Budget Thursday: Wrap Skirt

When I saw this skirt online (it’s from Target’s A New Day line), I loved the shape of it. Then I saw that the material is 95% modal with 5% spandex. Since my husband has switched all of his undershirts from cotton to micromodal, he has won me over to the modal fan club. Modal is very soft, stretchy, and almost bouncy. I think the style of the skirt in combination with the fabric makes it seem very easy and comfortable to wear. (It’s machine washable, too.) It’s getting great online reviews so far, and the woman wearing the skirt looks like she’s absolutely killing it! The skirt comes in black and orange and is available in straight sizes XXS–XXL for $13.98 and in plus sizes for $17.48 (both on sale). Wrap Skirt

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  1. Thanks for the help with my mean toddler yesterday. We had a talk before bedtime about what is okay to say and what isn’t, and even practiced saying “I’d like to sit alone please.” We’ll see if it sticks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ugh. This morning, I spent 25 minutes trying to talk my toddler (2.5) out of a tantrum. He kept sobbing ‘I don’t want to play here!’ and no amount of redirection from myself or staff was helping.

    It was an ugly tantrum too… on the floor throwing his body around. I stayed very calm but now I’m doubting how I handled it… part of me thinks I should have SHUT IT DOWN…

    Feeling like a Bad Mom today…

    • Wow I’m impressed you stayed for 25 minutes. I left my sobbing kid with a teacher (“Don’t leave without me mommy!”) and booked it out of there after 2 minutes.

      Every time I pick my kids up they get mad at me for coming too soon, so I don’t worry about the drop off tantrums. I figure it’s just that they’re not morning people, and it’s hard to do transitions when you’re still tired. Maybe that’s your kid’s deal too. If you’re really struggling, give the center a call in an hour or so and ask how he’s doing. I’m sure he’ll be on his way to recovery and either sititng quietly or fully immersed in play.

      You’re a good mom. You’re ensuring your kid is well taken care of, and you’re worried about his well-being. That’s exactly what a kid needs.

    • Anon in NYC says:

      Aww, you’re not a bad mom. Tantrums happen and sometimes they just need to tire themselves out. I’ve definitely left my kid at daycare while she was crying and going through pretty bad separation anxiety. And while I generally feel terrible about it, her teachers have always said that she’s calmed down pretty quickly after I left.

      • I’ve left my HYSTERICAL kid at daycare so many times. They promise me he stops in 30 seconds – 2 minutes after I leave. If I stay it just gets worse. You have to do what you’re comfortable with, but I think most kids have a hard time with the actual separation and do better when you leave.

        • +1 I’ve also read that leaving after saying goodbye sends the message to your child that you are confident in the care you are leaving them in.

          This might be BS from daycare providers who just want us to leave so the tantrum will end, but I choose to believe it.

          You are a great mom!! Crying daycare drop offs are HARD.

        • CPA Lady says:

          +1 this.

          Our daycare handbook actually recommends parents leave quickly when the kid is pitching a fit.

  3. Anonanonanon says:

    I’m all about outsourcing right now since I’ve started a new job and baby #2 is 5 months old. I was thinking of ordering some pencil skirts and getting them tailored (I’m a small pear, so if they’re going to fit in the hips the waist will be much too large) and was surprised to find that there’s not a mobile tailoring service near me! I’m in a pretty major metro area too where grocery delivery, amazon now, laundry service, etc. are all readily available. Do mobile tailors not exist?? Someone start this business please! I’d happily pay twice as much for someone to come to my house to pin me up and then deliver the finished product.

    • That is a good idea! My dry cleaners picks up and delivers and I bet they would send the tailor over if someone called and asked and they had enough stuff. At the very least, you can go there, get fitted and then have them deliver everything so that you don’t have to do both drop off and pick up. I think this has the added benefit of better mirrors and that little step they have so you get a better view of what it will look like.

    • Spirograph says:

      There may be, they’re just not advertising where you look. My grandma did this for years. She also had people come to her house, of course, which is much easier for a whole host of reasons, but she’d travel a bit within a couple miles. It wasn’t a full time job or anything, just something she did for extra pocket money via word of mouth and church bulletin boards.

      it is a great business idea, though!

  4. Bathroom Reno says:

    Thanks to those of you who responded the other week regarding my bathroom paint color and decor. It is now SW Hazel, as suggested, and it’s beautiful! I also bought plush white towels, as recommended, and I am in love. I never would have done white towels otherwise. You all are so good!

    I think the other color that was recommended was SW Rainwashed. Would it look OK to do my master bedroom in Rainwashed with the master bath SW Hazel?

