Washable Wednesday: Straight Leg Trousers

NYDJ Stretch Straight Leg TrousersLadies, what are your favorite brands for washable trousers? I always used to like the Gap washable trousers, but online the reviews suggest that they’re really hit or miss of late. These NYDJ stretch trousers are very highly rated, but mostly by older women — but then that is their demographic (NYDJ does stand for “not your daughter’s jeans,” after all). They’re $120, and were available in three colors but are sold out in everything except the black, which I take as a good sign. They’re available in regular sizes 0-14, and petite sizes 00P-18P. NYDJ Stretch Straight Leg Trousers

Feeding Tuesday: GoGo Squeez Applesauce Pouches

applesauce pouchesI’m always amazed at how much those little pouches cost for babies and kids — some of the fancier ones are almost $2 per pouch. I buy these GoGoSqueez pouches in bulk on Amazon, though, and the price comes down to $20.40 for a pack of 48 with Subscribe & Save (or $.42 cents per pouch). When I’ve done the math in the past, they even come out less expensive than the big jar of organic applesauce we get on Fresh Direct.  Hooray! GoGo Squeez appleapple, Applesauce on the Go

Maternity Monday: Slash Neck Skater Dress with Belt

ASOS Maternity Slash Neck Skater Dress with Belt | CorporetteI’ve long admired this simple maternity dress from ASOS — it looks grown up and flattering, but fun and versatile. And the fact that it’s $53.06 doesn’t hurt. The black seems to be sold out right now, but it’s still available in this light blue/orange belt combo, as well as a rust orange/cobalt belt combo. It’s $53.06. ASOS Maternity Slash Neck Skater Dress with Belt

(Actually: it comes in a lot of colors, as well as different sleeve styles, some marked as low as $17.  Nice!)

News Roundup

news update - maternity clothesSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • From The Cornell Chronicle: “‘B’ Maternity Wearables … use conductive silver fibers to sense heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and respiration levels from an expectant mother’s skin.” (Hey, what could possibly go wrong?)
  • Cafe offers an essay by a mom about the “narrative of choice” for working women and how much of a choice working women really have.
  • Working Mother offers tips on time-saving workouts for busy moms.
  • Scary Mommy ponders the use of giant strollers, and The New York Times shows you what your kid is seeing from that stroller, no matter what the size.
  • Flashbak reminds us how our moms and dads were decidedly not helicopter parents…
  • If Facebook is a highlight reel of our lives, then #WomenIRL is the stuff that ends up on the cutting room floor.

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Finally Friday: Penny Boot

Sam Edelman PennyI was intrigued to find these Sam Edelman boots in Zappos best sellers list. Among heavy hitting perennial favorites like Hunters, Uggs, and Sam Edelman’s very popular short Petty boot, these tall, flat boots are new to me. (There’s also a wide calf version!) The lining looks soft and warm, and I believe the Zappos video lady’s words were “squishy bottom,” which sounds good to me (at least in the shoe context). The boots are $150, and available in black and brown, sizes 5-10. Sam Edelman Penny

Psst: It looks like Zappos has limited sizes — note that Nordstrom has sizes 4-13, as well as a darker brown color.

Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding: As a Type A Woman What Did You Choose?

breastfeeding vs formulaHere’s what may be a weird question: as a Type A, goal-oriented, overachieving chick, what was your thought process regarding your decision on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding your child? What was your emotional and intellectual response to the idea of it, and how did you reason through whichever decision you made?

Among friends I’ve seen a wide variety of responses to it, all of which may have been made… stronger, shall we say, based on the Type A-ness of the mom. But I think it’s an interesting question. (I really hope we can talk about this without judgment — for my $.02, there is no “right” answer for whether/how long to breastfeed or formula feed your child.) I’ve seen some moms grit their teeth and approach it with a grim determination. I’ve seen some who really loved the closeness with the baby — and some who were turned off by the feeling of being the Milk Lady. I’ve seen some high-achieving women say, “I’ll give it a go during maternity leave, but my career is too busy to be bothered with pumping and timing all of that.” I saw one interesting Facebook post from a very high achieving mom who noted that she felt she had to stop nursing each of her kids at 15 weeks in order to reclaim some ownership of herself and her body and otherwise get through her postpartum identity crisis. I noticed commenters were talking about “nursing goals” last Tuesday, which is new to me but makes sense to me as a goal-oriented woman.

So: how did YOU approach breastfeeding or formula-feeding? Why did you make the decision you made? Especially for those among you who have pumped for an extended period — how do you think about it?

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