Everyone Thursday: Tissue Weight Wool Cashmere Wrap

Nordstrom Tissue Weight Wool Cashmere WrapIf you, like me, are always freezing, this light but substantial scarf is a must.  I like the blend of wool and cashmere, as well as the zillion colors it comes in — I haven’t tried to wash the one I got last season, but I plan to throw it in the washer with delicates and airdry it. It was $98, but is now marked to $58 at Nordstrom’s clearance sale.  Nordstrom Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere Wrap

Job and Career Changes After Baby: Did You Make Changes? How?

Career Changes After Baby | CorporetteMomsLadies, have you made career changes after having your baby? If so, how did your career, job, and general standard operating procedures change because of family? Did you effectively plan for the change before meeting your son or daughter, or did you change plans midstream? We talked once about planning your career for babies (back when I was pregnant with Jack!) but not really since, and I’m curious for your take.

Kate recently sent me a snapshot of a local article, quoting a pregnant television producer/host:

DeTar hopes to film Fringe Benefits past the second season and expressed interest in moving into other countries and writing a companion book for the show. With a child on the way, she doesn’t expect her aspirations or goals to change.

“I feel so thankful for the timing of all of it… maybe I’m being really naive, but I don’t see anything changing,” she says. “I… have the most supportive husband in the universe, and I don’t think he would let me not continue with the show.”

This is well-timed with other stuff I’ve been seeing recently — there was a recent article in Forbes about how a lot of women become freelancers, contractors, or entrepreneurs when they become mothers. And there was a great discussion (on this site and Corporette) on how to have a baby when both parents are working in BigLaw. SO, ladies, let’s hear it — how, if at all, has your Plan changed since having kids? Were there particular deciding factors (money, time, etc.), or was it a more general sense of “everything is different now“? For those of you who HAVE adhered to your Plan (since I’m assuming, cynically perhaps, that most of us have switched gears a bit) — how much focus did it take? Were there factors that were must-haves (double nannies, SAHD, etc)?

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Washable Wednesday: Adele Print Matte Jersey Wrap Dress

BCBGMAXAZRIA 'Adele' Print Matte Jersey Wrap DressLabor day sales have already started — over at Corporette I did a mini roundup for Last Call’s excellent sale (look at these cute little kneepads for crawling babies!), and will be doing one later this morning for the Nordstrom clearance sale, which just started this morning. For Washable Wednesday I’m liking this wrap dress from BCBG MaxAzria. This is one of those dresses that has been a hit for the company, and it returns every season in new colors and prints. I think it could work for pumping, or even work as a nursing dress with a nursing camisole beneath it. It was $198, but is now marked to $118 at Nordstrom. BCBGMAXAZRIA ‘Adele’ Print Matte Jersey Wrap Dress


Nursing Tuesday: Crossover Nursing Top

Gap Crossover Nursing Top | CorporetteMomsYes, yes: the top looks super low cut. I stayed away from a lot of these tops when I was nursing because, heLLO, my bust was way too ample for this kind of top. But I think they design these things with the intention that you are wearing/living in a nursing camisole, and after I got on that train it really opened up the possibilities. As I’ve mentioned before: nursing tops aren’t going to be that helpful for you at work. But they’re great for maternity leave, or when the baby is older and you need to take him or her to the doctor, to a playdate, or if you’re traveling by plane — because easy access is the name of the game. Gap has this pretty, soft top in five colors, sizes XS-XL, for $29.95 full price. Gap Crossover Nursing Top


Maternity Monday: London Ponte Knit Colorblock Dress

Eva Alexander London Ponte Knit Colorblock Maternity Dress | CorporetteWhat a great maternity dress for work and beyond. It covers the bump, has a flattering but high neckline (in case you’re uncomfortable with the size of your bust while pregnant, like I was), and has sleeves. I would even wear this kind of thing to events and the like — add a sparkly statement necklace, some metallic accessories (silver clutch/shoes), and away you go. The dress is $168 at Nordstrom, available in three colors and sizes 2-12. Eva Alexander London Ponte Knit Colorblock Maternity Dress

Building a maternity wardrobe for work? Check out our page with more suggestions along both classic and trendy/seasonal lines.




News Roundup

news roundup - maternity dressSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The Mom Edit extols the benefits of a good maternity dress.
  • In The Stranger, a working mother shares some amazing facts about breastmilk that you might not know — and says that we should support new mothers more (paid leave, etc.) so that more of them can breastfeed their babies.
  • Working Mother tells you how to beat impostor syndrome.
  • The New York Times shares an opinion piece in which the writer says that, instead of the “perks” that more employers are giving working mothers, such as free shipping of your breastmilk to your home during business trips, we need to change our idea of what business leadership looks like.
  • Ms. JD gives you tips for parenting during law school.
  • The Washington Post looks at a study about the negative effect of the first year of parenthood on parents’ happiness, partly due to “trouble breast-feeding, sleep deprivation, depression, domestic isolation and relationship breakdown.”
  • Scary Mommy shows us an excellent way to make school fundraising much more tolerable.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, Reductress shares some tips on healthy snacks for your kids… to distract them from the cake you’re going to devour…

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