    • Ha! I missed your post but we also have part of our house painted in SW Hazel, per recs from this site too! I love it.

    • Clementine says:

      Yay! That was my suggestion!

      I think it would look lovely with Rainwashed, especially if there’s some white molding between the two rooms.

      • Bathroom Reno says:

        Thank you! I love it. Isn’t fun that you helped a total internet stranger with decor? My bathroom looks amazing because of you!! :)

        There is white molding. Our master has a chair rail and the room is huge, so I think that will look nice! Updating the bathroom made the bedroom look that much worse.

    • And now I want to paint my bathroom…er, I mean, have DH paint my bathroom…

  5. Ooh that’s a lovely color! We painted an accent wall in our sitting room a light light pinkish color and liked it so much that we painted our tiny bedroom the same color. It’s like a cozy little love nest.

  6. Any parenting podcasts people are enjoying? I like Mom & Dad are fighting and Best of Both Worlds but thought there might be more out there to check out.

    • Annie says:

      It’s about one woman’s experience parenting, not parenting advice, but I love Not By Accident. You have to start from the beginning and follow their story.

    • I just listened to the Janet Lansbury Respectful Parenting podcast from earlier this week about saying no to playing with your kids, and it was great. I know she gets recommended here a lot, but this was my first time reading/listening to her material, and I am a big fan.

    • Boston Legal Eagle says:

      Not sure if you’re looking for parenting-specific ones but here are a few general podcasts that I enjoy: Dear Sugars (Cheryl Strayed advice – this is their last season :( ), Death, Sex and Money, Reply All, TED Radio Hour, Terrible Thanks for Asking and lately I’ve been listening to Matt and Doree’s Eggcelent Adventure (great for those of you going through IVF – I just enjoy listening to them talk and the listeners’ questions).

    • I like One Bad Mother, mostly for the Fails

    • octagon says:

      The Longest Shortest Time

      • I used to love that show but I really don’t like the new host. I stopped listened a few episodes in after she took over – the tone became too cutesy/overproduced, and the stories were less deep.

        • +1

        • Anonymous says:

          +100. And fair or not, I also don’t love that she’s not a yet a parent. It’s become a little too focused on her journey about whether to become a parent. Which is fine, but I’m already in the trenches. I don’t care as much about your journey about whether or not to enlist.

        • +1 I was so disappointed with the new host. But their series “It’s a Real Mother” about discrimination against working moms is a must listen in my opinion.

          Seconding the rec for Janet Lansbury as well.

        • Anon2 says:

          I like it so much more with the new host! Hilary had an annoying way of speaking – so many stutters and “ums” to make it seem like it was unscripted and it felt fake. Plus, she’s still a producer so I don’t think you can blame the producing of the show on Andrea. I also feel like the show is more upbeat these days; it was getting a little bogged down in the “woe is me, parenting is the pits” style of complaining recently…which I guess is fine sometimes, but not helpful if you tend to get stuck in grumpy spirals. The show needed some fresh life.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve received so many recommendations for this and I just H A T E it. I don’t feel like the host has any skin in the parenting game (which makes sense, if she’s not a parent), and like, what are we doing here? I’m already a parent, I’m already dealing with the challenges of being a working mom (plus I’m divorced plus I’m remarried with a stepchild, so like, lots of parenting going on here). I felt like it was a waste of time in an annoying way.

        • Anon in NYC says:

          I listened to a few episodes of the podcast a long time ago (so probably with the former host), and just could never get into it.

  7. ElisaR says:

    sorry I know this has been answered many times but I can’t figure out how to search:

    Which carseat will fit 3 across in a most cars?

    (not for me but a friend!)

  8. Sleepsack to Blanket says:

    Tips for transitioning my 2.5 (almost 3) year old to a blanket from a Sleepsack? She’s small, so she is only finally outgrowing XL Sleepsacks, and I’m not sold on the ones with feet (although would go this route if we need to). She has a pillow in her crib but doesn’t always stay at the end with the pillow. She is still in the crib – we haven’t converted it to a toddler bed yet. Thank you!!

    • Anon in NYC says:

      Honestly, it wasn’t that hard for us (although we did do it much earlier since my kid was so long that she outgrew them early). Maybe start with weekend naps? My 3 year old has a pillow and blankets, and sometimes still winds up at the foot of the crib without either, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    • Have you tried yet? My LO loves blankets and transitioning was no big deal. Throw blankets are a great size for toddlers. Maybe take her to Target and you can pick one out together?

