News Roundup

news roundup - $5000 wardrobeSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • If you had to build an entire wardrobe from scratch for $5,000, what would you buy? Lisa of Privilege does some imagining…
  • The Mom Edit tries out the blazer + sneakers trend (although not at work).
  • The Pew Research Center compares the effects of a career on working moms vs. working dads.
  • At Above the Law, Mommy Dear, Esq. writes about breastfeeding and pumping as a Biglaw associate.
  • A mom writes a great piece for Working Moms Against Guilt about how she’s gotten used to leaving her kids every day to go to work but still struggles with date nights.
  • Slate’s XXfactor looks at what we expected from young kids 30+ years ago compared to today.
  • Forbes talks to the founder of Cricket’s Circle, which aims to make registering for baby items much easier.

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On Corporette Recently…

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Finally Friday: AGL Flats

AGL ballet flatThese are a reader favorite over at Corporette, and a doctor friend of mine was JUST raving about how insanely comfortable they are.  There are many highly reviewed AGL flats at Nordstrom, but I like these pretty tortoise-toe ones — and they’re 30%. They were $298, but are now $208 — lots of sizes left. Attilio Giusti Leombruni Ballerina Flat


Everyone Thursday: JCP Knit Blazer

JCP Knit Blazer | CorporetteMomsThis popular blazer from JC Penney is only $39, and comes in a variety of neutrals as well as a coral. It’s machine washable, line dry, and the sleeves are lined with a fun stripey pattern. Lovely. JCP Knit Blazer


The Postpartum Identity Crisis: Feeling Like Yourself After Having a Baby

postpartum identity crisisDid you feel like you went through a postpartum identity crisis as a new mom? How long did it take you to “feel like yourself” after giving birth and becoming a mom? Do you think you ever did, or rather just found a new groove as a mom? Which activities helped you feel like your old self again, and which ones made the difference most obvious?

This is a big topic, but I think it’s a really important one. It’s also one of the things that was most — surprising, I guess? — about the whole experience of becoming a mom. Looking back I think, of COURSE everything is going to change once you have kids — and of course no one can explain it to you or prepare you for it beforehand.

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Washable Wednesday: Sheath Dress with Cap Sleeves and Side Ruching

Jones New York Sheath Dress with Cap Sleeves and Side Ruching | CorporetteMomsAs noted on Corporette on Monday, the Jones New York sale is still going on. So. many. machine. washable. pieces! I like the look of this purple print dress with cap sleeves (also available in a houndstooth print). It’s machine washable, looks wearable in both fall as well as spring, and might even be pump-friendly. The dress was $119, but is now marked to $19.50. Jones New York Sheath Dress with Cap Sleeves and Side Ruching


Feeding Tuesday: Fresh Food Feeder

Munchkin Fresh Food FeederThis one isn’t so much a recommendation, but rather a question: I have bought or received numerous mesh fresh food feeders like this through the years, and have yet to open a single one because I’ve always done the baby-led weaning thing. Perhaps I am just inordinately comfortable with my baby gagging? Are they good for frozen foods when they’re teething (hmmn, perhaps I will try a frozen bagel in this guy and see how it goes), or for something more specific? Ladies, what do you like to use these for? (And when? Harry will be 10 months in a week or two and is already pretty adept at feeding himself.) Should you want to purchase one, these are $6.99 at Amazon for two. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder