Budget Thursday: Hestley Loafer

If we’d had an Accessory Tuesday this week, I would have posted this Paul Green loafer (even though I’m not normally a loafer girl). These $40 loafers from Indigo Rd. are much more affordable and come recommended from a reader, who said they’re a great option for wearing with ankle pants and so on. She said they’re “Super comfy right out of the box and a great fit for someone who has problems with their heels slipping out of shoes. They also do a good job of straddling the line between menswear inspired and still feminine.” The shoes are available at DSW in black in sizes 6-11. Hestley Loafer

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  1. avocado says:
  2. Coffee says:

    I ordered real coffee today. It’s the first time I’m having caffeine in over three years. What broke my streak you ask? Pregnancy? No. A newborn? No. Complex litigation with never-ending deadlines and a schedule that isn’t my own? No. Last minute court and administrative filings? No. Getting ready for vacation? Yes. GETTING. READY. FOR. VACATION. Better be awesome ;)

    • Woohoo! Are you going somewhere fun? Somehow pregnancy and breastfeeding managed to break my raging caffeine addiction. I’m down to 2 cups a day of tea versus….a shocking amount.

      • Coffee says:

        Yes, Mexico! I have a cup or two of decaf each day, because I do love the taste. Which I realize does actually have a small amount of caffeine. And chocolate. But if you count those two things, we probably aren’t meant to be friends, anyway.

        Great work!!! I know exactly what you mean. Early in pregnancy, coffee made me want to vomit. And when breastfeeding I was terrified that even the smallest amount would keep my baby up all night.

      • anne-on says:

        Enjoy your break!
        Hyperemsis broke my rather insane coffee habit. I’m down to one cup a day now, or one medium coffee if I’m outside the house versus…4 cups or so? before. Literally one of the first things a coworker who had the desk next to me said when I told him I was pregnant was ‘but you love coffee so much!’.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear you. I’ve broken down and started taking a day off the week before we leave for major trips, just so I can pack everything with no one else in the house.

      • Coffee says:

        Great idea. Sadly we’ve had some colds and influenza go through our house in the last couple weeks, so it’s been all hands on deck.

        I could also try being a little less Type A about packing for vacation, but what’s the fun in that?!

        • anne-on says:

          Nope, I am ALL about being type A when traveling with kids. Inevitably when I don’t pack something random for them (shorts in the winter/fall, heavy sleep clothes/medication they rarely need) that’s when they need it and one of us needs to find and trek to the nearest store. Kids don’t ‘just roll’ with things like adults do (or at least mine doesn’t) and them being too cold/too hot/wet/sick isn’t worth dealing with.

      • I started trying to do this on the return, or – more realistically – just come back early in the day. I feel like it makes my vacation feel more like a vacation if I have a day between coming back and going back to work, etc., to deal with unpacking, sorting mail, etc.

    • Having a kid put a major damper on my love for travel. Preparing for a 4-day trip, on which the kid wasn’t even going with us, was a nightmare. I’m still on the fence on whether the trip was worth it.

    • Boston Legal Eagle says:

      Made me think of this, that someone posted here a while ago: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/m-blazoned/vacation-or-trip-a-helpful-guide-for-parents_b_7789310.html

      Hopefully you’re going on a real vacation!

    • Now I want to know how you did all of those things without coffee! Enjoy your vacation! And your coffee.

      • Coffee says:

        Ha, thanks :) Giving it up is hard. Once you’ve done that, it’s really not any different. It’s all about what your body is used to.

  3. I am looking for a home cleaning service in DC – how much should I expect to pay for a 3 bed/3bath? Any recs?

  4. UGH – I’m 8 weeks pregnant with twins and have been super nauseous all day every day for the last 2+ weeks. My RE called in a prescription for Diclegis on Monday, and my insurance company still has not approved it because they are requiring more info from the dr before deciding whether to approve it. But if I want, I’m welcome to pay the full price of $500+. I’ve been taking the bootleg B6 and Unisom version for awhile and ginger candies, jolly ranchers, frequent snacks, etc, but nothing is helping much. I’m just so tired of feeling miserable. This is my second pregnancy and my first was nothing like this. On the upside, I guess, is no vomiting (yet). Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Marilla says:

      Ugh that is super ridiculous. I’ve been on generic Diclegis since about 9 weeks and I do feel it makes a difference (wasn’t on it last time around). Warning, the full evening dose makes you SUPER sleepy the next day. I had to cut back to half a nighttime dose and no daytime top-ups in order to be awake enough to work/watch my toddler.

      Hoping it comes through for you soon!

      • Carine says:

        Same – I don’t remember mg but I was prescribed two at night and two more throughout the day but I couldn’t function if I took more than the one at night. I took the full nighttime dose if I was in an especially pukey spell but for the most part the lesser amount worked without turning me into a zombie.

    • twins too says:

      I spent the money on diclegis (my insurance never covered it), and considered it the best money I ever spent. I was sick all day every day with my twins until 18 weeks.

      • Oh no, I may have 10 more weeks of this?!? My RE did say that “twins are their own animal.” Oof. I’m glad to hear that Diclegis worked for you though. My RE also said that it only works for about half of her patients.

