. I bought a few things and was loaned some others. I could also wear some of my normal dresses until I gave birth. I wanted to burn it in a pile when I was done but it made life easier to have a small wardrobe that I wore to death. I am one and done so wasn’t particularly concerned about things lasting.

      Also, summer rec. Gap maternity shorts. I wore a pair of cutoffs, striped t-shirt, and Converse and felt adorable.

      • Boston Legal Eagle says:

        +1 on Gap shorts. I just bought a pair as I’ll be 5-7 months pregnant over the summer and they seriously feel so comfy and look cute. I wasn’t heavily pregnant over the summer for my first pregnancy so I’m excited to show off the bump this time around! Not looking forward to being extra hot when the temps are already awful outside, but oh well.

        I like my Gap semi-panel maternity jeans for now, and I also got some good full panel jeans from Macys from my last pregnancy. Also casual work dress code.

    • I wore a lot of stuff from Destination/Motherhood Maternity – they have a lot of really cute dresses, though they can be hit or miss. Definitely do NOT pay full price; wait for a sale. H&M and Old Navy were my other two mainstays, though my favorite shorts came from Ann Taylor. (Literally best pair of white shorts I’ve ever owned…)

      If you don’t want to commit to or don’t like the bella band, try just using a hair tie to keep your pants together if they’re a button top like jeans. That got me through to like mid second trimester as I recall, if not longer.

      Side panel is your best friend right now – I found I couldn’t keep up the full panel pants until my third trimester.


    • I had a lot of luck buying tent-shaped Loft dresses one size up from my regular size. They lasted me well into third tri. I just threw a regular-sized blazer or a belt over the top to make it work in my dressy biz casual office. (Unbelted or without a blazer, the dresses usually did look like a tent. I needed a bit of structure to make them flattering.)

      Maybe I just never found the right pair, but I never found a pair of maternity pants that would stay up. Pants with the Bella band also slid down. Dresses ended up being so, so much easier.

    • My favorite brands were Topshop and Loft maternity. Try a lot of different brands – it really seems like the brands that fit you are size and shape dependent! I never found maternity jeans that worked for me, for example, and I tried basically everything.

      The best thing I bought was a pair of knit Isabella Oliver pants that I could easily wear to my business casual workplace. If I could go back in time I would have bought more. They were just an elastic waist (!) but I wore them until giving birth and actually post-partum as well.

    • ElisaR says:

      when I was at 13 weeks with my first, I wasn’t quite in maternity clothes yet (but my regular clothes weren’t working). I bought the old navy rockstar jeggings in a larger than normal size and they were a total home run. I also wore them a lot post partum. . . . .

  6. Mom of Painfully Shy Three year old says:

    I posted Friday about realizing that my DD is extremely shy (which I already knew) and only talks to one of the two teachers at school (which I didn’t know before!) I’m feeling better after a weekend with her fun and funny self – and I have to admit I immediately set up a playdate with one classmate and a kid she DOES talk to for Saturday, which went well! She’s been at that church school for 1.5 years – starts at a 5 day a week pre-k this summer and I couldn’t be more ready since I think we’ll get a lot more feedback and hopefully her new teacher can work with her.

    Other ideas for helping a shy 3.5 year old get out of her shell a little bit? I’m mostly trying to work with her on being polite when people talk to her and not completely shutting down. And trying to encourage her a bit on playdates but not push it. She has fun around other kids so I don’t mind upping her social life a bit, even at the expense of our free time!

    • Glad the playdate went well! In addition to playdates, you can see if either of the preschool teachers babysit on the side. It might help her to be more comfortable with her teachers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there something she’s really passionate about? Horses or dinosaurs or ballet dancers or something? (My daughter is really into Octonauts and ocean animals.) Is there a way she could interact with other kids who love these things? I might consider just posting on a local listserv: Hey my kid is super into ocean animals, but none of her friends are. Any other budding marine biologist (ages 2-4) want to meet up at the aquarium?

