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News update - wine holderSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • So, you may have seen those sippy-cup wine glasses, or the ones labeled “Mommy Juice.” Well, Hello Ladies introduces you to the latest mom-friendly wine accessory, which gives you a place to enjoy your wine in the shower.
  • Kat’s had gray hairs since she was 26, but they seem to be multiplying every time her toddler learns a new death-defying trick… Lucky tells us 6 ways to cover up grays fast, at least at the roots.
  • Our hair has a tendency to change after pregnancy (with some changes welcome, others not so much!); Alpha Mom answers a reader question about the aftermath of getting highlights.
  • Long-but-good read: in the Atlantic, Stephen Marche writes about work-life balance and poses this question, among others: “Where is the chorus of men asking for paternity leave?” What do you think of Marche’s essay?
  • Cribsters features a post from a mother who works full time but don’t suffer from “working mom guilt.”
  • Hmm, maybe she has one of the jobs on this list — Glassdoor’s 20 best jobs for work/life balance, via the Muse.
  • Working Moms Against Guilt gives some advice on getting back to a workout routine after having a baby.
  • Could you eat well for $4 a day? This free cookbook (PDF download) shows you how, via Lifehacker. Other good recipe sources: the $5 Dinners blog and the Food Network’s Ten Dollar Dinners. Any other thrifty recipe sites (or cookbooks) you know of?

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  1. My 4 month old, who has slept through the night like a dream since she was 6 weeks old, has started waking up multiple times a night because she is rolling over and getting stuck on her tummy, which she hates. We are going in once she starts *really* crying, flipping her over, giving her a pacifier, soothing a bit, and then leaving. A quick google search turned up some sleep positioning devices but also warnings that they can lead to suffocation, so those are out. Is there anything else we can be doing to help her sleep? Or alternatively, any advice on making it through a tough week of depositions while totally sleep deprived?

    • Spirograph says:

      Sorry, you really just have to wait it out. Soon, she’ll learn to roll front to back and you’ll be good until the next development milestone.

      No advice specific to depositions, but commiseration and lots of coffee (if you pump, I would make a note of which bottles have the caffine milk and make sure you don’t give them close ot bedtime. Better safe than more sleep-deprived). A good breakfast and lots of water throughout the day always makes me feel more awake, too. When my little one went through sleep regressions, DH and I alternated the night shift based on who had more going on at work the next day. I spent a couple nights out of earshot in the guest room when I really needed sleep, but even if I woke up, not being the one who actually got out of bed made me feel a little more rested.

    • mascot says:

      During the day, can you encourage (or have caregiver encourage) tummy time, side time, and working with her on rolling. You may not be able to really speed up the next milestone, but perhaps it will help her tolerate it a little better.

      • hoola hoopa says:


        Agree with ANP that your babe’s right on time for “the 4 month wakeful”. Frequent wakings are unfortunately very common around milestone developments. It sounds like you’re doing everything right, so just wait it out. Sometimes they right back into their former sleep habits, and sometimes they need some encouragement. GL!

  2. Chiming in (late) to say that 4 months is a common time for babies to experience what they call a sleep regression — due to a developmental milestone, they may find it harder to snooze. I have no advice except commiseration! I also like what mascot says: have her work on tummy/side time during the day so it’s less foreign. Good luck mama!