Registry: Essential Books for New Moms

registry-for-working-momsWelcome to installment six of our registry for working moms: essential books for new moms. So far in the registry series, we’ve rounded up the best carseats and strollers, cribs and sleeping gear, baby clothes, baby carriers, and big toys and gear — stay tuned for more!

We’ve talked about my favorite pregnancy books for working moms, as well as some of the best maternity blogs and other free resources  — but what books, if any, should be on your baby registry? What books do you think were the most useful to you as a working mom, either in terms of parenting, juggling work and life, getting medical help, watching milestones, or other issues? What books do you like to gift friends with new babies? What books were essential to you in those early postpartum days? Some of my favorites, below…

Books For New Moms:

new mom books for working moms

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