      Lots of introverts really come out of their shell around their interests and passions.

      Just, long-term, don’t lock her in to any interests. They are bound to change.

      • I love this idea! Um, she is super into her little brother and Cinderella…

        The teachers mentioned that she wasn’t up on the same TV shows as some of the other kids so we ended up watching one this weekend she hadn’t seen before. I just wish they’d told this to us sooner!

    • If you haven’t already, I highly recommend the book, “Quiet.” I am a natural introvert and someone who is/was naturally shy. The book helped me reframe that there is nothing wrong with being shy or an introvert, despite being pushed by family/upbringing/society to be more outgoing. I was a military brat, so had many many chances to learn how to put myself out there. I can do it well now, to the point that people think I am naturally extroverted. The skills that I learned via repeated exposure served me well, but it has not changed that I still loathe walking up to people I don’t know.

      • Oh that sounds like a great book for me. I was actually painfully shy as a kid – apparently she acts exactly like I did. And I got over it, so I know she will too. It’s just a little painful right now, and I worry about her at school.

    • shortperson says:
    • Tfor22 says:

      If she seems like she wants to observe a lot or is slow to warm up, you may want to check out “The Highly Sensitive Child.” I found it super-helpful for my son (and myself). There is also a yahoo group.

    • When you do a playdate, set up some activities in advance to help them. Also, I mentioned this Friday but a sticker chart was game-changing. Simply talking to my kid about what they should do helped– things like, “Why don’t you participate in Music? You love music!” “well they ask us if we want to and I don’t want to.” “How about the next time, you give it a try? Your teacher thinks you don’t like music class!” “What?! Oh, ok, I’ll try it.” Or “A teacher’s job is to help you. When you don’t ask your teachers for help, they can’t do their job! Can you make sure to ask a teacher when you need help so they can do their job?” “OK!”

  7. I need new nursing bras. What are your go tos? I’ve been wearing my old ones for now and some stretchy ones I ordered on amazon but they are not very flattering and I need to wear real clothes when I go back to work (so no uni boob look).

    • I have both of the hotmilk bras recommended by Wirecutter and love them! The show off does not lie smooth under tops though, so that might not be a good option for work. The forever yours though is just as nice as my old pre-pregnancy go to bra and looks great under everything. Now if I could only figure out how to do strapless bras with nursing/pumping!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is now five years old but I loved my Anita underwires. I’m quite busty (34G not nursing) so YMMV.

    • Legally Brunette says:

      Bravado!! Most comfortable ones ever, I wore them even after I stopped nursing. I don’t know how large they go in size, but they worked great for me (32 DD).

    • Anonymous says:

      Bravado for nursing tanks for the weekends and panache for nursing bras – excellent for small band sizes

    • I wear my Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy ones to work (and I am a 38H currently). I have a few underwire ones (panache and chantelle) and while they were the most comfortable of the non-soft ones, they are not so comfortable that I wear them all day at work unless I have a VERY IMPORTANT meeting or presentation – in 8 months there has been one, and it was actually while I was on leave and I came in to do it.

    • Freya Pure Nursing Bra is great with lots of size range.

  8. AnotherAnon says:

    Do any of you have recommendations for a toy or other activity to satisfy my 13 month old’s interest in pushing buttons? He’s obsessed with our light switches, but of course he can only reach them when I’m holding him. I’d like to get him something that he can push or activate that turns on a light or something similar. Maybe I can dig up our ceiling fan remote.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone taking intermittent FMLA for a sick toddler, like just for a fever or ear infections? Basically it’s April and I’m shot on PTO but kiddo is sick again. Pediatrician said this morning he’d fill out whatever forms we need since she’s been in the office so much. I think it’s basically the nature of the beast, but I’m so over it!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You should do some research on this. No matter what your pediatrician says this may not meet the criteria for leave.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sending hugs. In case it gives you hope, it is possible next year will be so much better. My 5 year old had strep 3x in 8 weeks last winter, and this year he has [crossing fingers, knocking wood, whispering] not missed a single day of school. It’s dumb luck sometimes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if you can’t use FMLA, maybe your employer will let you use Leave Without Pay.