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly, the adding a blanket part was easy – just give her one and expect she won’t always end up with it on her. It’ll get progressively better and she’ll be able to find it when she wants it. The biggest issue (IME) is going to be that it will be SO much easier for her to get out of her crib on her own. Sleepsacks are the ultimate containment device.

      • I know. But she is a good sleeper, and if we have to move to a toddler bed because of it, I think it would be appropriate for her age. Some day soon we’ll start giving a rat’s a&$ about potty training, and that seems like a good time to let her be able to get out of bed if she needs to. (Even though I know night training comes much later…it just seems logical to me for some reason.)

    • Thanks, everyone! I’ve been wondering if I have been overthinking this, and it sounds like I have. We’ll probably pick out a blanket together online soon and go from there.

  9. Car Sickness says:

    Help! Kiddo is 4 years old and complains about her “brain hurting” during car trips. We switched her car seat to front facing and that helped a bit for short rides, but we’re about to go on a 4 hour trip this weekend. Is dramamine the answer?

    • anne-on says:

      Yup. Sorry, I get horrible motion sickness and my kiddo does to. You’re going to have to nix ipads/screens/books during car rides (sorry – audio books are our compromise) and give them either bonine (chewable, tastes better, and less drowsy so much prefered IMHO) or dramamine. It helps to give it at least 30 minutes ahead of time, ideally with a salty carb-y snack to help settle their tummy.
      I’m an adult who travels frequently for work and stashes motion sickness tablets in every single purse and work bag I own…and has still discreetly been sick on planes. It is SO fun let me tell you.

      • Anon in NYC says:

        Wow, this is really helpful. My daughter throws up on almost every car ride. I had no idea that I could give her bonine or dramamine. I almost never get motion sick, so I never really thought that there was a solution! Thanks!

      • As someone who suffers from motion sickness, +1 on bonine being waaay better!

      • +3 on bonine as a fellow motion sickness sufferer (from a family of them). Once she’s old or big enough let her sit in the front seat or at least the middle seat in the back so she can look straight ahead. No movies, reading, tablets, phones, etc. Don’t let her have too many liquids (the sloshing around in the belly is not helpful) and keep a package of gallon size ziploc bags handy – I can’t tell you how many times I have puked in them, felt so much better, and then being able to seal up the smell until we could pitch it. Oh, and make sure she has good cold airflow.

        I used the motion sickness wristbands for my pregnancy nausea and they helped, but they never worked for me for motion sickness (but something else to try).

        P.S. Do not do what my never-ever-suffered husband does and tell her to “think it away”.

        • Anonymous says:

          +100 to cold air. As she gets a little older, sucking on something may help too (mints, gummy bears to suck on, not chew).

          Also, not sure if this is just me or all motion sickness sufferers, but traveling at night is way easier – when it’s dark, I don’t have as much of an issue with the horizon moving. During the day, traveling when it’s sunny is better than when it’s cloudy. A gray, heavy, non-raining sky is my nemesis in the car.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with no screens/books :(

      I often benefit from a little carbonation. Maybe some sparkling water for extra long trips? I also fare worse in the early morning.

  10. Paging Gestational Diabetes from yesterday says:

    I had this with my twins from about 20 weeks to 34 when they were delivered– I second the recommendation to see a nutritionist. I’m not sure how intensely they have you monitoring it, but for me, I took blood sugar 3x per day– 30 minutes after each meal, if I remember correctly– and it needed to be below X amount. It wasn’t so much about not having any carbs, but about spreading them thinly throughout the day. I ate a TON of eggs. Breakfast was usually 3 egg scramble with basil cheese and tomatoes, plus one or two tiny donuts to be my breakfast carbs, I was allowed a certain amount for snack, then lunch was an open-faced sandwich on one piece of bread, second snack, dinner was a lot of meat. I know you said you are a pescetarian so fish or more eggs in a different way might be a good option here. The hardest part was giving up almost all fruits… grapes, apples, they are all just sugar bombs. I got tsked at the hospital for not gaining enough weight (I put on about 32 lbs and they wanted me to gain 40), but I was like look b*tches, I would love to eat six Krispy Kremes right now but I am not allowed. As long as the baby is growing enough, don’t worry too much about your own weight gain, it will be smaller than if you were allowed to eat pints of ice cream. But you are generally still permitted to have a fair amount of carbs, just not all at once.

