Feeding Tuesday: Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress

Dote Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress | CorporetteMomsThis dress looks great for maternity, nursing, and even pumping. I like the dark, sedate colors, as well as the mostly glowing reviews. It’s $99-$109 at Amazon in sizes S-XL. Dote Women’s Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress


  1. Famouscait says:

    Thanks to everyone for answering my question yesterday about stocking up on diapers. I also found a pretty good guide online from a couponing blog:


    I really like that she walks you through the math of how much/fast baby grows, and what’s a good price for a diaper based on size. Thought someone else here might find it useful too.

    • Meg Murry says:

      I missed yesterday’s comments, but I always used Target brand unscented wipes – they were cheap and got the job done. I also have a Target redcard explictly for diapers and wipes, since you get 5% off every purchase with it.

      Toward the end of diaper-wearing though I switched to buying Luvs on Amazon, because even though the Target brand diapers were cheaper, the extra $20-$50 I spent ever time I went to Target negated the savings and then some.

      • Meg Murry says:

        This is how I feel about Target, and why I don’t let myself go anymore. I was so proud of myself the other day when I went in for kids socks and walked out ONLY with socks.

        and the commenter that said this was so right:
        “MY theory about Target is they have some kind of sensor that automatically deducts or charges around $100 to your debit or credit card (I used to say $50 but prices have gone up) whenever you walk in, regardless of needs, wants, or finances.”

      • Famouscait says:

        That’s a great point, and definitely something to consider… I limit myself to one Target visit a month, keep a running list of what I need, and have a separate budget line just for Target. That’s kept me 95% on-track, and I’m hoping I can keep it up once baby arrives.

  2. Not loving this dress. It has a bit of a nightgown vibe. I’d love to get something in that colour though to take me through the fall at work and then to wear while nursing over the holidays. Any suggestions for maternity/nursing dresses in similar colours?

    • Spirograph says:

      I have a maternity wrap dress in this color from Isabella Oliver that might also work for nursing. I got it during my first pregnancy a couple years ago, but I just looked and it seems to be a regular part of their line. Bonus, it held up really well; I’m wearing it again this time around.

  3. I wish more companies made nursing dresses that aren’t also maternity.

  4. I am wearing a great top today that is coincidentally nursing-friendly: Nordstrom item #699793. It’s machine washable, too! (Who knew I would find this so exciting.)

    • Lawmom says:

      Yes! I have a slightly different version of this, and it is also great for pumping at work.

  5. CPA lady says:

    Exciting and happy news– CPA baby arrived on Thursday morning! She stayed breech, I ended up having the c-section, and so far the recovery is going really smoothly.

  6. Do you ladies have any recommendations for infant car seat covers- ones you leave on the seat during use and can take out easily for washing?

    • mascot says:

      What’s the goal? Preventing blowouts? I like the kiddopotamus (?) piddle pads. Easy to insert, easy to wash. The Graco infant seat cover came off easily and machine washed just fine so I didn’t worry about a whole seat cover.
      I know that there are bundle me shearling type covers for warmth where the top half zips off and the bottom part threads through the straps.. It didn’t get cold enough where I was to worry about those. But, if you do need them, I make sure you can get a snug enough fit with the straps for safety reasons.

      • Blowouts and spit-ups. I’m still expecting, but I hear that covers that come with the car seats can be a pain to change out to clean. I will try taking mine off to see how hard or easy it is. I was wondering if anyone else here had a product they liked.

    • I don’t use anything because putting anything between your baby and the carseat makes it less safe. If there’s any “fluff” between your baby and the seat, it will compress during an accident, making the straps looser and allowing baby’s head and neck to whip forward more. If you want to use something, I would suggest looking for something very thin. We’ve only had a few blowouts in the car, and the seat easily wipes clean. For cold weather we have a cover like this that just goes over the baby, but it hasn’t gotten cold enough here yet for us to try it out. http://www.amazon.com/JJ-Cole-Seat-Cover-Graphite/dp/B00511J6BM/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1412166031&sr=1-1&keywords=car+seat+cover

  7. Anonymous says:

    The husband and I both work and have good incomes. We were both raised by people of modest means (his first home was a trailer, my dad declared bankrupcy when I was young). So we could afford to buy a new playpen or whatever but we would prefer to buy used for the sake of the environment and because of our values (we only intend on the one kid).

    We live in an area where people tend to have many kids (meaning they don’t sell their stuff) and where people often want close to the new price for used items. I figure a used item should cost 50% of what it would cost new, tops, the stuff listed on Kijiji indicates people don’t agree with me.

    At what point does it become not worth our time to try and get deals and to go to second hand kids stores? Kind of wondering about this on a going forward basis as well.

    Just wondering what you guys do – for example if you are looking to buy your baby a swing how much time would you put into finding a used one before just buying the thing on amazon and having it shipped to your house? Or do you just wait for it to go on sale and then buy it online?

    • I will go to consignment for some big dollar items, but otherwise, I find that a quick perusal of Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us and Amazon is all the research I do. We are trying to minimize the amount of “baby stuff” that comes into our house, and really focus on the essential and long-term pieces. In the end, we bought most of it new, and I’m ok with that because these items should last us – travel system, furniture, pack ‘n play, bouncer (not swing, it takes up less space, and accomodates larger babies). Other items, like toys, & clothes, I am more than happy to buy used, or get from ebay. (Actually, I love ebay for those items).