    • Someone I know does this for their kid’s panic attacks/anxiety.

    • Walnut says:

      Haven’t used FMLA for that but I totally feel you. Between fever, snow days and daycare holidays, I’m pretty sure neither my husband nor I worked a full week the entire first quarter. If kiddo has had bunches of ear infections, seriously think about getting tubes. They were extremely effective for my oldest.

    • Meg Murry says:

      I don’t know about fever or ear infections, but I do know a co-worker that was able to take FMLA when her kids got the chicken pox so she didn’t lose all her PTO in one swoop.

      Your child’s ongoing sicknesses may meet the FMLA requirements of “incapacity for more than three days with continuing treatment by a health care provider”. If you go that route though, I’d also ask your doctor if you are reaching the threshold where you should consider ear tubes, and follow up with an ENT on that. I think our ped/ENT criteria was generally more than 5 ear infections in 1 year, but I could be mistaken.

      • Anonymous says:

        +1. FU on tubes. I was against it in theory just because my first hadn’t had them and it seemed so drastic on a little one, but it is seriously life changing. LO is happier and sleeping better and I’m missing less work. So very worth it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks…have done research but not coming up with great definitive answers. I am finding that caring for a child qualifys if it inhibits their regular daily activity (i.e. Attending school/daycare). And obviously I won’t know until I talk to my HR department. But I was just wondering if anyone has used FMLA this way.

    • Anonymous says:

      . The FMLA regulations specifically exclude the following conditions, unless inpatient care or complications develop that would meet the above criteria: cosmetic treatments, common colds, flu, ear aches, upset stomach, minor ulcers, headaches other than migraine, routine dental or orthodontia problems, and periodontal disease.

      • Sounds like they came up with the most common causes of absenteeism and excluded those…

        I am a little surprised flu is excluded. Flu is a very serious illness and often by the time a person is admitted to inpatient they’re very, very ill. And periodontal disease! Recovering from some of my perio surgeries have been harder than recovering from childbirth. Not being able to eat or drink is no joke.

      • Anonymous says:

        what does ” unless […]complications develop that would meet the above criteria” reference – is there something there that could apply even though it’s an ear ache/cold situation?

  11. If winter doesn't end soon, I seriously might lose it. says:

    That is all. Happy Monday.

    • Did you wake up to snow and ice too? it’s ridiculous. I’m so over it.

      • If winter doesn't end soon, I seriously might lose it. says:

        Yes! Yesterday too. It looks like if we (I?) make it through this week, then it will be a little more seasonable (but still colder than average). I just keep trying to work my tail off while it is cold so I can take it easy when it is actually nice. One of the benefits of being in the billable hour world.

        And I have lost all motivation to work out.

    • A friend of mine posted during the blizzard this weekend “This weekend will go down in MN lore as the weekend all the parents with young kids went insane” And I laughed, and cried, because it was so true.

      Kids have a snow day from daycare today, after being stuck in the house all weekend from the snow storm. Luckily my husband took the day off, and I am locked in my office pretending I don’t hear the craziness.

    • Agreed! I had to scrape a decent layer of ice off of my windshield this morning (after doing the same yesterday). My kids are on spring break and stuck inside. They watched Ferdinand for the third time in 24 hours this morning. Luckily, my husband has the week off too, so they/we may all go crazy by the end of the week.

    • avocado says:

      We had snow a week ago; this weekend, I had to turn on the air conditioning. Today I am freezing in my office. And I am flying to a snowy city later this week. I actually like winter, and even I have had enough.

      • Meg Murry says:

        Yes, the only thing worse than the fact that winter will NEVER end here is that we actually had one really nice gorgeous day where temps were over 75°, and now its supposed to snow AGAIN tomorrow, and rain all the time it isn’t snowing for the rest of the week.