  11. crib to bed transition help. says:

    My 20 month old son is not climbing out of the crib yet (nor does he show many signs of being able to do so soon other than generally lifting his leg sometimes when I approach). However, he sleeps extremely well on a cot at school and is starting to show signs of sleeping poorly in the crib. His night wakings have gone from zero in over a year (I know, I’m lucky), to almost every night for the past two weeks. He hasn’t napped alone in his crib at home in two months. It’s like he can fall asleep in the crib when he’s super tired at night but otherwise can’t. Has anyone else encountered this and transitioned directly to a full bed or to a mattress on the floor? Is it just a phase we should power through and keep him crib bound? Thanks.

    • Spirograph says:

      It’s hard because I want to challenge your conclusion that the poor sleep is related to the crib, and then it’s just a question of whether to move your child out of the crib before he’s learned to escape. To that, I say an emphatic no, since I am always in favor of toddlers being contained in a safe place! I will be really sad when I have to move my youngest to a big kid bed, because I know he’s going to cause so. much. trouble. at bedtime.

      You know your son best, but food for thought: A nap at school is very different for a lot of reasons than sleeping at home alone in your crib. There’s a peer pressure aspect, it’s part of a daily routine, he may have been a lot more active in the morning because of the school schedule and is therefore more tired.

      Night waking is a thing that happens and it comes and goes, even with good sleepers. Is he really waking up at night? My son is a few months older and he has been just yelling in his sleep for a few minutes every night on a semi-regular basis for months. If we go into his room, he will actually wake up and talk to us about half the time, but the other half it’s obvious he was yelling in his sleep. If we don’t go in, he will almost always stop within 5 minutes.

      • Thanks – I agree about challenging myself that it’s crib related. I really have no idea and they could be two separate issues, and agree with all your points about differences in school and home. It’s definitely real night waking. Standing up, screaming “mommy” and reaching out into the dark, etc., for 45 minutes to an hour while we try to wait him out. We did CIO when he was little and obviously he’s older now and it isn’t the same strategy – I want him to go back down but he’s just too worked up sometimes. Maybe it’s just a phase and will pass…

        • Spirograph says:

          Now that I’m thinking about it, we had a 45 minutes of screaming phase earlier this year that was probably around 20 months. I handled it by bringing him back to bed with me, which calmed him right down, but didn’t result in great sleep for me or my husband (kiddo would be calm, but not sleepy and jabber or crawl all over us). We had mixed success putting him back in the crib after calming down snuggling with us for a few minutes.

          Is your son verbal enough to ask for things? I think that may have been the real turning point for us. Once he could say he wanted water, or his pacifier had fallen on the floor, or whatever, the extended screaming stopped.

      • We’ve had two or three bouts of this with our 2.5 year old and they’ve generally been short-lived (last maybe a week or two) so I second not blaming the crib right away. One possibility is that the kid has started having bad dreams – this is our theory about why our toddler was harder to put down to sleep in the crib and waking up at night during these periods, but not something we know how to verify. We’ve handled this the same way as Spirograph – bringing her to bed, calming her down, then trying to put her back in the crib (sometimes asleep, sometimes awake). It’s not fun but it’s not been a sustained issue. You might see if you can wait it out before switching to a bed.


      Sorry for the yelling, but we are in the middle of the transition battle bc my 2.5 yo started climbing out, but is clearly not mature enough for a bed. We ended up pulling out our floor level Pack n Play so he would stop going to bed at 9:30 every night (and be a total bear bc he needs more sleep). We’re probably kicking the can, but I was so done with the battle. My first stayed in the crib until 3.5 and it was awesome, by then he was so ready to transition.

      I would second the conclusion that the crib might not be at fault here and would guess that this is a phase. Does he have his two year molars yet? Those things are beasts and made for a lot of night wakings in our house.

      • Anonymous says:

        two year old molars were my thought as well. Our kids sleep always had a drastic improvement after they were finished teething.

        Try Advil an hour before bedtime as I find it takes a while to kick in. Last longer than tylenol so I prefer it for overnight.

        • Anonymous says:

          We also allow a straw sippy cup of water and extra pacifiers in bed at that age. But we didn’t night toilet train until closer to 3-3.5. nightlight in the room and a few books in bed in case they couldn’t sleep they were allowed to look at books. And max 1 hour nap in afternoon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Our 2.5 year old (still in a crib) went through a horrible sleep phase around that time (closer to 22 months). I would just echo this could be a phase unrelated to the crib. For us the solution was to be more strict about falling asleep on her own at bedtime and after reassuring/cuddling her first for a few minutes at night wakings. Separation anxiety sort of peaks and that combines with some awful teething issues.

      • 1:18 Anon. says:

        Oh. Oh. Oh. Wait. We also moved kiddo’s bedtime back around 30 minutes. That was key, too. How quickly I forget this stuff!

