Family Friday: Energy Lights Metallic High Top Sneaker

I’ve said it before — we’re fans of light-up sneakers in our family, and I love these rose gold sneakers! They’re so techy/futuristic, and I haven’t seen the blue lights before or this shiny rose gold. That will be a stylin’ kid, that’s all I’m going to say. These are $58 at Nordstrom in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes. Energy Lights Metallic High Top Sneaker

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  1. Age gaps? says:

    Expecting baby #2 in December and the kids will be almost 3 years apart (2 months shy of three years). Can anyone speak to me about a 3 year age gap? Pros and Cons? I wanted to potty train DS before the new baby arrived but so far he is just not interested. Also worried a bit about sibling rivalry in the short term and long term

    • I think everyone’s opinions differ, but a friend of mine who does a lot of research into these things believes that 3 years is actually the perfect difference because at 2 children are in a very possessive stage psychologically, which makes sharing with a new sibling difficult; 3 is supposed to be better. On the other hand, a friend who has a 4 year old and a 2 year old told me that she is happy she didn’t wait more than 2 years because a 3 year old’s emotions are a lot tougher to manage than a two year old so when her oldest son is upset, it’s much more complicated.
      On the potty training, I think you still have time if that’s your goal. And if it doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world.

      • NewMomAnon says:

        I mean, a 3 year old’s emotions are more complex, but they also aren’t randomly hurtling themselves toward certain doom with the frequency of a 2 year old. On balance, I suspect (with no actual experience) that it would be easier to talk a 3 year old through emotions while nursing a tiny newborn, than it is to keep an eagle out for a toddling terror monster while tending to a newborn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mine are 2 years and nine months apart. Like you, I wanted to potty train (and also transition to big girl bed) before baby #2 arrived, but it didn’t happen. I actually found that potty training a 3 year old was an absolute breeze. We waited a few months after baby #2 put in appearance so that my daughter had time to adjust to the new baby and any changes in her routine. I was so worried about potty training being difficult, but when I explained it to my daughter, she was like, what’s the big deal mom? Just give me my underwear and let me use the potty.

      As far as sibling rivalry, we’ve seen very little of that so far (the youngest is now six months). My older daughter seems to take out her frustration at not being the center of attention anymore on mom and dad rather than on the new baby. She absolutely dotes on the baby and is always asking about her.

    • This is the gap between my niece and nephew (nephew was born one month before niece’s 3rd birthday). My sister said going from one to two was really easy, and she certainly made it look easy. My niece was old enough to be semi-helpful and fairly independent as far as fetching things for her mom, getting her own snack, and being somewhat independent. They did potty train her before the new baby came, as well, which probably helped a little. My niece was minimally interested in her new brother, but there has been no real instances of sibling rivalry or major issues with jealousy.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have this age gap and I love it! It’s becoming very common in Canada. I think a lot of women are off on maternity leave for a year and then want to work for at least a year before getting pregnant so that there’s almost two years of work in between the longer maternity leaves. When I was a kid, most friends had a sibling a year or two older /younger than them but with my friends – almost everyone’s kids are 3-4 years apart.

      My oldest trained toilet trained in August (34 months old) and my second was born in November. Zero regression on the potty training even though we moved and started new daycare in October. At age 3 they can understand waiting for a few minutes while baby needs attention, much better than at age 2.

    • Mrs. Jones says:

      My brother and I are 2 1/2 years apart in age and were 3 years apart in school. We have always had a close relationship FWIW.

    • Sarabeth says:

      We have this gap. It’s been pretty great – 3 yo was much more independent and able to verbalize her feelings than she would have been at 2. Our older is super precocious, so I think a slightly larger gap is a good fit for our family because it reduces comparisons. We potty trained before baby was born, but our neighbors with a similar gap waited until afterwards, and had no issues. Best thing for sibling rivalry in the short term was lots of external support (family, babysitters, etc) so that one of us could regularly spend focused time with the older kid.

    • rakma says:

      This is the gap we have, and it’s been great. DD1 is totally in love with DD2, and DD2 lights up when DD1 walks in a room.

      The Daniel Tiger episodes that are baby focused have been a huge help for DD1,. It gave her the language to ask for more attention when she needs it, the understanding that babies play different, even the concept of meeting the baby, all explained by the tiger in the red sweater.