        Blah, I am over this weather.

  12. Complete working mom fail this morning. I got transferred in directly to a meeting with my kid screaming on my hip because my husband has either a stomach virus or food poisoning (we both had it yesterday but somehow I’m better and he’s not), and I thought I was transferred to the assistant as I requested and only after a few sentences of harried explanation with my son screaming in my ear did I realize that I was on speakerphone to everyone in the room. Great! That’s great. I am basically completely embarrassed. I muted for a moment when I realized, stuck my son in his room, told my husband to get out when he could, and took the rest of the call outside in the rain and cold and pulled myself together. UGH I AM SO EMBARRASSED! Fortunately it was just my boss (fortunately? unfortunately?), who likes me, and a physician we work with who is supremely nice and also a parent himself, but still. UGH.

    And I still have a headache and queasiness. And it’s only Monday.

    • I am so, so sorry. If it makes you feel better, I’m sure the meeting participants understand the logistical mix-up was not your fault and really appreciate your willingness to continue with the call in spite of the awful situation. There is nothing worse than stomach bugs, and it is a nightmare when both you and hubby both have it. You are amazing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly I like when stuff like this happens to other parents because it makes me feel like I’m not the only one who doesn’t have it all together all the time.

    • Yeah, I definitely don’t have it all together even on good days! Thanks for the kind words, J. I realize on re-reading my post didn’t even make much sense and I left out some words but oh well. Kid got to daycare and I got to work and my husband is hopefully on the mend. And hopefully everyone else will just forget this ever happened.

    • I work from home one day a week and this has definitely happened at least once to me. Also with the power out and the office closed this morning my boss called my cell at 8 am (even with the power on I normally get in around 10am) while I was eating cereal on the floor next to my 8 month old in the exersaucer and she “talked” throughout the entire call.

    • On days like that i am just happy if everyone is where they need to be. Dressed in real clothes with real food is just a bonus. Hope your day and week improve!

  13. First Time Prego says:

    Hi internet friends– I have a couple of burning first-pregnancy questions for you this morning.

    (1) Can anyone recommend a good brand for maternity tights? Right now I’m still in the first trimester so I’m trying to make my normal (very uncomfortable) tights last until I don’t need them later this Spring, but if you have a good rec I might give in and buy a pair. I know I will definitely need maternity tights this Fall, so I don’t mind stocking up now.

    (2) There were discussions lately about hosting holiday festivities soon after a due date and I have a similar question. I am due 4 days after Thanksgiving. Would it be reasonable for me to travel ~ 1 hour away from my hospital for Thanksgiving with my family? I’m thinking it’s fine because many people live 1 hour+ from the closest hospital anyway.

    Thanks as always for the advice!

    • Clementine says:

      1) Spanx maternity tights 4-evah.

      2) Don’t commit. Loosely plan, but don’t commit. Due dates are very fluid- my kiddo was born 8 weeks ahead of his and my BFF had one kid born 3 weeks before and the second born 11 days after. Maybe you’ll be super pregnant and not feel like an hour long car ride. Maybe you’ll have a newborn who wants to nurse 24/7. Maybe you’ll have a happy 2 week old who is perfectly satisfied to ride in the car and meet the fam.

      Parenting is a lot of limbo. You get used to it.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you must plan now (I like a plan too!) id plan to stay home, just you and your spouse. And tell anyone who asks that is the plan, and if it turns out you are up for travel you will let them know.

    • (1) You can cut a notch in the sides of regular tights to get a little more room to get you through this tail end of winter. It works pretty well and doesn’t cause runs, IME.

      (2) I wouldn’t plan to drive an hour away for Thanksgiving for several reasons. It will be uncomfortable to sit in a car for that long. You won’t want to get sick and being with lots of family makes that more possible. You might already have a baby by then. And then there’s the whole labor thing. If you’re feeling up for it that week, then you can make a last minute change for plans. For now, I’d plan to stay close to home for T-day.

