Organizing Thursday: 3 Sprouts Storage Box

There are a lot of places that sell fabric storage boxes, including IKEA, which is the ultimate spot for affordable ones, but some of the sturdiest boxes we’ve gotten (that are also sort of gorgeous) are these kid-friendly ones from 3 Sprouts. They’re great for holding the kids’ toys, and I highly recommend them. We have the peacock and dragon (and one more that I can’t remember now), and they’re strong and don’t collapse like some we bought from Target. They look really cute on your bookshelf, too! Besides the design pictured, there are 12 others, including a mouse, an owl, and a rhino, and each is $16.99 at Amazon (Prime eligible). 3 Sprouts Storage Box

(If you’re looking for a budget option or for smaller bins, check out our earlier post on how to store toys in an Expedit/Kallax shelving unit.)

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