Everyone Thursday: Dancey K Jacket

Theory Dancey K Jacket | CorporetteMomsOoh: Crazy sale on this Theory Dancey K jacket, with an interesting black and white pattern. I like the knit construction, the lining, and the fact that I’d wear this baby while pregnant, postpartum, and beyond. It was $425, but is now marked to $111 (!!!) at Nordstrom Rack. Theory Dancey K Jacket

Update: Deal Alert! The Children’s Place is having a huge clearance sale right now — up to 75% off, which means you’ll find lots of items for $3, $4, $5, $6, etc. Denim is 60% off, and graphic tees are 60% off as well.  No code needed, and free shipping on every order!

The Best Carseats and Strollers

strollers-for-registry 2OK, guys, let’s do this: the registry seriesWhat should new moms register for baby gear and more?  Which are your favorite pieces of baby gear — and have they changed through the months and years with kids?  We’re going to start with just two categories: the carseat and the stroller.  (I was going to do a big post on all of these categories, but after an hour of writing just about strollers and carseats, I thought I’d break it into smaller posts!)  I envision the entire series going through these categories:

  1. Carseat — necessary from coming home from the hospital!
  2. Stroller — how many have you tried? How many do you keep? (E.g., big stroller, umbrella stroller, jogging stroller)
  3. Sleeping gear — crib and bassinet rocker, if necessary
  4. Clothes — swaddles, sleeping clothes, daytime clothes, baby socks
  5. Babywearing carrier — infant and 15-lb.+
  6. Baby toys — swings, seats, and other Big Things to register for (Exersaucers, etc)
  7. Essential books
  8. Diaper bag
  9. Nursing clothes
  10. Breastfeeding pillow
  11. And one final category: The Biggest Flops (stuff you hated).

My own $.02 on the first two categories (stroller and carseats) are below.

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Washable Wednesday: Etsuko Dress

MM.LaFleur Etsuko Dress | CorporetteMomsAs I noted yesterday on Corporette: I was really excited to work with the brand MM.LaFleur, in part because they make a TON of machine-washable workwear — and it’s apparent from the shopping pages, not just the product pages. It baffles me why stores don’t adopt a “machine wash” filter, since I think there is a strong preference for a lot of people one way or the other. In any event: I loved all of the MM.LaFleur dresses I tried on, but I thought this plum Etsuko dress was particularly lovely. The pockets were unobtrusive, the fabric felt polished and luxurious, and I was ultimately really surprised to find that it was machine washable. It’s available in three colors for $195. MM.LaFleur Etsuko Dress

Nursing Tuesday: Nursing Tank

Yummie by Heather Thomson Nursing Tank | CorporetteMomsI’ve been eyeing this nursing tank, and may pull the trigger, even though the end feels like it’s in sight (Harrison is almost 8 months, and the plan was to nurse him for a year). I haven’t been super happy with other nursing/shapewear tanks I’ve tried, but this one seems to be missing the issues those present. One of the other ones I swear gives me plugged ducts every time, and yet another one doesn’t have the straps “anchored” in any way so when I release the clasp to nurse, the strap ends up somewhere down my back, leaving me to do a bit of a crazy dance when I’m done. This one is $68, and available in white and black at Nordstrom. Yummie by Heather Thomson Nursing Tank

Maternity Monday: Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Dress

Liz Lange for Target Maternity Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Dress | CorporetteMomsThis simple tee shirt dress has a lot of positive reviews on the Target website — unlike a lot of their other maternity clothes, interestingly enough. (For a good time, read reviews of this dress.) I like the simplicity of this one, the price, and the fact that it’s apparently versatile enough to dress up not only for work but even for fancier events (a number of reviewers note wearing it for their shower or company holiday party). It’s available in five colors, sizes XS-XXL. (Two other winners, according to reviewers, although they’re both a bit casual for my taste: here and here.) Liz Lange for Target Maternity Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Dress

News Roundup

news roundup - maternity fashionSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The New York Times takes a look at stylish maternity fashion that’s off the beaten path.
  • Moms Into Fitness provides you with a few postpartum core workouts.
  • Fortune looks at a growing trend of companies offering working mothers access to maternity coaches who “advise them on what they can expect before, during and after maternity leave.”
  • Working Mother reports on new research that found the real reasons working moms leave the workforce, while Liberating Working Moms offers working-mother resolutions for the new year.
  • Women can’t have it all? Men can’t have it all either, says the author of this piece in Esquire. Here’s a slideshow of quotes from some of the men interviewed for the article.
  • The New York Times Motherlode blog ponders parent volunteers at schools — who volunteers and who doesn’t (or can’t), and what that means.

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