    • AwayEmily says:

      Target maternity tights. Lasted me through two pregnancies (!!).

    • ElisaR says:

      i had tights from seraphine – maternity tights are a must, my friend didn’t buy them because she thought she didn’t need them and she wound up passing out which wasn’t as serious as it sounds but she thinks it was because of the fact she was wearing regular tights…..

      you might be ok with thanksgiving…. and you might go into labor at the dinner table. my water broke in front of my whole family at Good Friday dinner (3 weeks before my due date).

    • I refused maternity tights because I couldn’t find ones that were comfortable and just wore pants until it was in the 50s and passable to go without tights. Re Thanksgiving, my rule was not to travel more than an hour away during my last month of pregnancy. Aside from the labor concerns (which were non-existent since I ended up as a scheduled-C), I would not have been comfortable sitting in a car for an hour without moving and it would have been cutting it close on an hour drive without a potty stop because my DD liked to dance on my bladder.

      • I did the same re: tights. However, I am in a casual office and I don’t have to wear tights.

    • avocado says:

      I would make Thanksgiving at home the default plan but keep the option open to show up if you feel like it, if the hosts can live with the uncertainty and won’t pressure you to come. Decide on the day of.

      You may find it easier to drive yourself than to be a passenger at that stage. I couldn’t stand riding in a car my husband was driving at any point during pregnancy, but I was able to tolerate a one-hour commute each way up until the very end, even with hyperemesis, because being in control of the vehicle somehow made it less nauseating.

    • LegalMomma says:

      My second was due the day after Thanksgiving (he ended up being 5 days late). My family came to us for Tday (Mom Dad Sis Bro Sis in Law Bro in Law). They brought the food, Mom came and cleaned the day before everyone arrived. It was clearly understood that my (and my husbands) sole contribution was providing the house, and that we may or may not be there depending on when baby chose to arrive. My sis and sis in law were very put out that he was late rather than early. Caveats: I am very close to my family (which is very laid back), this was baby no. 2, I had already BF in front of everyone who would be there with no 1, I have a large house. Toddler was thrilled with all the attention and it ended up being a nice weekend, baby boy arrived two days after everyone left. This is definitely a know your family and you situation.

    • Walnut says:

      For question 2 – Will this be a fun gathering that you’d enjoy attending? Are you open to have 498 conversations about the impending birth, your pregnancy, etc? Are you mentally open to your water breaking at the table and traveling back to your hospital? If so, go for it! I attended a family gathering a week before I was due because it was going to be lots of fun with people I wanted to see. The drive wasn’t all that comfortable, but literally nothing is comfortable when you’re that pregnant.

    • First Time Prego says:

      Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think I will plan to stay at home but play it by ear for Thanksgiving. Luckily most of my family is very laid back, so I think they’ll be fine with that. I honestly hadn’t even thought about being uncomfortable in the car at that point–I was mostly concerned about potentially going into labor at T-Day dinner– so I’m glad I asked and got your perspectives!

      • You really just never know. At 37w we took our babymoon, which involved a 3 hour drive. I was super uncomfortable, but I survived. I couldn’t eat much of anything, though, so keep that in mind….

    • (2)- Yes, but don’t offer to bring anything they can’t live without. And goes without saying, but make sure the hosts know you’re 4 days from delivery and could flake at any moment! I

      But perhaps you shouldn’t take my advice— I was the MOH in a wedding 3 hours from my home/hospital two days before I was due. It was my second, though, and I was 2 weeks late with my first. My second was induced as well at 41+5.

      If you do travel, bring your hospital “go bag” and a carseat, just in case. Ask your OB for a copy of your documents. If something were to happen and you had to get to a hospital ASAP on T-day, you want to have your vital pregnancy docs with you. Unless you are super high risk, pretty much any hospital can deliver a baby :)

      • This would be my advice, too. I drove 1.5 hrs each way to the beach the day before #2 was due – it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. (In fact, it was much better than sitting at my house, which was not air conditioned on that 95 degree day.) Clearly pregnancies affect everyone differently, so it’s hard to know in advance.

