Weekend Open Thread

Halogen 'Taylor' Linen Blend Ankle Pants | CorporetteMomsSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Linen pants are a must for me if I’m running around with the kiddo — they’re easy, lightweight, and usually bend-proof. I’m eyeing these nice ankle length crops at Nordstrom; this flowy pair at Old Navy looks lovely as well. The pictured pants are $69 (available in three colors). Halogen® ‘Taylor’ Linen Blend Ankle Pants



  1. hoola hoopa says:

    A friend swears by the ON pants for 1st and 4th trimester.

    I haven’t personally tried them because when I wear linen I don’t look relaxed and carefree. I look like I pulled them out of the dirty hamper even four minutes after putting them on.

    • I have the ON pair, but I’ve never worn them. Every time I put them on I think “These look great now, but I’ll be a wrinkled mess in minutes” and then change clothes. Maybe my life isn’t conducive to linen.

    • rakma says:

      I really like the ON linen pants. I find that after a few washings, they get soft it a way that makes the wrinkles look intentional. I don’t like the way linen gets those sharp creases, and I find the ON pants avoid that. Maybe it’s because they’re a blend?

    • I love the ON pants. I’d wear them every day if I could. I honestly don’t find them that wrinkly.

  2. CPA Lady says:

    Bottle to cup transition– I’m so tired of these dr. brown bottles and their zillion pieces and getting really excited about switching to cups someday soon. So, when did y’all do the bottle to cup transition, how did you do it, and what kind of sippy cups did you use?

    • mascot says:

      We started with straw sippy cups (Playtex, then munchkin). Depending on how old your child is, you may be able to use the take and toss cups too. It took a while to get used to the straw so we didn’t buy a ton of cups at first. Similar to bottles, each kid likes a different type so it may be a trial and error thing. For sippies, I liked ones with removable valves. We took out the valves around 2+ and used them as lidded cups.

    • We started sippy cups with water at meal times with solid foods around 6 months to get them used to both using sippies and drinking water. We started with the soft-tip variety. Avent at first, but I didn’t really love the valves on those to be honest. They leaked. Then at 12 months, they were familiar enough with the sippy cup to ditch the bottle all together and transition completely to cups once we moved from formula to cow’s milk (I nursed and pumped, but supplemented with formula as necessary until one year). Once they were comfortable with the hard tips, I liked the Nuk ones. The valves work, don’t leak, and they’re easy to clean and assemble – not too many small or fussy parts.