      We attempted to keep DD1’s schedule as routine as possible while I was on maternity leave. I think that helped keep her world in orbit.

    • In House Lobbyist says:

      My son turned 3 in June and his sister was born in August. It has been perfect. He has always been such a great helper and not really jealous at all until recently. The sister is the one that is mean to him! We were potty trained but I didn’t rush it – it just happened. One thing I did and I think I learned it here and it really seemed to make my son happy – was to tell the baby things like “I am helping big brother right now, you will have to wait for Mommy to get to you” when the baby would be fussing.

      It has been really great now that they are 7 and almost 4. They play really well together and the older one has taught her so much. They sleep in the same room and neither has asked for anything different yet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we talk about these shoes? Hilarious and amazing.

    • CPA Lady says:

      Seriously. There are some amazing glitter high tops at Hanna Andersson that I secretly really want for myself (which is possible since I’m an adult 6/kids 4).

    • Sketchers is really upping the game for glitzy sneakers. My son wants these, which look like a princess exploded. Lights! Rhinstones! Glitter! Rainbows! Emojis!

    • mascot says:

      Are they durable like patent leather I wonder? Or is this soft metallic stuff going to scractch to bits on the first wear?

    • The style is super fun, but I HATE LIGHT-UP SHOES. I’m still bitter about the Stride Rite salesman who brought out a pair of light-up sneaks and of course my 5-year-old refused to try on anything else. Luckily the lights stopped working after a month.

    • Lyssa says:

      My 2 year old just got glitter-covered pink pumas. I am so, so jealous.

      If I got a matching pair, I could just pass it off like I got them because she wanted us to match, right?

      • I think we have those! We had a silver pair that was awesome sauce, and then we got a pink pair. I don’t like the style as much for fit on her–she’s always got them falling off–but that’s a my daughter issue, not a pink glitter shoe issue.

        Silver ones we loved:
        Pink ones we like:

        We purchased both in person at DSW.

  3. Artemis says:

    At first I totally thought Kat posted these as fun mom weekend shoes, not kid shoes. I want them!

  4. My sibling and I are 3.5 years apart and it was and is so great! Not so close together as to be possessive of toys or later friends (as my spouse and his sibling, 2 years apart, were in high school). Close enough together to be friends. We are hoping for similar spacing with our kids (2 year old now).

  5. On the topic of kid shoes, I’m curious about your favorites for kids. Here’s what I’ve loved and hated:

    Natives – Perfect summer shoes for toddlers. I feel ridiculous paying almost $40 for a glorified Croc, but they’ve been worth it. Especially right now, when we’re still having a lot of potty training accidents. Hose ’em down and be done with it.
    Keens – These are the only sandals my son can’t destroy. He ends up wearing them well into the fall, sometimes with socks.
    Stride Rite – I’ve had many pairs of SRs that I’ve liked and the durability is generally good. Some styles run a little bit wide for my daughter with skinny feet, but the Mary Jane sneakers are so stinking cute with leggings.
    Sketchers – Hate them! I’ve bought them 2-3 times because the styles are cute, but I’m done. They aren’t durable and look absolutely terrible within weeks. I’ve literally thrown away 3 pairs of Sketchers.
    New Balance – I’ve bought their toddler sneaks for both kids and have been happy with the quality.
    Oshkosh/Carter’s – For dress shoes that get worn a few times a month, these do the job.
    Nike – Good for my kid with skinny feet, but absolutely don’t fit my other kid who has wide feet. My biggest gripe is that the quality is all over the place.
    Teva – Haven’t owned a pair in a few years, but I remember being pretty happy with their sandals for toddlers.

    In general, I’ve had a really hard time finding good athletic shoes/running shoes for my 7-year-old boy. The best ones were Asics; the rest have fallen apart. He’s a toe dragger and has wide feet, hence my love of Keens.

    • Carters (didn’t fit fat baby feet) and Pedipeds (too much sole, new walker kept tripping) were a bust for us.
      Nike has been great – I run in the Free RNs, love that you can feel the ground in them, and got the same model for super active 2yo who runs everywhere; he’s on his 3rd pair now after growing out of previous sizes. Now that it’s summer he’s in Keens sandals a lot.

    • NewMomAnon says:

      Nikes – kiddo had a couple pairs of these. They were fine. She wore a hole through the sole of one of them.