  14. Anon in NYC says:

    Recommendations for a toddler sized table and chairs? Bonus if the table is height adjustable. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I think my kid would like her-size furniture.

    • This might not be what you’re looking for, but we have a Step 2 picnic table. We got it when kiddo was around 14 months and still use it for coloring and stuff at 30 months. I’m hoping to wait another year or so before getting a child size table and chairs so she fits it a little better and we can get a little nicer set just once instead of going through multiples. It is around $40.

    • We really like the $25 kids table-and-2-chairs set from Ikea. My 2 and 5 year olds use it constantly to do puzzles, color, play cars, help make dinner, etc. We actually have two sets – the second one is pulled out when we have friends and family over and need a bigger “kids table” for dinner. A magic eraser cleans most everything off of it. And it’s held up for the past ~4 years to very heavy kid play, although *knock on wood* no one has successfully stood on the table part yet – we catch them mid-climb – so no promises on the tabletop holding kid-weight.

      • Anonymous says:

        +1000 — my kids are 4 and 7 and STILL love this set, because they can move it around by themselves and it’s still a great height for them to play on.

    • Late to this but in case you check back – I just splurged on the mutable on kickstarter and I’m so excited about it.

  15. Toddler Multivitamin with Iron? says:

    Recommendations for a toddler multivitamin with iron? Pediatrician told us to start one. We have been using Zarbee’s so far, but it smells vile and stains everything. I’m not a big fan of artificial colors and flavors but will live with them if it means toddler actually takes his vitamins without a fight…

    • Anonymous says:

      We asked for the prescription drops, which are unflavored and smell faintly of vitamins, because both my kids will take those with no issue, but at best they’d refuse the flavored ones (at worst I wore them)

    • Does Flintstones have a gummy with iron? We do the gummies without after a very long time of doing the drops with iron. Luckily around the time we needed a new solution (read: toddler demanded to do it herself with the sticky, stains everything mess), we were able to switch to non-iron. We do like the Flintstones, and they also serve as a treat after dinner. I don’t think they use any artificial colors. Probably artificial flavors.

      • According to the Flintstones website, if toddler is over 2, then toddler can take 1/2 a regular vitamin with iron. I’m not sure I can find a toddler formula with iron…

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve never found gummies with iron, possibly due to overdose risks (iron is especially dangerous), but we have mostly used the regular Flintstones chewables. I think we had to cut them in half for a while.

        • NewMomAnon says:

          I don’t think most adult gummies have iron either (I spent a very long time looking the last time I went to the store) – I wonder if it’s a problem with gummy vitamins in general?

    • anonanon says:

      Sooo we have to do this too. Our solution has been to put the Zarbees in the cup of milk he drinks in the morning. It’s so gross and sticky and smelly but he doesn’t seem to care when it’s in the milk. (Caveat: Our kid drinks every drop of milk every morning. Wakes up famished.

  16. Anonymous says:

    OP here – thank you all so much. Will check all these out!

  17. Turtle - vacay recs? says:

    Because I’m 6 days out from my due date and it’s horrible and unseasonable weather at home (hey, Marathon Monday in Boston!), I’m doing some day dreaming. DH and I would like to travel somewhere that would be family friendly to our new family of three. We’ll have a 5-6 month old depending on the exact date of travel. Somewhere sunny, with a pool, good food and relaxing. Any ideas? We’d probably like to stay domestic given the new baby but could be convinced to go to a nearby international location. If the suggestion is Florida, it would need to be a good few hours south of Orlando to put some distance between us and family local to the area that would beg for us to visit (and we don’t want to). TIA.

    PS: don’t worry – we’re not booking anything until we get some footing with new baby 2-3 months in. Just looking to do some dreaming!

