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If you’re looking for a new pair of skinny jeans for fall, do consider velvet — not only are they soft, machine washable, and on trend, they are also acceptable for both date night, play dates, and general errands. Score. Nordstrom has a ton of options SO MANY options, almost exclusively among the higher end denim brands right now. Something about these purple J.Brand velvet pants spoke to me, though — lovely. They’re $228-$278. ‘815’ Mid Rise Velveteen Super Skinny Jeans

Corduroy pants are a good substitute if you don’t want to pay the price for velvet — I have these $60 skinnies myself.

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  1. more cute, trendy jeans I can’t buy because they don’t offer multiple lengths…cf also most cute maternity jeans

  2. I can’t get on board with velvet. It’s a lint magnet and seems like it would be … uncomfortable? Sweaty? (I’m having bad flashbacks to Ross in leather pants.) I do have a pair of plum cords from Loft that I love, though.

  3. Books! says:

    Favorite books with diverse characters for the 2 year old set?

  4. Anonymous says:

    +1 for More More More! I loved it as a kid and love it now. We have Teeth are not for Biting in a version that has English and Spanish. Also, if your public library is anything like mine, they’all have a ton of books featuring diverse characters. You can browse around and then order what you like.

  5. avocado says:

    For diverse books–ten nine eight by molly bang.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Everywhere Babies by Susan Myers is also fairly diverse

  7. ifiknew says:

    We sleep trained (Ferber) this past Friday. Our baby girl is almost 5 months old. She’s 67% for weight and 90% for height and our pediatrician recommended we try.

    It went remarkably well in terms of crying. She cried for 15 minutes the first day, I went in at 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and she was asleep before I could go in at 10 minutes. She cried for 30 seconds the past two nights, so that piece, where she’s learning to sleep independently, is fantastic.

    What has been still hard is that she’s getting up every 2 hours throughout the night (better than the 45 minutes before), but still 2 hours. Last night was every 1.5 hours. I think it’s because she’s not eating enough during the day and I feel bad letting her CIO if she’s actually hungry. She’s EBF. She only drinks about 3 oz at a time. I basically feed her on demand, which ends up being a little bit basically every hour when I’m home. She eats for <5 minutes each time night and day.

    I'm not sure if my B**** just have low milk storage capacity or if I just need to really get her on an eating schedule, so she will nurse for 10-15 minutes and hopefully drink closer to 6 oz each time during the day, so she eats less at night.

    I know she's too little to night wean, but I'm hoping for maybe 1-2 feedings rather than 4-5? Unrealistic? Any and all advice is appreciated!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a ten month old, so I’ve been through this recently. My daughter was also EBF. My advice on getting her to wake up less often at night is to try to space out her feedings during the day.

      I would work towards spacing out the day feedings a little bit longer every day, say by 15 minutes. If you’re not sure exactly how often she’s eating, you might want to keep track the first day, like with a feeding app. So if she normally eats every hour and a half, try to make it to an hour and 45 minutes.

      Our daughter couldn’t do much longer than 3 hours apart during the day (and still doesn’t, really). But when we got to 3 hours apart during the day, she was able to go longer at night. One big tank up at 9 or 10pm enabled her to go until 6 or so without eating.

      Other things to try: once she’s going for a while between feedings during the day, when she does wake up at night, try rocking her or pacifer-ing her before pulling out the breast. It might be easier if your partner does it.

      Good luck!

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