    • hoola hoopa says:

      Your ~50% off assumption is correct on my local CL. Have you looked at consignment sales (IME, better deals than consignment shops)? Is there a local parent facebook group?

      I have bought a *lot* of baby/kid items resale. I enjoy the hunt and price savings (I have similar childhood/current finances), and perhaps ironically, abhor couponing and sale-watching. So while I’m probably more enthusiastic than most, I agree that it doesn’t make sense when it’s a hassle that you can afford to avoid and/or the cost savings (for similar quality and item) is not there. For example, while I stalked CL daily for literally months until I found a great deal on a high-quality crib – I bought a new toddler bed after making a terrible CL buy on a used one, just to be done. I rarely find that used shoes are a good price (either too worn or too uncomfortable), so I always buy new, and I only buy items at consignment sales that are priced well even if that means leaving without what I had hoped to find. If I don’t find snow boots in the right size, then I just buy them new and hope for a good sale.

      Here’s what I generally buy resale and from where:
      CL: furniture, strollers, pnp, larger baby gear.
      Consignment sales: clothing, baby gear (particularly smaller stuff or things I really want to smell/feel, like boppy), toys, winter outerwear
      Ebay: holiday dresses, winter outerwear

      I got a good price on a new stroller because we got the floor model (pure luck, really), but otherwise my only suggestions for new are to register for the completion discount and get on email lists.

      Even if you don’t end up buying, I would check and see what’s listed for resale. As I sell off items, I find that the stuff we didn’t really use or didn’t work as well as we hoped are for sale by the dozens. So you can take that as a hint. You can also assess what you might earn if you sale your bought-new items down the road to approx final cost.

    • I’ve had good luck with craigslist, and agree used should be 50% (or less) than retail price. I generally decide exactly what I want (based on amazon reviews or recommendations from friends) and then check craigslist a few weekends in a row, and usually the item will show up. I tried one consignment sale but found the crowds a little overwhelming. Finally, my neighborhood has a moms group Facebook page where everyone posts their used stuff for cheap or free, and I’ve found a few smaller items (clothing type stuff, not larger gear) on there. Is there a moms group you could join in your area?

    • Thanks! I find the local moms group is crazy… People want about 70- 80% of the cost of the item or want the price of the item minus tax and shipping. At that point I’d rather just by new and save the hassle of meeting up and get the store warranty. A big issue is that we live in a city with limited selection, people drive to bigger cities to buy stuff or buy stuff online and expect the costs associated with those things to be passed on in the resale. A lot of stuff for sale in moms group are new items or used for 5 minutes items that didnt suit the buyer’s needs but that the buyer is too lazy to return/ the item costs too much in shipping to mail back . Basically, it sucks living in the middle of nowhere.

      There is one kids consignment store in my city- stock is limited and the hours are 9-5 (haha on me ever getting to go there). Anything worth having sells so fast.

      Getting close to due day and still want a few key items and I’m sick of trying to reason with people about how a 85 dollar playpen shouldn’t cost 65 used if I have to pick it up.

      • In that kind of environment you’re probably better off buying new on sale. And then reselling you items down the road.

      • Meg Murry says:

        I think the key statement there is “anything worth having sells so fast” – the reasonable deals on Craigslist, etc go really fast. My husband was a Craigslist stalker – he checks it multiple times a day, has alerts set to his phone etc, and the best deals often are up and gone in 2 hours or less. So if you are serious about Craigslist, you have to jump on deals immediately. Have you true using IFFFT alerts for key items you want? You can have IFFFT send you an email or text whenever there is a Craigslist posting for keywords you specify. Alternately, have you done any looking at garage sales, is that a thing in your areas?
        Last, don’t forget the time (or convenience) money, quality triangle. One of these will be the driver on whatever you purchase, at the other expense of the other 2. So pick your battles on what you want to buy secondhand, and then plan to sell it or pass it on when you are done – and try to buy items that are sturdy enough to be worth handing down.

    • I have a major aversion to waste for reasons similar to yours, but I also did not (do not) have the time or energy to try to buy baby stuff used. I bought everything new (almost all of it from Amazon) with the intention of giving it away to friends or donating it to a good cause when I’m done with it. I feel OK with that compromise.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can someone suggest some nursing clothing that someone in their 20s would wear? Also is it really comfortable or practical to wear nursing clothing over a nursing bra? I would like clothing that doesn’t make me feel old and frumpy (I hate the dress in his post). At some point I feel like it’s just be easier to take the clothing off altogether (lol). I’d like one brand I could get all my basics from at a reasonable price point. Willing to spend a reasonable amount since I will be wearing these longer than my mat stuff. Relied on topshop for mat clothing, really sad they don’t sell nursing stuff.

    • I never bought many nursing-specific clothes because I also felt like they were frumpy and unflattering. Instead, you could try nursing tanks with flowy shirts from H&M, Zara, etc over the top. You still won’t be flashing if you’re nursing in public, but you’ll have a much greater variety of clothes to choose from. By the end of my pregnancy I was so sick of specialty clothes, too – I just wanted to shop in regular stores!

      • mascot says:

        +1 to nursing tanks. I liked having my torso covered a bit. Your needs will change some as the baby gets older, you get more comfortable and efficient, and if nursing with a cover/blanket works for you both or if it matters. And yes, in those early weeks where you are nursing all the time, it is easier to just hang out half dressed.