    • We did a Cancun area all inclusive with our 2 year old earlier this year. I’m not sure I’d pick Cancun right now with the new travel warnings, but I was so amazed at how perfect the all-inclusive model is for families with babies. Families with young babies would get a sunbed with roof and shade early in the day and camp out there for naps, etc. It looked so relaxing. I’d really look into some family friendly all inclusive resorts in the close Caribbean islands, like maybe the Bahamas. Traveling internationally with baby is no problem at all. I would maybe look at going when baby is 6 months. That way you can use sunscreen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oooh I’m daydreaming too! Our baby is 2 months old and has been a dream so far (sleeping through the night and everything!) but travel is still intimidating to me. We’re taking her to a family wedding when she’ll be 4 months old, to my family’s vacation home in New England when she’ll be 6 months old and we’re hoping to go on our first “real” vacation to Grand Cayman when she’ll be 9-10 months old (we live in the Midwest and I NEED to escape winter next year, since I didn’t get to this year because of pregnancy/newborn). I’m eying the Westin on Seven Mile Beach (we’re big SPG people and it looks kid-friendly).

      Speaking of that, any recs for how to get baby passport photos taken? I searched online and the consensus seems to be “buy a white sheet and take them yourself” but I’d much rather pay someone to do it if that’s possible.

      • Clementine says:

        Dude, we used a Passport Photo App in front of a white sheet and I would 100% suggest going that route. It literally took 2 seconds to set up, we just took like 40 pictures until we got a decent one, printed it out and BAM. no issues.

        We also picked a time when kid was in a good mood, etc., so we didn’t have to worry about transport or schedules or mood.

      • We went to Walgreens the first time and they put a white sheet on top of the carseat. The second time DS was about 9 months old, and that was tricky because he had to sit on a stool but wasn’t really old enough to sit by himself so I was hovering underneath ready to catch. The third time I tried using some app, but it didn’t work so I had to pay the passport people to do it. They also put a white sheet on top of the carseat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bermuda – we liked the Fairmont Southhampton

      • NYCer says:

        I love (love!) Bermuda, but just remember that the weather in the fall (5-6 months from now) could be iffy. You may get beautiful beach/pool weather, or you may get beautiful tennis/golf weather (i.e., in the mid 60s), or you may get rain and cold.

    • Don’t fly west. The baby will wake up ungodly early. Flying east works well, as you can sleep in and do late dinners with the baby.

      Try to stay somewhere with a view (AirBnB or room with a patio or balcony) so if you end up with a picky sleeper who wants to sleep in their crib, you can still sit and enjoy a nice drink and enjoy being on vacation. Being in nap jail at 6 PM every night is no fun.

      Consider bringing an extra set of hands (e.g., nanny, grandma, aunt, etc.) so you can get a break too.

      If you’re traveling before 6 months, it’s nice to be somewhere with a nice indoor pool so that you don’t have to worry about sunblock.

      If you’re traveling after 6 months, consider that you could possibly have a kid who wants to crawl and won’t stay on a blanket anymore. I cringed when my 6 mo wanted to crawl around the hotel room carpet or restaurant floors. Ick.

    • Clementine says:

      We took a great trip when kiddo was about that age to the Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale area. Lots of long walks on the boardwalk with the stroller and plenty of time in the pool were key.

      I’d suggest staying at a condo-type place where you have a fridge, a place to hang out while the baby is sleeping (a suite works too), and a nice balcony or patio to enjoy a glass of wine on once baby is asleep. It was a great trip and one I’ll always fondly remember bringing our little monster along on – he was also AMAZING on planes at that age, so there’s that.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What do you do with stained baby clothes? I hate to throw out perfectly usable clothes but I’m not sure if stained things are appropriate to give to Goodwill. (The stains are poo, if it matters.) Done having kids and none of my friends would want stained clothes.

    • mascot says:

      Gently, no one wants stained clothes so I’m not sure they are usable for anyone. I think your options are to toss, them, cut them up and use them for cleaning around the house or find an organization that recycles fabric. Goodwill might do fabric recycling.
      Sometimes it’s ok to throw things out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trash unfortunately. Second hand stores will not resale stained goods.

