Family Friday: Fashion Tape

I have one or two tops in my closet that I would not be able to wear were it not for this Fashion Tape. One shirt has a bow that just doesn’t lay right, and the other is a crisp white button-down where the buttons gape a little. I can keep these shirts in my rotation if I use this tape on the back of the bow or in between buttons. I also recently realized that I can use this on my bra to tape it to a low-cut shirt so that my bra isn’t constantly peeking out the top. To make the strips last longer, I usually cut them in half to only use what I need. I’ve even washed shirts with the tape stuck to them and it doesn’t leave any residue. Fashion Tape is $7.60 for 36 strips at Amazon. Hollywood Fashion Tape

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  1. AwayEmily says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who has posted their experience with toddlers/constipation/Miralax. My 2YO has been pee-trained for two months but poop has gotten more and more difficult. She’s now withholding for 2-3 days and then when she does poop it’s a big production. I’m going to call the pediatrician today and ask about options. It’s definitely not a diet thing (before potty training she was pooping twice a day and her diet hasn’t changed) and I want to intervene before things get worse — right now she’s not actively afraid of pooping on the potty but I’m worried that will change if she keeps withholding and it starts to get painful. Anyway, thanks to everyone (especially CPA Lady) who’s posted about this in the past; it’s made me be much more proactive.

    • CPA Lady says:

      Laughing out loud in my office right now– glad that I could be the constipation evangelist. Good luck with your kiddo. The struggle is real.

    • Anon in NYC says:

      I must have missed your post. A few months ago my kid started withholding and went about 10 days without pooping. She clearly had to go and was trying to prevent it from coming out (even in a diaper), which was making everything worse. We now have her on a daily dose of miralax and she will only poop in a diaper (she asks for one). Our ped told us that the fact that she can recognize that she needs to go and will ask for a diaper is toilet trained in the real sense of the word. Of course, it’s not ideal, and the goal is to eventually get her back onto the toilet, but she’s very resistant to the idea right now and we’re not pushing it. Our ped said that this was developmentally normal, and some kids will do this until about 4 or so. Fingers crossed that that will not happen!

      One thing that did help was a prune smoothie. I had been trying to give my kid prune juice and whole prunes but she couldn’t drink/eat enough of them to make a difference. We got her a smoothie and put like 10 prunes in it (in addition to other things) and it was almost instantaneous. So, you might want to give that a try!

      • Mine did this until she was about 4 and a half. Eventually, we were able to convince her to cut a hole in the diaper, and once she realized that it didn’t hurt when the poop fell into the toilet, that got her over the hump, but it took a long time to convince her to do that.

        • Anon in NYC says:

          Good to know! Thanks! I’m also hoping that there will be some realization that her peers are doing this and it will put the idea in her head that that’s what she should do.

          • That totally didn’t work for us. Her teacher promised her a party when she was fully toilet trained, since she was the last one in her class. I guess I should be thankful that peer pressure doesn’t get to her? I was worried that she wasn’t going to be able to go to kindergarten, but she figured out some way to only poop at home. (Now she has no problem pooping at preschool).

    • Anonymous says:

      This won’t solve the problem but anything that helps even a little might be worth it. We clearly told our kid that prunes will help him poop. He loves them anyway but now (age 3) will ask for one if he needs to poop but thinks he’ll have trouble. Obviously they don’t work instantaneously like that, but it gives him the confidence to try and helps later in the day too.

      • NewMomAnon says:

        I did the same with my kiddo – we have talked about things that will help her poop (water, pears, prunes, avoiding milk) and now she will proactively reject milk or ask for water or prunes if her tummy is sad. It feels like a weird thing to discuss, but I hope it will help her be mindful of her own body in a way that I wasn’t until adulthood.

    • D. Meagle says:

      Recently went through this with my 3.5 yo. He would withhold to the point it was painful. During that time, we gave him miralax and fiber gummies, but once it became less painful, less scary and more regular, we cut out the miralax but continue with the fiber gummies every morning, which he loves and asks for daily. Two is the equivalent of four prunes, so just be careful – if we let him shake them out from the container himself, he will eat a handful :)

  2. KateMiddletown says:

    I just want it to not be 95 feels like 105 so I wear sweatpants for the rest of my pregnancy. I’m so done with showing my legs. *veins*

    • Anonymous says:

      loose linen pants?

    • Anonymous says:

      Major sympathy. I live in DC and had a late August baby a couple years ago. It was the worst summer ever.

    • This is a possibly ridiculous suggest but my kids have some harem-type pants from Thailand that they wear any time they have a fever. So maybe you could wear those for the rest of your pregnancy! I live in NC and had a late July baby and it was the worst. About 100x harder than having a winter baby.