      Stride Rite – more durable than Nikes, lots of cool styles (including sparkly! and light up!). But kiddo is working her way through the toe of one shoe now, so not indestructible. Probably our go-to for kid sneakers for a while. Some are washable.

      Keens – My personal favorite for kiddo because the toes appear to be indestructible, but her feet get so stinky in these. Easy for her to get on and off herself.

      Crocs – super easy for kiddo to get on and off herself, comes in cool styles (legos, disney, marvel, etc). Stay on remarkably well as long the heel straps are used. I still don’t let kiddo wear them to the playground because I’m worried they’ll hold her back.

      Target – garbage shoes, possibly made of cardboard and hot glue. Strange fit issues (a pair of sandals have the thong part so far back that kiddo’s toes aren’t anywhere near the top but her heel hangs off the back). Have had several pairs disintegrate to nothing while on kiddo’s feet. However, very cute and lots of colors/characters so immensely appealing to children.

      • Totally agree on Target shoes. They’re not even much cheaper than shoes from better brands that are on sale.

      • Onlyworkingmomintulsa says:

        Huge, huge fan of Tsukihoshis. Our daycare doesn’t have any kind of turf on the playground, just mulch and grass so my kids are really hard on their shoes and they get so dirty. These look great after being thrown in the washer. Worth the price!

    • Carter’s, specifically light up shark sandals – DO NOT SUCCUMB! Cute but look like the shoe bomber within weeks, wires hanging out and everything

      Saucony Baby Jazz Hook and Loop – these are my go tos. They aren’t extremely durable but they last well enough for the 6ish months they fit, they are inexpensive, and they look pretty cool. Also, if your child dislikes change you can keep buying the same style in the next size up.

      • Yes to the Saucony Hook & Loops! They are great and come in such colors, plus Amazon has them at good markdowns most of the time.

        I also love Crocs for my kiddo. I can’t make the step to Natives until his size levels off a bit.

    • EB0220 says:

      We all like minimalist/low drop shoes so that’s what we typically look for for the kids.

      Vivobarefoot – favorite for narrow-footed five year old – they get a bit stinky but wear very well and are minimalist
      See Kai Run – these are kind of expensive for the durability but we’ve bought pair after pair because they are the right balance of cushion and low profile. Great for 1-3 year old with wide feet.
      Go Plae – we have a pair of their sandals that we’ve actually used for both kids and they’re still in great shape. Amazing! They work a bit better for our wider-footed child.

      Converse: The sizing is weird, but the velcro version looks cute, is low profile but still comfy and easy to put on for a 2 year old.
      Vans: Just got our 5 year old some classic vans. They’re a bit stiff for my tastes but great for riding bikes.
      Saucony: We had good luck when they made the low profile Saucony Kinvara (similar to adult Kinvara) but they changed the style…these have been hit or miss with us but my 5 year old likes them for actual running.

      Carter’s/OshKosh: Agree with above that they are OK for novelty/dress shoes but not for everyday wear.
      Target: Also cheap and stiff
      Robeez: We could never figure out the point of these….we were obviously missing something
      Boots of any sort: Only functional boots allowed in our house, no everyday fashion boots!

    • We’ve had issues with Stride Rite falling apart, which makes me way more mad than Target, because I pay a lot for their “quality”. We’ve switched to Keen sneakers, and have been very happy.

      For easter this year I bought each of my boys a pair of Old Soles and I have been pleasantly surprised by how well they have kept. They’ve been through mud, wet, etc. and still look like nice leather shoes. So i’ve added them to my list.

    • shortperson says:

      my fave by far are saltwaters. they go with everything, shorts and dressy clothes, and can get wet. we’ve been getting gold or silver and a fun color in each size. natives are also great. we dont need anything else for a summer in socal.

    • We use the Dr Scholls foot spray a lot in our house and it cuts down on the stinky keens and flip flops.