      • Anonymous says:

        Adding that for things like paint stains my kid’s daycare will take some clothes to use as extra for those times that a kid goes through all their extra outfits. They won’t take anything with a bodily fluid stain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poop stained clothes are not useable. They are trash.

      • I consider them usable because I would use them myself, except for the fact that the baby has outgrown them. They’ve been laundered, it’s just a discoloration, not actual bodily fluid, and the stains are mostly on the inside and not visible when the outfit is worn. But trash it is.

        • NYCer says:

          Do you have a cleaning lady or nanny or any other household help? Mine has been thrilled to take stained and outgrown clothes off my hands. Even if she doesn’t have kids herself, I am sure she has friends who would happily accept the clothes.

    • They’re good for daycare backups or spares in the bottom of the diaper bag. Oxyclean sometimes will take out those stains too.

    • Mama Llama says:

      I use some for cleaning rags or tear them into strips and use them to tie plants to stakes in the garden. The rest I take to our county recycling center where they accept textiles for recycling.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fabric recycling. I can see using them yourself, but no one wants someone else’s poop.

      • Spirograph says:

        This, H&M (at least the one local to me) takes fabric donations. I just have a paper grocery bag that I throw things in when they get too stained. You get a 15% off coupon for H&M for every bag you donate, too.

    • If none of your friends would want stained clothes, you shouldn’t give it to Goodwill. If it’s stained, it’s not “perfectly usable” as a hand me down. There is textile recycling available in a lot of areas if you’d prefer to do that than trash it.

      • I give lots of things to Goodwill that my friends wouldn’t want… clothes that are hopelessly out of style, sweaters that are pilled, etc. Maybe this isn’t an appropriate thing to donate and that’s fine, but “would your friends want it” is not the metric I use for what I can donate to Goodwill.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s the appropriate metric though. If your friends wouldn’t want it then the items are generally not resaleable and it uses up a lot of volunteer and/or staff hours to sort donations.

          • mascot says:

            +1. I’ve worked with an organization that ran a thrift shop as a fundraising arm and I spent countless hours sorting clothes. We took bulk donations of stuff that was too worn/outdated to sell in the shop, but it was always nice when someone had gone ahead and separated those items into a different bag and let us know that’s what they were.

        • avocado says:

          Goodwill says it recycles clothing it can’t resell, so I send everything there. I just don’t claim a tax deduction for items that are not in decent condition.

    • There are places to donate textiles- planet aid is one of them. See if you have something like that near to you before tossing in the trash/recycle.

    • AwayEmily says:

      Interesting to read the range of responses! I would totally accept and use a poop-stained thing from a friend (like the OP said, it’s just a discoloration) but probably wouldn’t buy it from Goodwill.

  19. Mama Llama says:

    Has anybody hired someone to turn old baby/kids clothes into a quilt? If so, can you recommend your person, either on Etsy or in the DC area? Thanks!

    • I’m also interested in this, so if you end up doing it, please report back!

      • Mama Llama says:

        Will do! There are a ton of people on Etsy doing this (search “baby clothes quilt”), with beautiful photos, but it’s kind of overwhelming so I thought I’d try to get a recommendation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Several years ago I used Jessica at HessCollection on Etsy. Not inexpensive, but a dream to work with and great quality – blanket has been washed / dried multiple times with no issues. She uses really nice fleecy backing and it makes a great curl up on the sofa blanket.

  20. Mama Llama says:

    Does being miserably pregnant make it OK to rip audible [email protected] in your private office (but thin walls)? Asking for a friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought having your own office made this ok

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh I totally did this in front of my officemate when pregnant. I had a hard time controlling several bodily functions, this one included, while pregnant.

    • PinkKeyboard says:

      Completely okay. With my second I really couldn’t control it… my husband was delighted to catch 2 farts. The first in 9 years together.

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