Teething Tuesday: Teething Necklace

Siliconies Medley Necklace - Silicone Bead NecklaceI bought one of these teething necklaces for Harry, and I thought it was a good purchase — it was easy to grab when I was going out to wear him or to something where I knew I’d be carrying him a lot, and he liked playing with the necklace and chewing on it. I also bought a longer one for when we were actually nursing so he could play with it instead of getting distracted by his brother.  The pictured one is $14.95, and available in purple, turquoise, black, or gray. Siliconies Medley Necklace – Silicone Bead Necklace

Maternity Monday: Cross Front Maternity Nursing Top

Japanese Weekend Maternity Cross Front Nursing Top | CorporetteMomsThis cross-front maternity nursing top is a classic — I think it’s been around in all sorts of colors and prints since my first pregnancy at least. It’s available in a tank top version, as well; both tops are $58-$68 at Nordstrom. Japanese Weekend Maternity Cross Front Nursing Top


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Weekend Open Thread

Lands' End Tunic One Piece Slender Suit | CorporetteMomsI’ve been a devotee of Lands’ End swim suits for a while now — they come up to size DDD, in regular, tall, petite, and plus sizes; they’re made well, they don’t show too much, they’re slimming without being uncomfortable… and you can often find them on sick sales in the “On the Counter” section or with discounts. This deal is pretty solid considering it’s the height of swimsuit season: the suit was $119 and is now $49. Lands’ End Tunic One Piece Slender Suit


News Roundup

news roundup - summer beautySome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The Mom Edit rounds up some of the best summer beauty products.
  • Working Mother has a great list of apps that actually motivate kids to go outside (OK, usually with the iPad in hand, but still…)
  • The Guardian reports on new research that shows many important benefits for kids of working mothers.
  • The New York Times shares survey results that found that many wealthier parents don’t share information with their kids about their salaries or net worth.
  • Alpha Mom answers a reader question about being pregnant when you have a friend who’s having a tough time with infertility issues.
  • Hellobee talks about parenting while dealing with depression.
  • Free-Range Kids readers discuss the strict requirements to volunteer at their kids’ schools.
  • Sunshine and Hurricanes gives you a way to simplify kids’ thank-you notes.

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Finally Friday: Unbelievabra

Shapeez Unbelievabra | CorporetteMomsI don’t know about you, but I hadn’t worn wire-free bras in years until I started nursing my boys. My favorite nursing bra was still an underwire, but after both boys I was left wanting a more comfortable bra for casual days or days around the house, but something that still looked good in case we left for dinner or something like that. As someone on the bustier side, that’s like looking for a unicorn — so I was thrilled when a recent bra-fitting appointment netted me this new find: a super, super comfortable bra. Admittedly, this bra has wires, but the fact that it has a smooth back instead of a hook and eye makes it so much more comfortable, while still supportive (and your back is super smooth, and there’s a bit of shaping power so your tum is a bit more smoothed too) — it’s really amazing. I bought both the full-length version as well as one of the “shorteez” — you have to wiggle into both by pulling them on over your head and it takes a bit of manipulation to get yourself in, but once you are you’re super comfortable. The cami + bra version is $91, available at Amazon or Unbelievabra.comShapeez Unbelievabra


Getting Your Accounts in Order… Before You Go Into Labor

accounts-in-order-for-laborDid you feel the need to get your accounts in order before you gave birth? For example, if you’re the primary money manager in your relationship, did you do anything special before labor to prepare your partner should he or she need to take over the money management? (Sorry for your dark thought for the day! Of course death or incapacitation related to pregnancy is still really rare, but pregnancy is certainly a big deal, healthwise. Although Scientific American did just look into why U.S. maternal mortality rates have doubled, and quoted a CDC official who classified it as “almost certainly not a real increase,” just a result of better data.) I pondered this a lot while I was pregnant, and didn’t see too much else on this topic, so I thought it might be interesting to discuss.

(Pictured: Kate Spade New York ‘Cedar Street – Floral Lacey’ Zip Around Wallet, was $178, now $120 as part of the big Nordstrom Clearance sale.)

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