  6. Screaming baby says:

    HALP! I have a 24-week old. We got hit hard by the 4 month sleep regression (prior sleeping 8 + 4; after waking up every 1.5 hours). We were on the road to recovery and doing great for 2.5 weeks starting right around 5 months with putting him down drowsy but awake. He would fall off to sleep and wake up 4-5 hours later to eat. Just when I thought my only issue was dealing with the night feedings a new issue has emerged. For the past week he has been inconsolably crying at sometime in the night –sometimes right at bed time, sometimes 45 minutes after falling asleep, sometimes after three hours of being asleep. Nothing stops the crying except for nursing–which I used as a last resort. Even so I nursed last night and he was screaming 10 minutes later and inexplicably settled an hour later, then slept for 5 + 4. I don’t feel teeth coming in/doesn’t seem to need to be burped…. Mostly happy during the day, but a little fussier than normal and according to the caregiver is crying at naptimes every now and then. Any ideas or similar experiences?

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        This. Try advil or tylenol at bedtime. I could never feel the teeth in my kids until like the day before they broke through. Rashy bottom, lots of drool and general misery

        Other possibilities are ear infection or just missing cuddles. Lots of physical contact during awake time – like baby wearing while making dinner – has been key to minimizing need for physical contact at night.

    • NewMomAnon says:

      If not teething, check for ear infections (which can flare up a few days or a week after a cold or other illness). My kiddo nursed like crazy and didn’t sleep when she was rocking an ear infection.

    • mascot says:

      Will he take a pacifier? My kid developed a renewed interest in one around 6 months when his teeth started coming in. Teeth only bothered him when he had nothing else to distract him- so basically at bedtime and he was generally fine during the day.

      • Screaming baby says:

        He’s never taken one until a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like we have teeth coming in.

    • Is he figuring out how to roll to his tummy? Our sleep SUCCKKED for like 2 weeks, right around that age (maybe a week or two later). We were so puzzled, until one day we went in and she was on her belly and we figured out that she’d been trying to get there and couldn’t. Then it turned into her being angry that she couldn’t get back onto her back. She was a sleepless mess until she figured out how to settle once on her tummy. Lots of pacifier and back patting once she rolled over, to tell her that it was okay if she stayed there.

      It was a long, awful two weeks. Now she’s a happy stomach sleeper.

    • another vote for teething or ear infection. This sounds like the classic symptoms for either.

  7. You won’t be able to feel the teeth or see them until the worst is over. Have you tried Tylenol?

    • Screaming baby says:

      I feel bad now I haven’t already, but definitely plan on doing so tonight. #firsttimemom

      • NewMomAnon says:

        Hugs. I’m sure many moms (even second and third time moms) have taken a couple nights to realize teething was a sleep issue culprit. It’s a great thing they teeth before they have primary memories….it took me two nights of misery to finally realize my daughter had an ear infection when she was about a year old (double ear infections, 4 out of 4 on the severity scale!). I felt awful. She’s fine or at least, not fine for reasons that were unrelated…being 3 is hard.

      • NewMomAnon says:

        Also, it sounds like your little is right around 6 months – you might ask your ped if you can do children’s ibuprofen. It was more effective for teething pain than Tylenol for my kiddo.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t feel bad. I had no idea that teething could start so far in advance of the teeth actually coming through. My little one starting teething at 4 months but it was 6 months before the tooth came fully through.

  8. preg anon says:

    I got a positive pregnancy test this morning! It’s our first and we are really excited. However, I have been having really bad nausea since before I even got the positive test. Any suggestions on what worked for you? I’m not throwing up, but I certainly feel hungover and gross. It makes it hard to concentrate at work.

    • Rainbow Hair says:

      The standard recommendations are:
      Food — for some people, bland carbs work best, for others it’s gotta be protein
      Ginger — try those gingery ginger chews, or ginger tea, or real-ginger ginger ale/beer.
      Cold and Sour — not sure this is really conventional wisdom, but ice old and very sour lemonade (or water, even) went down well for me, and a lot of friends swore by anything sour.

      Congrats! How exciting!!! I hope you feel better soon!

      • NewMomAnon says:

        For more specifics on the food – eat constantly to keep your blood sugar up. I kept a cup of crackers on my bedside table so when I woke up in the morning (or middle of the night), I could eat right away. I had little baggies of Diamond nut thins in all my jackets and purses.

        Also, have you been taking the prenatals? Sometimes the iron in prenatals doesn’t agree with people. I think there are workarounds, but I’d talk with your doctor.

        • I did gummy prenatals (no iron) for the first tri. They’re coated in sour sugar, which is like crack for nauseous pregnant ladies. And they don’t have that dusty vitamin taste/smell.