        • shortperson says:

          probably not what you want to hear but my friend who had twins was sick through her 8th month.

        • twins too says:

          Everyone is different, but twins are definitely their own animal and “morning” sickness is often worse. I was so bad and diclegis made it soooo much better. My pharmacist would always say she was sorry about the cost, and after the first time I would tell her it was worth it’s weight in gold (and cost that much!).

          Can I at least tell you my delivery was a total breeze and twins are AWESOME (tiring, but the bond is a magical thing to witness).

          Hope you feel better soon :)

    • Ugh, my fullest sympathies. I just hit 15 weeks with a singleton today. I had the all day, every day nausea from about week 6 to week 13ish. Only threw up in the mornings on an empty stomach (food didn’t help and only made it worse because mine was more of a gag reflex due to post nasal drip–isn’t pregnancy lovely?!). All day nausea ended, but I still ended up throwing up in the mornings a few times during week 14 and again this morning. I just had to keep telling myself that this will end…eventually. Hugs until then and hopefully the Diclegis comes through for you!

    • anne-on says:

      I spent the money back in the day on Zofran out of pocket and it was worth it. I think if you do pay out of pocket you can still submit your receipt for reimbursement once it is approved?

      • I’m not sure, but there is a deal on Diclegis’ website for $1 per pill through an online pharmacy, so I may end up going that route. I never expected it to be this big of an issue for what seems to be a pretty common med.

    • I am sorry (but congrats on the pregnancy!). My insurance company also had a lot of issues covering the diclegsis, although they covered it initially and then I had issues when my planned changed getting it reapproved. I worked with my pharmacist to see exactly why it was being denied, and then talked to the dr’s office to try to make sure they knew what magic words they had to say exactly. Talking to the insurance company was awful, so unhelpful and mean. I do remember that one thing my insurance wanted was to know I had tried B6/unisom on my own and it didn’t work before they would consider approving it, so good that you can say you already tried it.

      In the mean time, ask your dr’s office for samples of diclegis to get you through.

    • the same thing happened to me with my insurance and i’m also pregnant with twins! i was super nauseous and vomiting, though I do not have another child to take care of at home. i did have a sample from a doctor that I used, but honestly it did not do much more than the B6 + Unisom. it was however much easier to swallow since it is a teeny pill and is only one pill vs. two, which really is much better when you can’t stop puking! i really didn’t want to take zofran, but finally caved and have probably taken it like 7 times so far because im still wary about taking meds. my insurance company was willing to cover that

  5. Bean74 says:

    My husband and I are taking our 14-month old to San Francisco for the last week of March. Staying near Fisherman’s Wharf. Does anyone have any recommendations for toddler-friendly restaurants? What would you consider must-dos? How easy is it to get around by car?



  6. (former) 3L mama says:

    Just a vent. I am a biglaw junior corporate associate, the mother of a toddler, and 20 weeks pregnant, and I am SO tired.

    The opposing junior associate just told me he doesn’t have the signature packet + escrow agreement exhibits + other crap he was supposed to do for the deal we’re supposed to sign tomorrow because he was out too late drinking last night and is “so hungover” this morning, can we please reschedule the call? UGH NO.

    I know this is what I signed up for etc. etc. but gosh darn it I could use a nap.

  7. AnonMom says:

    I was laid off from my job (small law firm). I am currently seeking new opportunities.

    Does my LinkedIn profile have to match my resume? Or should I just list the job, title, and years?

    Do I list interests on my resume? I have 2 years of work experience so I am inclined not to list any hobbies. Also, do attorneys put a summary on top on their resume? Thanks!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I built my LinkedIn profile from my resume so they basically match. I do not list interests or have a summary on my resume. My LinkedIn has a summary statement that basically says the I ma an attorney in xyz specialty. Try some of the legal recruiter websites or law school career services websites for samples of resumes.
      I’m sorry this happened. Good luck in finding something new quickly.

    • I don’t have an answer to your specific questions. I would, however, comment that your law school’s career services office should help alumni in addition to current students and new grads. If you wish, you can probably work with them to get answers to your questions and have them review your resume, Linked In, etc. In most cases, they’re also pretty connected and know about unadvertised positions.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Check out the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito. Perfect for that age and can be combined with ferry ride (but will require cab/uber within Sausalito) or drive across the golden Gate Bridge if you will have a car. Also check out Ferry Building for a variety of eating options mostly casual and thus kid friendly. Bonus if you go when they have farmers market (Thursday and Sat?)

  9. The last time that my oldest had a fever, he had a febrile seizure and we landed in the ER. I was also 37 weeks pregnant at the time with my youngest. My mom texted that the oldest has a fever. It’s reasonable, the internet says he’s fine and she reports his mood and behavior is great. I have an intense fear of fever after the whole seizure incident. Talk me off the ledge. How do you all handle this Sick Kid thing without just curling in a ball and hiding with fear?

    • NewMomAnon says:

      Aww, hugs. How old is oldest, and how old when he had the seizure? Kiddo had terrible asthma as a toddler and every cold sent waves of fear through me. Now that she’s grown out of the worst of it, and I know how to manage the asthma so it doesn’t get so bad, and she can talk and advocate for herself a bit….it’s not so bad.

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