Father’s Day Gifts

fathers-day-giftsIt’s almost time for Father’s Day, ladies — what are you getting for your guys? Some of the things I’ve gotten my husband in the past:

silver footprints keychain

Keychain with baby’s footprints. I worked with Etsy seller Surfing Silver to get keychains for my husband after both of our boys were born — using just the scanned image we had of the footprints from the hospital. Their initials and birthdates are on the other side. The keychains came out wonderfully (really, great; no complaints), and my husband seemed really happy with them. You can also get pendants, guitar picks, and more — and the seller can turn drawings, handwriting, and more into keepsakes.

fathers day massage shirt

Massage shirt for dad — great bonding for Dad and son child! The shirt is $22, available from Etsy seller bkykid. She also has some matching shirts for your little guy one.



These barely even count as presents because I enjoy these things too, but: if your husband happens to be a sci-fi geek like mine is, there are so many cute things you can get. (I am still (kinda) kicking myself for not buying the Toaster onesie that Glarkware used to sell — back when we started dating I actually considered it! Cart, horse, etc.) Pictured above: Star Trek onesie from ThinkGeek; Star Wars shirt from Busted Tees; Battlestar Gallactica shirt from Amazon.

What are some favorite Fathers’ Day gifts from years past? Do you draw a big divide between what you get your husband personally, versus what your kids “get” him? Do you recognize grandparents on the day (as grandparents, or just as parents)? 


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  1. Philanthropy Girl says:

    I found matching Daddy/Son shirt & onesie on Amazon. They’ll look great in their matching Daddysaurus/Babysaurus gear! There was a really nice selection of a variety of matching shirts.

  2. This is very particular to DH, but I got him a spiralizer (because he wants one and we’re finally coming out of the baby fog enough to think about eating healthy) and Jim Gaffigan tickets for a date night. He also asked for an updated photo of DS for his desk at work, so I’m printing out 4-5 options at CVS for him to choose from.

    (If he reads this, he will know exactly who posted it, but that’s what he gets for reading a working mom blog!)

  3. Lorelai Gilmore says:

    I’d like to get my husband a nice bottle of scotch (any recommendations?). Is there anything else a little “luxurious” that someone could recommend? I’ve done experience gifts before but to be honest we are both so busy that for right now, I’m looking for things that are immediately usable and enjoyable without any work on his part (so no tickets, no books, nothing that requires energy.)

    • (Was) due in june says:

      My DH is serious about his whiskey and is particularly into Japanese whiskey these days. Off the top of my head, Hibiki 21 and 17, and Yamazaki 18, all from Suntory, are his current favorites. Also, Yoichi 15. He also loves the McCallan 21. Check out the website for Beltramo’s liquors in CA. They know what they’re doing there.

      • (Was) due in june says:

        blog[dot]beltramos[dot]com/spirits/the-japanese-12s-whisky/ to give you a sense of the Japanese whiskey scene.

    • EB0220 says:

      We like Macallan 18+. Not a fan of Johnny Walker Blue. But depends on your price range!

      • EB0220 says:

        Not scotch but Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is also yummy. Now I’m thirsty.

    • Spirograph says:

      My husband is also a scotch drinker. I got him a custom engraved scotch glass that says “Daddy’s scotch” and another phrase that always accompanies my son’s observations of the scotch. I’ll probably swing by the liquor store to get a bottle of scotch to go with it. And new framed pictures of both kids for his desk.

  4. I want to point out that the massage shirt is not just for “Dad and son.” A daughter can also play with toy cars with her dad. The matching shirts are not just for your “little guy” but also for your little girl. A little surprised to see this kind of gender stereotyping here.

  5. EP-er says:

    My husband isn’t a cutsy kind of guy. The keychain or matching shirts wouldn’t be a hit for him. I have been fond of a nice bottle of alcohol in years past. This year I went for the fancy shaving cream/lotion — Castle Forbes Lime — since he was running low on supplies.

  6. I ordered my husband a wifi enabled digital photo frame this year so that all the photos he takes of our kiddo will automatically show up on the frame on his desk!

  7. quailison says:

    First father’s day – I’m getting him the Baby Signs book (he paged through it at a friend’s house and thought it was cool) and a framed picture of us and the kiddo to put on his desk when he goes back to work.

    • That’s a great idea! Are you getting the grown up book or the kid/board book? We may need both!

      • quailison says:

        I just got the grown-up book, but you are right that the board book would be super useful too. Might add that! Thanks!

  8. rakma says:

    DH bought me a nice bottle of scotch for Mother’s Day…he doesn’t partake, so I can’t repay the favor. (Lagavulin 16 if you’re looking for single malt recommendations)

    I’ll probably get him a cutesy ‘World’s Best Dad’ coffee mug to replace the one from last year that got chipped, and maybe some nice coffee beans to go with it. He’ll be happier with the card I’ll have DD scribble in than anything else. He’s impossible to shop for, and said he didn’t want a father’s day gift, so I’m almost listening…

  9. I’m definitely not using Father’s Day as an excuse to buy a nice hammock so my pregnant tush can hang out in it all summer… Nope… That would be wayyyy too selfish of me….

    • quailison says:

      I got a hammock as my big graduation gift from my parents. It’s amazing even not pregnant. Great idea. I’m sure he’ll love it!

  10. KateMiddletown says:

    Dozen gourmet donuts and a handful of handmade cards and gifts from the kiddo.