    • BK anon says:

      Congrats! How exciting :) I had nausea through the first 17 weeks or so of my pregnancy– it’s not fun. I bought the prego pops candies and drank ginger ale or ginger beer when it was acute. Otherwise, I don’t have a lot of good tips, just empathy. And obviously talk to your doctor– if it’s bad enough, I know there are meds they can prescribe. Good luck!

    • Blueberry says:

      For me, fresh air always helps, so maybe little walks in the middle of the day. Letting myself get too hungry was a recipe for disaster, so I agree with the comments above. Congrats!

    • Wearing Seabands helped me. They were not subtle so I was grateful for long sleeves. I also took my vitamins before bed. And graze constantly. It felt like a 3-4 month hangover, except puking didn’t make me feel better.
      It passes though. Congrats!

    • Newbie Momma says:

      Ginger still makes me gag b/c I sucked on so many ginger drops during that time. Relief band relieved my symptoms the best. Also keeping a bag of lavender nearby to smell surprisingly gave me a few moments of relief.

    • CPA Lady says:

      The only thing I could eat in the first tri that didn’t make me feel horrible was apples. I ate more apples in the first three months of pregnancy than I think I have my entire life prior to that period. I drank gallons of apple juice. I’m surprised my daughter didn’t come out clutching an apple.

      But seriously, ask your doctor for medicine. I was scared to for some reason, and the first 16 or so weeks were dreadful.

      • NewMomAnon says:

        I ate so many nuts during pregnancy…and so much peanut butter…and surprise! Probably 30% of my daughter’s diet is peanut butter. Could be worse?

    • Congrats from a 35 week nausea sufferer (but it has gotten better + diclegis = I’ve actually gained weight). I was nightly vomiting (6-8pm was the witching hour) with all-day constant nausea. The vomiting stopped once I got on diclegis in my second trimester and it took the nausea down to manageable. Before you go the medication route (because fighting to get my insurance to cover that was a bear), things that helped me:

      -Seabands (but you will need to wear long sleeves or you will give the secret away). Still wearing 24/7 (note they can be handwashed – I throw them in the wash with my bras on delicate no spin with the delicates wash every few weeks).
      -ice cold crystal light to stay hydrated (I still struggle with plain water even now). I take it to work (and errands) in a commuter mug (recommend Contigo Snapseal for ease of cleaning)
      -lemon heads when I felt a bout of nausea coming on at work
      – a few ritz crackers (which would either quiet the nausea or just make it worse, depending on if it was hunger or otherwise)
      -mcdonald’s french fries (and occasionally one of their single cheeseburgers) (PS this worked for my mother’s chemo too, something about the fat/carb combo).
      -prenatal before bed

      For me, eating constantly did not help – food in my stomach mostly made me puke. My OB was fine with it as long as I was getting a little food here and there and most importantly staying hydrated. There were days where all I had were crackers or baked potatoes.
      I did, oddly enough, like milk and found it calmed the nausea – I know most people find dairy contraindicated for upset stomachs. Even now I am drinking close to a gallon of milk a day because sometimes it’s the only thing that doesn’t upset my stomach and at least it has protein. Ginger did nothing but make my nausea worse.

      • Anon, I feel for you – I had nausea for 36 weeks of my 42 week pregnancy, but I never threw up. Just know that the instant you give birth it will go away, and that will feel SOOOOOO GOOD!

        Agree that normal rules for non upsetting your stomach (like what you do when you are ill) do not necessarily apply to pregnancy nausea. I ate a lot of Doritos, peanut noodles, and cold spaghetti. Actually cold food is a good tip – less flavor than food that is heated up, which seemed to help me.

    • layered bob says:

      +1 super cold. very cold iced mint tea. Peppermints. Very cold mashed potatoes (I don’t know why but this really settled my stomach.) Very cold canned peaches. Popsicles in slightly sour flavors.

    • Congrats! Not to scare you, but like other posters I had terrible nausea for the majority of my pregnancy. Nothing helped – even unisom + b6. The thing that helped me the most was realizing that it’s okay to not be able to “fix” this. I wish I could go back in time and tell my desperate self that it’s okay to be sick, the baby is fine, and you’re not doing anything wrong just because you can’t make yourself feel better. There was a lot of “letting go.”

    • Lemonade and seltzer mixed together, over ice. Keep in a huge bottle on your desk and sip it all day long.