    • Not your question, but if you are dealing with vericose veins I highly recommend compression tights regardless of how annoying they are to wear in the height of summer (I did too)

      • KateMiddletown says:

        Ugh yep. I’m on the compression tights train now, but they are so hard to get on!

    • Maxi dresses and skirts!

  3. ElisaR says:

    For years I have used these “t*tty tape” strips for my Brooks Brothers button down shirts that gap right where you don’t want them to gap. They fit in between the buttons perfectly.

  4. Recs for a 5 yo? says:

    Best backpack for kindergarten? Kiddo is small but he will be going full day (packing a lunch) plus after care so need good capacity, plus side pocket that can fit a Camelbak Eddy Kids water cup.

    Also, good iPad app for said 5 yo? He is interested in reading but can’t really read more than a few words yet.

    • I just did a long search and settled on the LL Bean ones. Good price and high quality. I was looking late spring so imagine there will be even more choices as we get to back to school season

    • We started K with the LLBean Jr Original and quickly realized it was too small. We bought the LL Bean Original and it seems huge on her, but it’s what we need to fit lunchbox, water bottle, various papers, library books and change of clothes.

      My kids both like Starfall. It’s what they use to teach letter sounds in our school district.

    • Meg Murry says:

      We made it through the entire year of K with an LL Bean backpack that shows almost no wear other than some scuffs. I think it was the original size, but it might have been the junior.

      My oldest likes the Lands End backpacks better, but he’s super hard on them, so they usually last one full year, and then he tends to break them about 1-2 months into the next school year.

      If you get a lunch box that has a clip/clasp, you can clip it to the top handle of the backpack when the backpack is otherwise too full to hold it – that makes a big difference in how much stuff you can put in the backpack. Plus my kids always have to put away their lunch boxes first thing, so it’s easier for them to remember if it’s on the outside of the backpack instead of inside. The Camelbak Eddy also has a loop on it so you could clip it to the outside of the backpack with a carabiner if you don’t find one with a pocket (or if the pocket rips early on – they are usually the first thing to wear out in my experience).

      If you pick one and it isn’t working out, Lands End almost always has a super cheap clearance sale on whatever backpacks and lunch boxes are left in December – its usually still a pretty good selection if you aren’t picky about only certain colors or making sure to get the lunch box and backpack that are a matched set.

    • We like the LLBean back packs. My daughter used the junior last year for Pre-K and was able to stuff her folder, lunch box and a sweater in it easily. We may move up a size for K because it did get tight when we needed to stuff her snow pants in as well.

    • Pottery barn kids, small size.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the recs! Sounds like LLBean is the way to go but I will check out Pottery Barn too for comparison.

  5. For those of you who have been very pregnant during the worst part of winter (Jan and Feb), did you buy a maternity parka? Make-do with your regular parka and leave it unzipped? I’m in NYC, so do a fair bit of walking outdoors.

    I realize this question is a bit premature since it is currently the middle of the summer…. Just planning ahead since you can sometimes find a bigger selection of coats at off times of the year. Thanks!

    • ginger hb says:

      I splurged on a seraphine maternity coat and it was so worth it. I forget what it was called but it was a wool wrap style with a belt. I first tried an old navy one but it had minimal warmth in the lining. I’ve lent the coat to several friends and it’s held up beautifully so if you find one second hand I expect it would still look nice.

    • Boston Legal Eagle says:

      I had my first in April so not in the worst of winter but still was heavily pregnant in Jan- March. I bought a size or two up from my regular size in a cheap-ish GAP puffy coat and went with that, along with scarves and gloves as needed. I’ve worn this jacket since, it’s just a little big but not too bad. I’m not sure how much maternity coats run for but I didn’t want to spend that much on something I would get limited use of. I also ran hot late in my pregnancy (which makes this one super fun in this heat wave!) so never felt too cold.

    • I made do with an existing coat but if you’d like to splurge, the Seraphine 3 in one looks very cool. I ended up buying a babywearing coat but it is pretty goofy looking and I was very envious of the 3 in one.

      • I bought the Seraphine 3 in one coat and LOVED it. Was a splurge but it held up really well. I gave birth in late December and definitely got a ton of use out of all of the stages of the coat. Definitely recommend it!

      • I got a 3 in one style of a different brand and also was so glad I did. I could walk outside comfortably right up til the end of my pregnancy (trying to get things moving, ha) and used it more than I thought I would for babywearing, too.