        • anon. says:

          Thanks – (This is the OP) – We have tried moving it back and it helped a bit with moving his wake up later but hasn’t helped at night. I’ll try the Advil trick for teeth.

  12. shortperson says:

    join the facebook group “car seat for the littles” and they will be super helpful. then leave before the group gets too annoying.

  13. Anon in NYC says:

    FYI – for those of you looking for a PlanetBox for your kids, I just got an email with a code for 25% off your entire order. It’s School25 and you need to use it by 8/31.

  14. anon without a washer/dryer says:

    Could anyone recommend a good stain remover that works on baby poop? I’ve heard good things about the babyganics one but have no idea if that is overblown.

    Also, why are we constantly having blowouts???? It feels like the size is ok and we’ve tried a few different brands…

    • Anonymous says:

      Try going up a size and see if it helps. Even if your baby is still with in the weight range for a given size, sometimes the next-larger is better for containment!

      Not much advice on stains; they are a lost cause on baby clothes, IMHO, so I never really tried beyond bleach for whites. Sunshine works well, too, if you have a space to lay or hang clothes outside.

    • Anonymous says:

      Constant blowouts = time to size up. Ignore the size chart. The poop is the boss. (and for stains, I soak in oxyclean.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Dawn dish soap and a brush to scrub. Maybe a little peroxide with the Dawn if it has sat for a while.

    • EBF baby poo? If so, drying in sun gets it out every singe time.

      For everything else we use oxiclean.

      • Edna Mazur says:

        +1 for sunlight. I’ve even successfully gotten out stains I accidentally put through the dryer after the first wash.

    • My go-tos are dawn dish soap (sometimes you have to scrub and-or let it sit overnight) and oxyclean soaks (just one or one after the other). Other people I know swear by pouring boiling water through onesies, but I’ve never tried it myself.

      • Anonymous says:

        Boiling water works on berry stains! Sorry, totally irrelevant, but the internet helped me save my white jeans this week, and flew in the face of all the cold water advice from the rest of my life. File for future use.

        • OMG, thanks for this. My kids are obsessed with frozen berries (either straight from the bag, or microwaved until jammy – “compote” (no sugar added)), and we have berry stains EVERYWHERE.

          • Anonymous says:

            Glad I could help! We love berries at my house too, but I guess it’s the first time they stained anything I care about. Normally I take the white clothes off as soon as I get home, but I was solo-parenting that day.

            Anyway, I poured an electric kettle (8C or so) worth of boiling water through each stain with the fabric stretched over a bowl sitting in the kitchen sink and they disappeared like magic. A little white vinegar for extra insurance to get rid of the shadow, and my pants are as good as new.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some babies just blow out constantly. We’ve tried every brand and going up multiple sizes and nothing will work. Our daughter blows out almost every time.

    • Seriously, the sun is the best poop stain remover I’ve found. I rinse and spray with stain remover, throw in the washing machine, and then lay out in the sun to dry. It hasn’t failed me yet.

    • Oxyclean. We soak in a bucket in oxyclean for several hours, rinse, dry and then put it in the hamper to actually be washed.

      • +1 this is what I do. In a pinch, I’ve also used the oxy spray.

        FWIW, I always used pampers for my daughter but my son had too many blowouts with them and we switched to huggies and it’s better; someone here mentioned that huggies work better for boys. Def. go up a size, too.

    • lawsuited says:

      Oxyclean MaxForce spray (not foam or crystals) works like a charm.

    • October says:

      The answer to blowouts is cloth diapers :) Seriously though, if you’re up for it, buy a few cloth diaper covers and put them over disposables until the blowout phase is done. We do this when traveling and it contains the poop every time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dreft stain remover. Best ever–works on baby poop, blood, food stains, you name it.

  15. Anonanonanon says:

    I just spent way too much money on Boden’s website. I told myself I’d probably be returning a dress or two that won’t fit correctly… but I’m not-so-secretly hoping they all fit. They seem to be the only place I can find a fit-and-flare dress for my pear shape that is an appropriate length and looks professional. My others are consistently my go-to dresses for meetings (with a blazer and heels)

    • NewMomAnon says:

      I love Boden. It fits so much better than almost anything else…and they hold up well and are made of good quality materials. I support your expenditures.

      • Anonanonanon says:

        Thank you for the support! :-P
        But truly they hold up SO well! I have one where the fabric is fraying a bit around the back zipper, but that’s my own fault for wearing it too far into a pregnancy. It’s covered if I wear a blazer so I still rock it with no shame.

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