News Roundup

news roundup - pairing blush with lipstickSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The Mom Edit has tips on pairing blush with your lipstick color.
  • Fashionista reports that Tommy Hilfiger will be offering adaptive clothing for children with disabilities.
  • Breadwinning Mama writes about the typical weekend of a working mom.
  • Talk to your own doctor, of course, but The New York Times’ Well blog looks at a new study suggesting that it may be just fine to try to get pregnant again right away after a miscarriage.
  • American Lawyer talks about new research about the perception of gender roles — are people becoming less judgmental?
  • At Maria Shriver’s site, Maryann Makekau reflects on preparing children to be advocates and caregivers when they grow up.
  • The Kitchn brings you handy slow cooker recipes for “extra-long workdays.”

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