    • Spirograph says:

      I did not, with the caveat that DC has mild winters compared to NYC. I got a big blanket-like scarf that I let hang down the gap in my coat, and hoped it wouldn’t be too windy. I was running pretty hot by then, so as long as my hands and my neck were warm, I felt OK.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a huge down coat that was a size up, and that worked surprisingly well. I already had it, though.

    • My oldest was born in February in Boston. I did buy a maternity coat, but I did not need as heavy a coat as I otherwise use in the New England winters. I was so hot that a lighter jacket worked well. Honestly, I found navigating slippery streets to be the more challenging part of a winter pregnancy.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in NYC and used an Old Navy maternity puffer coat that was like $20 – it was fine. Not sure if it was a mild winter or if I was just hot from being pregnant or maybe those things are really warm. I was due in May but definitely big enough in Jan-Feb that I wanted a maternity coat.

      • octagon says:

        I did the same — I was glad to have an actual maternity coat. It wasn’t too heavy, but I was also running SO HOT at that point. I wore it for a good month after the February birth — we had an unusually long winter.

    • ElisaR says:

      yes I did. I bought one that converts back to a regular coat (which is silly bc I don’t think I’ll ever wear it again). There is a zipper insert for when pregnant and a different insert for baby-wearing (I didn’t ever use that one). They no longer sell the exact jacket I have (Japanese weekend is the brand and they went out of business–I think). This one is similar setup though:

    • Mama Llama says:

      I used my regular Land’s End down coat through the end of my first pregnancy, but only because it has the kind of zipper that can unzip from the bottom, so I was able to unzip it for extra room in the belly. And I am short and had a huge baby, so it was a VERY big belly. A lot of people told me I would be extra warm from being pregnant and wouldn’t need a down coat, but I didn’t find that to be true at all.

    • Thanks, everyone! Very helpful.

      And yes, I am also dreading the slippery sidewalks.

      • Anonymous says:

        I had a Feb baby in NYC and those last few weeks, I was just SO HOT that I was glad that I didn’t have a super heavy maternity coat. I did buy a maternity coat (puffer, mid-thigh length) at Old Navy and ASOS has good inexpensive options too.

      • anon in nyc says:

        I had this: (someone lent it to me, I didn’t buy it) and as I’m also in NYC, I found the most useful part of it was that it clearly conveyed to other subway riders that I was pregnant and they should give me their seat!

        and +1 on the slippery sidewalks… check the forecast and bring boots if it looks like it might be icy. I fell a couple of times, was totally fine except for bruises, but it didn’t need to happen. Being off balance in pregnancy is reallllll.

    • I had a Feb baby and made due with my regular down knee-length LL Bean parka but it zipped both ways (up and down) which was a life-saver. I could just unzip it from the bottom up so my top stayed warm which I got really big. Get good boots!

  6. KateMiddletown says:

    I lucked out with a not so bad winter with my first and I bought a waist length pea coat 1 size up from J Crew factory. (I still have it and wear it over blazers during the winter.)

  7. Bettynonymous says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to offer up their recommendations for toddler books yesterday! I didn’t have a chance to respond until now, but I appreciate all of the suggestions and am putting together a reading list for my husband and me!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Same here. I used the old navy frost free puffer all winter when pregnant with my February baby. I found it to be a great value. You can also pick up stuff like this on Poshmark for a song.

  9. How long did your kids take to get over being weaned off the pacifier, and how old were they? I feel like kiddo (3) has suddenly become a bit of a nightmare sleeper after weaning off the paci – and that was more than a month ago. With it, we barely noticed when he woke up in the middle of the night, because he’d just grab it and settle back down to sleep. Without it, there is significantly more tossing and turning and fussing and getting in & out of bed (water, potty, etc.). The past couple of nights, we were all up from 1 to 3am, and my husband actually had to take him out to the living room and sleep on the couch with him so my 35-weeks-pregnant manatee self can get some sleep. And this seems to be happening at least once a week. Is it just due to paci weaning? Is it impending loss of only-child status? Do we just chalk this up to ‘being a 3-year-old who ought to have dropped his nap but hasn’t’??? And how can we all get as much sleep as possible before the baby arrives?

    • NewMomAnon says:

      If it was my kiddo, I’d wonder about an ear infection – sleep loss is one of the few symptoms of her ear infections, and I think paci use helps drain ears? So losing the paci might cause some backup in the ears.

      Otherwise – hugs. Naps might help everyone for a while.

      • Thanks. Eek, I hope it’s not an ear infection. He has no other symptoms of any sort, so I guess we’ll have to wait a few days and see. Hubs and I have decided to just take kid-wrangling shifts all weekend so we can each get some rest…

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