Make My Life Easier Thursday: Premier Protein

This may be an odd little tip, but it’s a new hack that I’m so happy to have discovered that I thought I’d share — among folks on Weight Watchers’ people love this high protein drink and add it to everything. I’ve seen people make waffles with it, put in smoothies, and make their own Frappuccino-like drink by getting a shot or two of espresso in a big cup at Starbucks and then adding a full container of Premier Protein. I’m fine with black coffee and don’t make a lot for myself where I add milk (oatmeal, maybe), but I did think to try adding just a splash or two to tea — and it’s my new favorite pick-me-up in the afternoon. Combos I’m a particular fan of: mint chocolate tea or peppermint tea with about 2 Tbsp of chocolate premier protein (low calorie, small protein hit, and it’s like drinking a hot cocoa — go herbal if you don’t want caffeine, black tea if you do) — chai tea with a splash of vanilla — or even a fancier caramel tea with a splash of caramel or vanilla. It’s made my life better and easier in some ways (my 3:00 snack is taken care of!) so I thought I’d share. Readers, do you have any similar hacks to share? You can pick up Premier Protein (or Muscle Milk, which I’ve also heard great things about) at just about any drugstore or grocery store; you can also buy a wider variety of flavors at Amazon.

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