Postpartum Tuesday: Oogiebear Ear and Nose Cleaner

oogiebearWOW: there are a TON of new products to help when your baby has a cold.  I remember being amazed at how TINY my boys’ little noses were, and how bad I felt if they got so stuffy they couldn’t sleep. At the same time, MAN did they hate the sprays, the Snotsucker, the Boogie wipes — and half the time whichever instrument of torture I selected wouldn’t even get the job done if I got my squirmy baby to sit still long enough.  SO: To add to your arsenal, there are new things the kiddo will inevitably hate, but hopefully will get the job done for you — including the pictured Ear & Nose Cleaner from Oogiebear, which is kind of a teeny plastic spoon that you use to clean their nose and ears, apparently. (There are also a number of nose cleaning tweezers!) The Oogiebear ear and nose cleaner is $9.95-12.95 at BuyBuyBaby and Amazonoogiebear Ear & Nose Cleaner


The Head Cold vs. Your Baby

baby head coldWhen my first son, J, was a baby and toddler, his colds were the worst. I remember hanging out on the floor of our little bathroom with the shower on full-blast. Steam filled the air as I tried to keep him entertained — and sweated like a fiend in my sweater. (Since I worried his little body might get overheated before mine did, I tried to add a layer.) But somewhere between the time that J was a baby and my second, H, was born, I guess I got my baby-with-a-cold routine down, because I don’t remember H’s colds being bad at all.

I included a write-up of my routine in a little themed gift basket I just put together for a pregnant friend — so I thought I’d share my tips here as well in case they’re helpful. Ladies, what were some of your biggest lessons for how to take care of sick babies? What products and techniques do you swear by? 

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