      But seriously, diclegis is a miracle drug and very very safe if it gets to the point where you can’t take the nausea anymore (and everyone’s threshhold for that is different). It has been tested up the wazoo in pregnant women because it is the only nausea med specifically designed for pregnancy. I was still puking regularly in the evening through the second tri (sorry….) but it really took the edge off and let me get through the day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Homemade diclegis (or get a scrip) 1/2 tab Unisom (doxylamine) + 10 mg B6.

      I could only find 12 mg B6, but that’s okay too. Take before bedtime. It worked very well for me — so well I kept thinking I was over my morning sickness and kept trying to get off it (even half a tab of unisom puts me down for 12 hours) and then it would turn out that, nope, I was still nauseous!

      • 35 week anon above here. I tried the Unison + B6 (even upping the B6 to 50 mg a day). It didn’t work nearly as well as the prescription does (even my husband could tell the difference based on my varying shades of green), something about the extended release formula in the script I think. Also, being in BigLaw and being knocked out for 12 hours every night is not compatible. I am down to 1 tab of diclegis at night to stretch the prescription out (my OB wrote the script for two so less fighting with the insurance) and doing okay and, importantly for both my job and my sanity, I can be awake for more than 12 hours. I gutted out the first trimester hoping it would end, tried the unison/B6 to no avail, got on samples of diclegis for a month which worked like a charm, was off them while battling with the insurance company (and puking again) and then finally got my script approved and off to the (only mild intermittent nausea) races. Was off the diclegis while in the hospital this weekend (unrelated issue) and the nausea came back again and I ended up puking in a parking lot on our way home from post-discharge errands :(. It really is a miracle drug.

        • Anon–I had to wean off it very very slowly, although at 35 weeks your baby might arrive before you wean off! I was taking 2 at night and 1 in the morning, and then every 3rd night I’d do 1 at night and 1 in the morning. Then a few days later, go to 2 one night and 1 the next. So, so slowly. If the nausea came back, I went back up to where I was and then started dropping again once I felt better, but at least I wasn’t starting from the bottom. When I went cold turkey a few times, it took a few days of taking it for me to feel normal again.

    • In House Lobbyist says:

      I know it is horrible – but mine was a fast food biscuit. Something about the carbs and grease and it made me feel instantly better.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congrats! I had all day/everyday sickness for the first 14 weeks. Standard advice is carbs and ginger stuff, but nothing really helped mine. They can prescribe diclegis (which is unisom+b6) or zofran for more severe nausea. I ended up just gutting it out and losing 5lbs, but have a perfectly healthy baby. The good news is that morning sickness is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy!

  10. shortperson says:

    we are hosting a third birthday party for my daughter at a local museum. 10-11 AM we have a room for eating etc., and then the kids play in the museum as long as they like. so we can only provide food 10-11. the museum does not have a cafe or anything where food can be picked up later.

    what kind of food and drink are we supposed to provide to kids/adults other than cake? 10AM is not really a mealtime but if people stay to play for more than a half hour or so it will be lunchtime. we are just getting started on the party years so not sure what people do.

    • bluefield says:

      Bagels and cream cheese. If I were going to a party at 10am I would expect breakfast food.

      • anne-on says:

        Bagel platter with cream cheese, butter, jam, and some fruit. That plus coffee, water, and juice and I’d be a happy camper.

    • octagon says:

      I went to a birthday party recently where they put out a box of Costco applesauce pouches and they were a huge hit! Gave kids something to eat other than cake.

    • if you’re in an area with a chick fil a, i know they do platters of mini chicken biscuits that would be great for this kind of a party.

    • Beans says:

      We always host parties at this time and have brunch food. Cut up fruit, mini blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls, doughnut holes, hot ham and swiss sandwiches, sausage balls, and usually some chicken bites.

  11. Anglophile says:

    We went to a 2nd birthday party in the morning that had a tray full of egg mcmuffins for the adults – it was totally unexpected and awesome.

  12. shortperson says:

    thanks. i should have mentioend that we are vegetarian but it sounds like light brunch food is indicated. my husband seems to think cake is adequate but i will veto that. of course since i’ll be traveling for work that week getting in the night before it will actually be on him to implement.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bagels for sure. I think adults would appreciate a breakfast sandwich type thing with eggs but bagels are a good minimalist compromise. Oh and coffee!

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